Wine lovers must haves

Wine lovers must haves

A Kitchen Warehouse guide to the wine enthusiasts tool kit

Kitchen Warehouse can help you get the optimal flavour from your wine with a range of accessories that enhance the taste and keep your wine in top condition.

Use this Kitchen Warehouse guide to find out what to purchase online or at a store near you to enhance your wine time.

WINE RACK Keeps your wine suitably stored for optimal taste, avoiding light, heat and movement.

[DECANTER]/drinkware/barware/decanters-and-carafes) For older red wines, it is advisable to pour the wine into a decanter before serving. This allows aeration to smooth out flavours and separates the wine from the sediments.

WINE AERATOR Oxygen is the enemy of wine before it is opened but aerating wine once opened can help smooth out the taste and remove the less desirable notes of wine.

ICE BUCKET Keeps your bottle of wine on ice, retaining the ideal pouring temperature, and lets you enjoy a meal without frequent trips to the fridge.

CORKSCREW Many styles of corkscrew are available at Kitchen Warehouse, suitable for all types of wine drinkers.

WINE COOLER BAGS A wine cooler bag is insulated for temperature and impact and will keep your wine chilled and away from light on the way to a party or barbeque.

SPITTOON A wine spittoon is a must for hosting wine tastings. Having one nearby allows tasters to pour off the remains of a wine that's not to their liking.

WINE GLASS HOLDER When enjoying wine at a picnic or barbeque, this will hold your glass in the ground without fear of spillage

WINE CHILLER (CHILL STICK) This useful device keeps the wine cool and taste intact without the need of a fridge. Many also act as a stopper and pourer.

PUMP AND STOPPERS The wine pump removes the oxygen in an opened bottle and keeps it sealed until ready to drink. Store the bottle on your wine rack until then.

CHAMPAGNE OPENER Open champagne easily and safely with a choice of devices.

WINE GLASSES Wine glasses come in their own unique styles – consult the Kitchen Warehouse Glassware guide before you choose.

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