Spice racks and jars

Spice racks and jars

Keep your spice collection organised with our range of storage solutions for your kitchen or pantry. Whether it’s wall mounted racks, drawer organisers or freestanding jars, you’ll be saying hello to organised and tidy spice storage.

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Best range of spice storage to suit every type of kitchen

Spice organisers are handy storage solutions for all your spices, dried herbs and seasonings. With varying sizes, shapes and types of storage options, implementing an organisation system will not only save time locating them when cooking, but it will also help you to maintain a clean and organised kitchen or pantry space. The most common types of spice storage include:

  • Spice jars - Spice jars are loose canisters for storing spices. They are a great way to get started on organising your spice storage.

  • Spice storage sets - Reusable spice storage canister sets are a smart and cost effective way to begin organising your spice storage collection.

  • Spice racks - Spice racks can be wall mounted or freestanding on your benchtop to display your spice collection in your kitchen or pantry.

  • Wall mounted spice racks - Wall mounted spice racks can be attached securely onto your wall in either the kitchen or pantry to maximise space and keep your spice collection organised.

  • Drawer organisers - Spice drawer organisers can be placed neatly inside your kitchen drawers. They typically have angled levels so that you can clearly see and access each spice canister and its label.

  • Grinders - Grinders are a great option for any fine or coarse crushing of spices.

Things to consider when buying spice storage

When it comes to buying a spice storage solution to fit into your kitchen and cooking lifestyle, there are a few factors to consider first:

  1. Amount - Are you a home chef who likes to collect spices or are you someone who just needs the essentials? Think about how many jars or canisters are in your collection and try to find a spice storage solution which will comfortably hold everything you own.

  2. Location - Where are your spices going to be stored? Will they be on a benchtop, inside a drawer or securely attached to a wall? The location needs to be considered to maximise the space within your kitchen and choose the best product to fit the space.

  3. Kitchen decor - Does your kitchen have a specific interior design that your spice storage needs to match, or is your kitchen aesthetic a little bit of everything? Choosing particular materials or finishes for your spice storage can make an impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

  4. Frequency of use - Do you reach for the spices before every meal, or do you only use them here and there? This will impact your choice of spice storage, so work with your lifestyle to maximise efficiency in the kitchen.

How to organise your spices at home

When organising your spices to prolong their shelf life, it’s best to keep them in a cool dark area such as a cupboard or drawer, or inside your pantry. An easy way to organise your spices and make it easy to differentiate between them is to label them. The Kitchen Pro Denny Spice Label 72pk features common spices printed in a contemporary black or white font on a transparent backing, perfect for organising. Another helpful tip for organising spices is to arrange them in alphabetical order or group according to their use. This way, when you are looking for a specific spice, you know exactly which section to look in.

Material options available when purchasing spice storage

In-store and online there are a variety of materials when deciding on which spice storage solution to choose, these include:

  • Stainless steel

  • Chrome

  • Bamboo

  • Wooden

  • Plastic

Benefits of spice storage solutions

There are many benefits of incorporating a spice storage solution into your kitchen or pantry:

  • Organised - By storing your spice canisters in a spice rack you can keep your pantry and countertop free of clutter.

  • Flexible - The variety of options when it comes to storing spices allows you to be flexible in choices, allowing you to store in a drawer, wall mounted rack or on the bench.

  • Customise - Products such as the Kitchen Pro Clear Expandable Spice Drawer Organiser allow you to customise your spice storage solution to the size which you require.

  • Maximise - A tiered spice rack, wall mounted spice rack and drawer organisers are brilliant ways to maximise space in your kitchen and pantry.

  • Decorative - Available in a variety of colours, sizes, shapes and styles, you can colour coordinate your collection or organise it based on size or shape.

Accessories you may need with your new spice storage

Browse our large range of styles, colours and sizes available

Let us help you keep your spices organised with our range of spice racks, drawer organisers and spice canisters. For those looking to utilise excess vertical space in their kitchen, the range of wall mounted spice racks allows you to securely attach to either a cupboard or door and be hidden away.

If you’re looking to display your spices on the benchtop, then the range or rotating spice racks allows you to keep them close by while you’re cooking, for easy access.

To utilise space in your kitchen drawers, our range of drawer organisers allows you to keep your benchtops free of spice canisters and the angled design allows you to easily view your spice collection.

Brands we know and trust

We have the best brands in kitchenware at the best prices here at Kitchen Warehouse, including Kitchen Pro, Dreamfarm, D.Line, Madesmart, Davis and Waddell and Avanti.

Buying your new spice storage solution at Kitchen Warehouse

Update your spice storage solution with our spectacular range of kitchenware at Kitchen Warehouse. Other ranges to explore include cookware, bakeware, drinkware, kitchen appliances and more - right from the comfort of your own home! Shop online and save your favourites to a wishlist for later or add them to the shopping cart for fast checkout and free delivery over $100 Australia-wide. Our gift card option makes it easy to spoil someone you love on any special occasion.


What is the best way to store my spices at home?
The best way to store your spices at home is in a cool dark area such as a cupboard, drawer, or pantry, this will prolong their shelf life. Humidity, temperature and light will impact the flavour and freshness of spices.

When is the best time to buy a spice rack?
If you are someone who loves to cook and regularly uses spices in their cooking, you have probably accumulated a growing collection of herbs, spices and other seasonings over time which can make it hard to locate the ones you’re looking for if you haven’t organised them. If you find yourself struggling to locate various spices, or you keep buying the same ones over and over again, it might be time to invest in a spice rack which will help you organise your collection, making it easy to locate and saving you time when cooking. Another bonus is that it will tidy up your kitchen benchtop, drawers and cupboards.

Which spice storage solution will work best for you?
If you are short of space on your kitchen benchtop, then consider our range of wall mounted spice racks and drawer organisers. These will comfortably fit into your existing kitchen spaces, utilising all the gaps and keeping your kitchen clutter free. If you’re someone who loves to display your spices in the kitchen, then our range of rotating spice racks will be perfect for you as they enable easy access as you cook.

What are the advantages of vertical spice racks?
The advantage of incorporating a vertical spice rack into your kitchen is that you can view all of your spices with ease, being able to spot them when stock is low. Mounting a vertical spice rack onto a cupboard door or pantry door also allows you to maximise space in the kitchen.