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Speciality knives buying guide

Speciality knives buying guide


Take the stress out of cooking difficult to prepare foods with a knife designed specifically for the task. Soft blades make ripping leafy vegetables simple and effective, while the sharp pointed oyster knife prises open stubborn molluscs. Find other specialised knives in this collection of quality tools at Kitchen Warehouse online or in-store.


This curved, double handled blade provides an extra level of safety when chopping fine herbs and aromatics by keeping the blade on the board throughout. Use your mezzaluna most effectively with a hollowed board, combining herbs and fine vegetables and saving energy as you chop. The Mezzaluna is also an efficient pizza cutter.

  • Curved blade
  • Handles on both ends
  • Use for chopping herbs and slicing pizza

With an exceptionally sharp edge and lightly serrated blade, the pastry knife is ideal for preparing pastry for pies, tarts and quiches. The pastry knife is also perfect for cutting finished cakes as the rounded tip fits into the edges of baking pans to carefully slice and remove cakes and pastries.

  • Sharp edge
  • Lightly serrated blade
  • Round tip
  • Use for cutting pastry for pies and tarts and removing cake from tins

The soft serration of this knife, constructed in plastic, creates a tearing effect similar to using your hands and will cut leafy lettuces into perfect salad size pieces.

  • Plastic
  • Soft serration
  • Use for cutting lettuce for salads

The short blade and upturned tip of the oyster knife make the perfect tool to lever open, sever the muscle and separate shell halves of these tasty molluscs.

  • Short blade with upturned tip
  • Wide handle
  • Use for shucking oysters

Create decorative designs in vegetables and fruit with the angled blade of this tool. Use in conjunction with other tools such as the spiretti to arrange elaborate garnishes for any occasion.