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Every home chef needs a quality knife blocks set. From empty knife block holders for loose kitchen knives to universal and magnetic knife blocks to protect your Japanese blades, shop the best range of knife blocks in Australia.



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Finding the right knife block for your kitchen

The right knife block can be more than just a safe and aesthetically pleasing way to store kitchen knives, it can also go a long way to help you maintain the blades’ sharpness and durability so they last longer. But is there such a thing as the ‘right’ one for you or will any block do?

Well, the right knife block for your needs will come down to a few different factors such as the worktop space you have available, how many knives you use and your desired level of accessibility.

You may also require extra equipment such as a built-in sharpener or kitchen shears as well as additional knives such as a meat cleaver or boning knife. To give you a rough idea, typical knife block sets range from a basic four piece knife set to a large 15 piece knife block set.

Some comprehensive knife block sets even come with steak knives so think about what cutlery and knife requirements you have, as well as your storage capacity, before you add a knife block set to your kitchenware wishlist. Please note, it’s very rare for a knife block configuration to incorporate a cheese knife set, so it’s better to buy these separately.

Know your materials

Consider the material of the kitchen knives included in the block, but also think about the material of the block itself before you make your purchase. After all, it’s going to be sitting on your classic white counter for a long time so it’s worth selecting one that will fit in with your decor, be easy to clean and able to withstand temperature changes - especially if you’re planning on displaying it next to your stove or by a window that gets a lot of strong sun.

Wood. While browsing, you’ll notice there are many knife blocks that are made of various wood types such as acacia, rubberwood or beechwood. These are classic, attractive, very durable and like chopping boards, are naturally antibacterial.

Stainless steel. A stainless steel knife block looks professional, is easy to clean and is extremely long lasting. If you have stainless steel cookware and appliances, a matching block will give your kitchen a more unified look.

Types of kitchen knives explained

  • Chef knife. A multi-purpose cooks knife used for chopping and dicing meat, vegetables and fruit.

  • Santoku knife. A multi-purpose knife used for chopping, dicing and mincing meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese.

  • Bread knife. A specialty knife used for slicing bread, loaves and cakes.

  • Paring knife. A multi-purpose knife used for peeling, chopping and mincing fruit, hot peppers and herbs.

  • Carving knife. A specialty knife used for precision cutting and ideal for roast meat and poultry.

  • Utility knife. A multi-purpose knife used for slicing and chopping fruit, vegetables and small cuts of meat.

  • Boning knife. A specialty knife used for deboning and cutting close to the bone.

Individual knives vs. a multi piece knife block set

Some cooks prefer to have a few high end, handpicked knives that are not only up to most tasks but also act as a talking point at dinner parties. For example, some Japanese knives are remarkably beautiful and very collectable but purchasing a full set can be expensive or futile if you don’t plan on using them often. This is where loose knives really shine as it’s all about quality over quantity.

However, most of us use a lot of different knives for lots of different tasks and find it easier to have one block that comes with all the essentials - it’s convenient, cost effective and ensures they all match. Here are some of the various knife block categories available:

  • Wooden knife block

  • Self-sharpening knife block

  • Universal knife block

  • Magnetic knife block

Do you need a knife sharpener?

Yes! Going without is the fastest way to wear out your knives and dull the blades so badly they require the assistance of a specialist to revive them. There are several types of knife sharpeners you can go for such as a whetstone, an electrical knife sharpener, manual knife sharpener and sharpening steels. Finding the right one depends on your level of skill and confidence.

Brands we know and trust

Furi knife blocks are designed with exquisite attention to detail and incredible craftsmanship, a firm favourite among home cooks of all skill levels.

Bestsellers include Global Teikoku, Global Ikasu, Global Takashi, and Global Kyoto.

Scanpan Classic.
Made of German stainless steel of the finest quality for optimum strength and durability, this range offers both versatility and precision.

Shun knives embody quality and performance by applying the skills of ancient, Japanese blade-making artisans to produce blades that stay sharper for longer.

Stanley Rogers.
Known for refined pieces that stand the test of time, Stanley Roger knives and knife blocks demonstrate incredible respect for silversmith traditions.

Wusthof products are proudly crafted in Solingen, Germany and, amongst other favourites, our customers can’t get enough of the Wusthof Classic Ikon Knife Block Set.


What are some benefits of knife blocks?
Knife blocks are more than just a compact and safe way to store loose knives, they also help to protect the blades so they don’t dull prematurely.

Is it better to have a knife block or to store knives in a drawer?
We recommend storing knives in a block as this delivers added safety and accessibility - the beauty of a block means you can move it around your kitchen for convenience. However, if you have extra knives you rarely use but would like to keep, a drawer organiser will help to contain them.

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