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A wine rack is an ideal storage solution that keeps your wine bottles safe, organised and stylish. Shop the best brands in Australia to store fine wine, including modular cabinets and countertop racks that hold four or more wine bottles.



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Understanding wine racks - their use and purpose

A wine rack is essential for anyone who is serious about preserving the quality of their fine wines. These handy products give you a convenient storage solution that keeps your wine bottle collection organised in one place while providing a stylish display to elevate the aesthetics of the chosen space. A horizontal wine rack is ideal for storing wine for a long time as it keeps the cork moist and prevents it from crumbling. At Kitchen Warehouse, you can choose from a great selection of wine racks in different capacities, styles and materials by leading brands like Stakrax and Bartender.

DIY modular racks to free-standing - types of wine racks to choose from

Wine racks come in many different designs to suit any interior space and wine collection. Whether you have a spacious wine cellar or a small dedicated space, check out the most common types of wine racks for storing and displaying your wine:

  • Countertop wine racks. This small wine rack sits on kitchen countertops and tables and is ideal for storing small collections of wine up to 4 bottles.

  • Stackable wine racks. A stackable or modular wine rack comes with connectors to build your own wine rack of the shape and size you need. They are perfect for growing collections as you can easily add more layers.

  • Wall-mounted wine racks. These wine racks are for small collections and are a great space-saving solution. They also look modern and stylish!

  • Wine cabinets. A wine cabinet is used to store larger quantities of wine bottles and is a decorative item of furniture. It can turn your collection into a beautiful centrepiece.

  • Floor wine racks. A free-standing wine storage rack is functional and often decorative. They are sturdy for holding larger quantities and are traditionally a wooden wine rack.

  • Hanging wine racks. These wine racks use a hanger to hang them from ceilings or under a cabinet space for saving floor space.

Let's talk size - it matters

If you only have a small collection of 4 bottles or less and don’t plan on expanding, a tabletop wine rack is ideal and looks stylish sitting on countertops and kitchen islands. The Stakrax 4 Bottle Fridge Rack is another top choice and can be configured to fit any fridge space.

For larger or growing collections, a modular wine rack is the best choice. Our Stakrax modular wine racks can hold from 4 to 50 wine bottles and allow you to build the size and shape you need. From the 12 bottle wine rack displayed in a compact wine cube to the magnificent 50 bottle wine rack arranged in an attractive step design - the choice is yours! Our Stakrax top plates and modules can be purchased individually to expand your wine rack as your collection grows.

Location, location, location - where to display your wine?

A wine rack displays your wine in all its glory and makes a beautiful showcase in your home. Small wine collections look wonderful when stored on kitchen countertops or on walls while large collections can take up an entire wine cellar. The Guzzini Cuvee Wine Rack is a work of art and will store up to 5 bottles of wine on benches, in fridges and on pantry shelves. The minimalist Bartender Hexagonal Wine Rack will store up to 9 bottles of wine and looks stunning on floors or countertops.

Factors to consider when choosing a wine rack

Before you buy a new wine organiser, consider these factors to help you choose one that will meet all of your needs:

  • Material. Wooden wine racks are sturdy, odourless and decay-resistant, metal and stainless steel racks are thin and great for small spaces and plastic racks are lightweight and durable.

  • Size. Consider the size of the available space, the amount of wine bottles and the size of the wine bottle. Collections with 4-18 bottles can fit on countertops and walls while larger ones will require an entire dedicated space like a wine cellar.

  • Capacity. Do you plan on keeping a small selection of fine wines on hand for entertaining or will you be growing your collection beyond this?

  • Price. We have wine racks to suit every budget, from small 4 bottle wine racks for under $20 to 50 bottle racks for under $130.

  • Type. There are stackable wine racks for growing wine collections, tabletop wine racks, wall-mounted, hanging, floor-standing, cabinets and more.

  • Design/style. Choose a wine rack that will turn your wine into works of art! There are modern wine racks, as well as colourful, rustic, traditional, minimalist and more.

Wine storage is important - where to store your wine

Preserving your wine stash correctly is key to maintaining its quality and taste for years to come. Consider:

  • Light. Keep wine away from direct sunlight as it can destroy the flavour and aroma.

  • Temperature. The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 10-20 degrees Celsius. The important thing is to keep it at a stable temperature.

  • Humidity. Humidity should be kept at 60-68% to prevent corks from drying out and labels from peeling off.

Other kitchen accessories to consider when purchasing a wine rack

These other kitchen storage solutions will keep food, drinks and kitchenware easily accessible and your spaces organised:

Brands we know and trust

We’ve got all of your favourite brands for wine storage solutions at prices lower than RRP, including innovative products by Guzzini, Bartender, Stakrax and Emporium.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

From the latest wine bottle holders to exquisite tableware for wining and dining with friends, explore our extensive range at Kitchen Warehouse with quality craftsmanship and 5 star customer ratings. Plenty of our products also come with a warranty for complete peace of mind. Shop our products today with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide or choose a gift card to spoil a wine connoisseur on a special occasion!


What is the purpose of a wine rack?
A wine rack is an ideal storage solution for when you have a growing wine collection. It keeps your wine safe and organised in the one location so that they are easy to view and access. A horizontal wine rack should be used for long-term storage as it keeps the cork moist which prevents it from crumbling and letting air in to spoil the wine. Shop our range of wine racks today, including the countertop Emporium Dee Wine Rack 9 Bottle Timber Wine Rack and the stunning Stakrax Modular Wine Storage Kit which holds up to 50 wine bottles.

How many bottles can a wine rack hold?
Wine racks come in different capacities to suit different collections and spaces, from a neat and compact countertop rack that holds 4 to a free-standing rack that holds 50 or more. Modular wine racks are DIY racks that can be customised to fit your wine collection and space. The Stakrax Modular Wine Storage Kit holds 12, 30 or 50 wine bottles - simply clip the modules and top plates together to build a wine rack that suits your needs. You can purchase extra modules and top plates to add as your collection grows!