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Oil and vinegar storage

An oil dispenser or oil pourer is a kitchen gadget that keeps oil fresh and makes pouring spill-free. Shop glass bottles and stainless steel oil cans for olive oil, cooking oil, vinegar and more with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide.

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Oil and Vinegar Bottles

Add an oil or vinegar dispenser to your kitchen repertoire

An oil dispenser is a tall, narrow bottle used to hold and pour oils and other condiments such as vinegar and salad dressings. Not only do they add convenience to the cooking process, oil and vinegar dispensers also preserve the quality of your ingredients. The addition of an oil or vinegar dispenser to your benchtop or dining table means a flavour booster is always within reach, plus they’re often much prettier to look at than the original bottle your product is sold in.

We’ve compiled the top five benefits of adding an oil and vinegar dispenser to your kitchen:

  1. Easy pouring: An oil dispenser with a spout helps control the amount of oil you use, preventing wastage and over-pouring.
  2. Cleanliness: Dispensers make pouring oil mess free and stop grease spots from ruining your beautiful benches and countertops. It’s just one way you can use food storage and organisers to clean and declutter your kitchen.
  3. Freshness: Oil bottles prolong the life of their contents. From cooking oils to flavoured boutique oils reserved for the finishing touch, storing liquids in an airtight oil and vinegar dispenser seals in freshness to maintain quality and taste.
  4. Style: Oil and vinegar dispensers are an elegant, decorative way to store your kitchen condiments when not in use. From sleek stainless steel to glass bottles in various styles, you can match your oil and vinegar bottles to your favourite serving utensils for a cohesive kitchen look.
  5. Economical: Owning an oil dispenser is cost effective and environmentally friendly, as you can purchase oil or vinegar in bulk and stop buying and throwing away single use oil or oil spray bottles.

Easy pour with an oil dispenser

Oil is a fundamental ingredient in cooking, and whether you’re using a quality extra virgin olive oil in a salad or a neutral oil for frying or baking, quantity is key. A good spout will allow you to pour the exact amount of oil you need without spills or drips. The oil container may have a spout incorporated into the design of the bottle or include a removable stopper. Tapered pour spouts are long and slender for easy drizzling.

Prolong the shelf life of oil and vinegar

You may not realise it, but oil and vinegar have an expiration date and prolonged exposure to air can accelerate their deterioration and affect their flavour. Dispensers are often fitted with a stopper or a flip top lid to keep the bottle airtight and seal in freshness, providing optimum oil and vinegar storage. This also means you can infuse flavour into your oil through the addition of elements like chilli, rosemary or peppercorns, while simultaneously preserving the ingredients. Just be sure to heat the oil and its infusers before letting the mixture cool and bottling it up. Presenting flavoured oils in a glass bottle can add a gourmet touch to a table setting or make a unique homemade gift.

Choosing the size of your oil bottle

The size options of oil dispensers vary and totally depend on your personal preference and intended usage. Store large amounts of oil in one litre bottles to avoid constantly refilling. Or downsize to a 500ml, 600ml or 750ml bottle if you’re used to cooking for a small crowd. A bottle around the 250ml mark is perfect for storing any dressings, oils and vinegars for drizzling.

Consider the material

Oil dispensers and vinegar dispensers can be made out of various materials, including:

  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Stoneware, such as ceramic

Some may include a combination of materials, such as a glass bottle with stainless steel spout. Each option will maintain the freshness of your oils and vinegars, it’s just up to you to decide what best suits your kitchen aesthetic.

Compliment your kitchen decor

Given that an oil dispenser will sit next to your stovetop or on your dining table for easy reach, it makes sense to choose a beautiful bottle that compliments the surrounding decor.

Decorative glass oil and vinegar dispensers, such as our Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Oil and Vinegar Bottle add a timeless beauty to your space, while the stainless steel Avanti Art Deco oil cans are stylishly modern.

For something a little different, the Typhoon Seasonings Teardrop Glass Duo Drizzler features a curved design crafted from hand blown glass with two compartments and two cork spouts to hold oil and vinegar for a beautiful contrasting effect.

We also stock a range of stylish utensils like spice grinders and preserving jars so you can have a range of flavour enhancers on hand.

Brands we know and trust

From spouted bottles to bottle sets and olive oil dispensers, you can find an oil dispenser to suit all of your kitchen needs from Australia's biggest brands, including Zyliss, Typhoon, Kilner, Bormiolo Rocco and Avanti.

Buying an oil dispenser online with Kitchen Warehouse

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How to use an oil dispenser?

An oil dispenser bottle is a very handy kitchen storage solution that is super easy to use. Just remove the cap or stopper from the bottle and fill the container with oil, vinegar or any other condiment of choice. Then simply drizzle over salads, coat meat or vegetables for frying, create a tasty dipping bowl or pour into a measuring cup for baking. However you’re using an oil and vinegar dispenser, it will create a mess free and convenient cooking experience.

How should you wash or clean an oil bottle?

Most stainless steel and glass oil dispensers are dishwasher safe, however some may be hand washed only, so always check the individual label. If this is the case, use warm water and detergent to target and eliminate greasy residue.

Is it worth purchasing an oil dispenser?

Absolutely! Aside from being super convenient when cooking, oil dispensers are a great alternative to constantly purchasing single-use oil bottles from the supermarket. Plus, you have the option to choose which oil dispenser matches your decor, as they come in a range of styles and materials. Whether you prefer a vintage or modern look, you’re sure to find an option at Kitchen Warehouse that will seamlessly blend into your kitchen.