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Easily find your cutlery and keep the kitchen tidy with a utensil drawer organiser. We have large and small organisers, cutlery trays and drawer inserts with various compartments for utensils, cutlery and other kitchen storage.



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De-clutter and organise your kitchen with a cutlery tray

Like spice racks, wine glass hangers, food containers and dish racks, a cutlery tray is a must-have gadget that you can use to keep your kitchen tidy and organised. When placed inside a kitchen drawer, they can hold a wide range of utensils and other objects. Check out these benefits:

  1. Keep everything organised. Save yourself time and frustration by arranging your utensils in separate compartments so that you can always find them when you need them.

  2. Enhance hygiene. By keeping cutlery divided, you limit the amount of objects you touch when searching for something, which reduces the risk of germs spreading throughout the drawer.

  3. Improve the appearance of your kitchen. Store your beautiful cutlery in a cutlery tray that reflects their worth and keeps them safe from scratches and scrapes.

  4. Reduce the risk of injury. Leaving sharp knives and other objects loose inside a drawer isn’t the safest thing to do; best to keep knives in their own compartment.

Why drawer dividers like the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore have become so popular

Cutlery trays or cutlery inserts have become a trendy kitchen storage item that can instantly transform the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. No longer just plastic, cutlery trays are now designed in various materials and styles to complement any kitchen decor with various sizes to make fitting them into any drawer quick and fuss-free.

They help you to create a stylish, modern kitchen that's clean, efficient and put together.

Compartment requirements to fit your home and lifestyle needs

Cutlery trays come with a variety of compartments of different lengths and shapes to accommodate any kitchen utensil or object you need. You can find large trays to fit cutlery, utensils, baking utensils, can openers and more. You can also find small trays to fit just knives or to store your kitchen sponges and scourers. Extendable trays are great for small spaces.

Cutlery trays aren't just for your cutlery, either. They can do the job of a storage box for any junk drawer and keep odds and ends separated into designated compartments so that you can find them easily and keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Materials to consider when choosing a drawer organiser for your home

Cutlery trays are made in various materials, from metal to plastic. Some of the most common materials include:

  • Bamboo. A bamboo cutlery tray is very durable, lightweight and eco-friendly. It has a beautiful natural appearance and pairs perfectly with your bamboo cutlery.

  • Wood. Wooden cutlery trays are classic with a rustic beauty that works well in country kitchens but can be prone to moisture.

  • Plastic. A high-quality, BPA-free plastic tray is moisture-proof, durable, affordable, easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel trays are very long-lasting, moisture-proof and hygienic. They must be cared for properly to minimise rust and corrosion.

Steps to creating the perfect cutlery drawer using drawer inserts and utensil trays

You can have your kitchen drawers and junk drawers organised in no time by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Assess everything. Lay out all of your utensils, cutlery and gadgets.

  2. Sort into groups. Group items of same or similar design and function.

  3. Organise into drawers. Place the groups into your cutlery tray using a compartment that fits their size and shape.

Consider the number of utensils and storage space available - expandable cutlery trays and more

When choosing a cutlery tray, consider the size of your kitchen drawers and whether you want the tray to fill the entire space or just a portion of it. If you can't decide which drawer to place your tray, an expandable utensil tray is an excellent option. The Madesmart 6 Compartment Cutlery Tray expands to fit a number of different drawer sizes and configurations with a non-slip base to prevent sliding around.

Capacity is an important factor

Consider how much cutlery and other items you have and buy a utensil & gadget organiser that will fit everything comfortably. We have cutlery trays to fit every kitchen space. The iDesign Linus Drawer Organiser has 4 different sized compartments for cutlery, utensils, silverware and spatulas. We also have the Madesmart 5 Compartment Cutlery Tray in white or granite for holding knives, spoons, forks and more.

If you need a smaller tray, the iDesign Crisp Knife Organiser is a great alternative to a knife block and will safely hold up to 8 knives and protect them from damage. The Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organiser is perfect for storing teaspoons and standard cutlery with layered tiers to save space.

Organising and arranging your cutlery in a cutlery tray

While the arrangement of your compartment utensil tray ultimately comes down to tray design and personal preference, there are a few tips that you can use to make organising your cutlery easy and fuss-free:

  • Place handles facing outwards and nearest to you

  • Group similar items together, ie. forks, spoons, baking utensils, knives and so on

  • Cull items you don't use or need

  • Work from left to right and arrange the same way you would set a dining table

Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen's cutlery tray

Most cutlery trays can be cleaned by simply wiping them out with a damp cloth, usually once a month. Check your individual product for specific care instructions.

Brands we know and trust - iDesign to Madesmart

Kitchen Warehouse is proud to stock the leading brands in kitchen storage solutions, including Madesmart, iDesign, Joseph Joseph, Chef Inox and Kitchen Pro.

Buying a cutlery tray online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is a cutlery tray?
A cutlery tray is a storage item that is used to store and organise your cutlery and other kitchen gadgets. It consists of a tray that is divided into different sized compartments to keep similar utensils together and seperate from the rest so that you can locate them easily. The tray is placed inside your kitchen drawers for easy access.

What is the purpose of the cutlery tray?
A cutlery tray is designed to make your kitchen more efficient by arranging your cutlery and utensils into separate compartments so that they are easy to find. With the right cutlery tray, you can keep utensils organised, improve kitchen hygiene, enhance your kitchen aesthetics and prevent accidental injury when searching for knives and other sharp objects.