Frank Green reusable cups

Frank Green reusable cups

Explore the range of Frank Green reusable cups. Beautifully designed in a range of bright and cheerful colours, you can sip in eco-friendly style! Enjoy hot and cold drinks in this range, complete with features like straws, push button lids, one-handed opening and more.



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Frank Green Reusable Cups: Sustainable elegance in every sip

Frank Green's range of reusable cups marks a milestone in sustainable drinkware. Merging functionality with chic design, these cups are a testament to the brand’s dedication to eco-friendly practices without sacrificing style. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts and those who are environmentally conscious, Frank Green cups offer a smart and stylish alternative to disposable cups.

Frank Green Reusable Cups: A product range guide

Frank Green, an Australian company renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovative design, offers a diverse range of reusable cups that are both practical and stylish. These cups are designed not just for coffee but for any beverage, hot or cold, making them versatile additions to any lifestyle.

Key features of Frank Green Reusable Cups

  • Insulation: The cups are carefully designed with insulation layers, ensuring that your beverages stay hot or cold for extended periods.
  • Material quality: Frank Green cups utilize a combination of durable materials, including a ceramic lining to avoid any metallic taste and stainless steel for maintaining the drink's temperature.
  • Design: Their signature non-slip grip, available in various colors, adds both functionality and style. The cups also feature a patented push-button lid, which is spill-proof and leak-resistant.
  • Durability: These cups are designed for long-term use, with the ability to be fully recycled at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Sizes: Frank Green offers cups in various sizes to cater to different beverage preferences.
  • Variety and customisation: Frank Green cups come in a range of sizes and colors, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your personal style or needs.
  • The ability to mix and match different shades of cups and lids offers a custom, multi-colored piece, making these cups fashionable accessories as well as practical drinkware.
  • Sustainability and convenience: These reusable cups are a significant step towards reducing single-use plastic waste.
  • Ideal for on-the-go, at home, or in the office, these cups are designed to suit a range of lifestyles, from busy professionals to students.

Benefits of using Frank Green Reusable Cups

  • Sustainability: Reduces the use of single-use cups.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Built to withstand daily use.
  • Style statement: An array of trendy designs.
  • Convenience: Ideal for on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Odour resistant: Maintains the purity of beverage flavors.

Common uses for Frank Green Reusable Cups

  • Morning coffee routines.
  • Travel and commuting.
  • Office or remote working.
  • Eco-conscious gifting.
  • Outdoor events and picnics.


What sizes do Frank Green cups come in?

Frank Green offers reusable cups in various sizes to accommodate different beverage preferences. Common sizes include 295ml (10oz) and 340ml (12oz), providing options for everything from a small coffee to a larger drink.

Are Frank Green cups insulated?

Yes, Frank Green reusable cups are designed with insulation properties. This ensures that hot drinks stay warm and cold drinks stay cool for extended periods, making them ideal for various beverages.

Can I put my Frank Green cup in the microwave or freezer?

It is generally not recommended to put Frank Green cups in the microwave or freezer. They are designed primarily for keeping beverages at their initial temperature. Always check the specific care instructions for your cup model.

Are Frank Green cups spill-proof and leak resistant?

Yes, one of the key features of Frank Green cups is their spill-proof and leak resistant design. They come equipped with a patented push-button lid that effectively prevents spills and leaks.

How do I clean my Frank Green cup?

The cleaning requirements for Frank Green cups can vary. Some parts are dishwasher safe, while others may require hand washing. It's best to refer to the specific cleaning instructions provided with each cup.

What are Frank Green cups made of?

Frank Green cups are made with a combination of durable materials. They typically feature a ceramic lining to prevent any metallic taste and use stainless steel for temperature retention, along with a non-slip grip outer layer.

Why are Frank Green cups popular?

Frank Green cups have gained popularity for their sustainable approach to drinkware, combining stylish designs with functionality. They are known for their durability, insulation properties, and commitment to reducing single-use plastic waste.

Frank Green reusable cups offer a perfect blend of sustainability, functionality, and style. Ideal for various settings from home to travel, these cups provide an eco-friendly solution for your beverage needs while making a style statement. Discover the stylish and sustainable cup options at Kitchen Warehouse.