Decanters and carafes

Decanters and carafes

Decanters and carafes make elegant additions to a table setting or bar area. Discover the perfect vessel for wine, whiskey and other beverages.

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The right decanter for your needs

There are many great reasons to have a show stopping decanter sitting on the dining room table or bar. For one, this special vessel gives your delicious wine or whiskey the room to breathe and allows the flavour to be fully released. Moreover, the decanter set is a statement piece that signifies the important moment of sharing a drink together.

Decanter Basics

Technically any wine or liquor can go into a decanter and is most visually pleasing when it does. Designed for swirling, wine decanters will separate sediment from the liquid, which is particularly helpful with aged red wine. In addition, decanters expose the liquid to fresh oxygen to allow flavours and aromas to bloom.

Best decanter for different types of alcohol

Unlike the wine decanter shaped for aeration, a square decanter is typically used to hold liquor. Decanting liquor exposes it to enough oxygen to enhance flavour but not too much to expire. With an airtight stopper, flavours are sealed in for many months.

In contrast, wine decanters are made for maximum oxygenation to bring out all the aromatic flavours for immediate consumption.

Important features

At Kitchen Warehouse, we carry an extensive collection of decanters to suit all your favourite drops. Features to consider are the shape, size, material and, most importantly, the style. Selecting glassware should be enjoyable and reflect your personal taste.

Decanter shape

If you are buying a gift for a wine connoisseur, look for a shape that lends itself to maximum swirl and aeration. There are lots of fun shapes to consider. Wine and whiskey decanters come in designs ranging from elegant to quirky, so take the opportunity to express your style.

Ease of pour

A narrow neck and tapered mouth make for the easy, clean pouring of wine. Lightweight and with a handy spout, a wine carafe can also be helpful at the dinner table.
For water or non-alcoholic beverages, consider a drinks dispenser. These handy vessels allow you to infuse water with fresh fruit flavour. What’s more, they make a spectacular addition to the kitchen bench or bar.


Decanters, carafes, and drink dispensers come in different sizes, shapes and styles to complement your existing tableware, dinnerware, glassware, jugs and tumblers.

Airtight seal

A good liquor decanter will come with an airtight seal to lock in the flavours and preserve alcohol content for many months to come.


Whether you choose crystal or glass will depend on your budget and lifestyle. Perhaps you want to select glassware to match the existing Ecology tumbler set or crystal to match your special Waterford wine glass set.


The price of decanters and carafes varies greatly depending on the make and material. At Kitchen Warehouse, you can select quality glassware for under $50 or select luxury brands for a treasurable keepsake or gift.

Newlyweds often add glassware sets to their wedding wish lists or use their wedding gift cards on barware. Consider our beautifully crafted whisky sets or wine carafes with matching wine glasses or flasks for your next gift.

Most popular decanter styles

When it comes to interesting barware, the opportunities are endless. Choose a timeless crystal decanter for a black-tie event. Opt for an elegant art deco design for a stylish dinner affair. Or, bring some life to the Sunday lunch table with a classy yet quirky duck decanter.

Decanter vs carafe

Carafes are small pitchers for wine, water, or liquid, designed for maximum table setting appeal. Light and slim, carafes are small and easy to lift. A decanter is designed to store liquor or wine for a period of time and is generally kept behind a bar or off to the side of the table as a larger showpiece item.

Brands we know and trust

Kitchen Warehouse carries some of the most well-known and trusted kitchenware brands in Australia. Select your next glassware collection from these premium brand names:

  • Luigi Bormioli

  • Nachtmann

  • Riedel

  • Krosno

  • RCR

  • Spiegelau

  • Royal Doulton

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What does putting alcohol into a decanter do?
Asides from looking great, putting alcohol in a decanter will expose it to oxygen to allow the release of flavours. Swirling wine in a glass decanter will separate the sediment from the liquid to prepare it for consumption.

How long can you keep beverages in a decanter?
Decanted wine is designed for immediate consumption but lasts up to a few days. Whisky decanters will keep any liquor fresh for up to a year as long as the stopper is airtight.