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Choosing the right corkscrew for your needs

Whether you’re a serious wine connoisseur or enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every now and then, chances are you’ll know the value of a reliable corkscrew. These handy kitchen tools are specifically designed for one purpose - to quickly and easily open a bottle of wine. From small and portable bottle openers to electric ones, the right corkscrew for you will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Cork - If you’re dealing with an old or fragile cork, two-prong wine openers are better than electric and T-shaped openers with a full screw as there is less chance of damage.

  • Skill level - Some corkscrews require more skill and strength than others. Electric wine openers are ideal for complete beginners while traditional wing corkscrews and ah-so cork pullers need you to apply greater force to remove the stopper.

  • Setting - Waiter’s corkscrews come with a foil cutter for quickly opening wine in front of many guests, winged corkscrews are ideal for drinking wine with family and friends in a casual setting and ah-so corkscrews are best for indulging in a wine-tasting ritual that calls for elegance and flair.

Features to look out for when buying a corkscrew

If you love your wine, don’t just settle for any wine opener. The one you choose should be easy to use in any situation. Consider:

  • Ease of use - Functionality is essential when it comes to corkscrews. It should be easy to insert into the cork and remove in one piece with little effort.

  • Style - There are winged corkscrews, waiter’s keys, two-prong ah-so pullers, electric openers, levers, twist-and-pull and more. There are also different finishes, colours and materials used.

  • Size - Corkscrews can be small and lightweight to make them easily portable or larger for using in one location, such as electric and lever corkscrews.

  • Cost - You can find corkscrews that are very affordable and ones that cost hundreds of dollars for using with vintage wines in a special setting.

  • Durability - Stainless steel wine openers are durable and rust-proof to last you many years.

  • Cork type - Lever corkscrews excel at removing all cork types, even old and brittle ones, while wine keys and winged corkscrews are best at removing synthetic wine stoppers.

Different types of corkscrews to choose from

While small and simple in its use, this essential barware tool for wine enthusiasts comes in a variety of different types suited to different individuals and settings. The most common types include:

  • Traditional and screwpull corkscrews - These are the simplest and oldest style of corkscrew with a curled metal rod (the worm) and handle that’s used to pull out the cork. While the most affordable, they require a lot of arm strength to remove corks.

  • Wine Keys and waiter’s corkscrews - Also called a waiter’s friend, these corkscrews have an added lever to help pull corks out. They’re lightweight, portable and ideal for catering professionals.

  • Winged corkscrews - This is the most popular type of corkscrew with two levers that resemble wings on either side. They require less strength and skill but are not suitable for aged corks.

  • Lever corkscrews - Lever corkscrews are the easiest type to use and open wine bottles quickly and easily.

  • Ah-So pullers - These corkscrews have two prongs that slip between the cork and the bottle. They are the best option for removing fragile and valuable corks.

The best corkscrews for beginners

Lever and electric wine openers are the best picks for beginners as they require very little skill or strength to use. Our Vin Bouquet One Press Champagne Opener is another top choice. Simply slip the collar over the champagne bottle, press down and pop the cork to get the party started!

Corkscrews ideal for those wine connoisseurs

Whether you’re a master sommelier or just enjoy the taste of aged and expensive wine, you’ll want a corkscrew that can open bottles safely and elegantly. The Monopol Exquisit Ah-So Cork Puller can get the job done without breaking the cork or damaging the bottle.

For a truly special experience, the Laguiole En Aubrac Sommelier Mammoth Ivory corkscrew is crafted with stunning ivory and stainless steel to impress guests. Complete with an oak wooden case and lifetime warranty, it’s a gift to cherish for years to come.

What other accessories you may want to consider

A glass of fine wine is best enjoyed with a delicious meal! Discover our cookware, glassware and accessories for wining and dining in style:

Maintaining and keeping your corkscrew clean

Most corkscrews should be hand washed only and should be gently cleaned with a damp cloth and dried immediately. Check your product details for specific care instructions.

Brands we know and trust

Find the trusted brands you know and love at Kitchen Warehouse at amazing prices lower than RRP. Discover high-quality corkscrews by Winex, Bartender, Le Creuset and Vin.

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How do you use a corkscrew?
Opening bottles of wine is easy when you’ve got a good corkscrew to help you do it. The trick is knowing how to use the gadget correctly:

  1. To use a wine key - Screw it into the top of the cork, place the fulcrum on the side of the bottle lip and use the lever to lift out the cork.

  2. To use a winged corkscrew - Screw into the centre of the cork and push down on both wings to remove the stopper.

  3. To use an ah-so cork puller - Work the prongs down between the cork and the bottle. Once in, twist and pull.

Is a wine key the same as a corkscrew?
A wine key is a popular type of corkscrew. Small, simple and portable, these corkscrews are preferred by professional caterers and require a bit of skill to use. Once mastered, they are a quick and reliable way to pop a cork. Shop the Tomkin Waiter’s Friend corkscrew at Kitchen Warehouse today!