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Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses not only enhance the aroma, flavour and texture of whiskey and scotch, they add refinement to the overall experience. Shop glass and crystal tumblers, decanters, decorative highballs and more by the best brands in Australia.

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A time-honoured tradition

Celebrate the long and complex art of whiskey distillation by investing in a specialised whiskey glass. Each whiskey glass is specifically designed to enhance the drinking experience by promoting a greater depth of flavour, aroma and texture in the spirit. When using a whiskey glass, you can acknowledge the craftsmanship of your favourite dram as you truly appreciate its nose, palate and finish. Upgrade your home bar with our stunning collection of whiskey glasses by the most prestigious brands in glassware, including Spiegelau and Luigi Bormioli.

Different types of whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses come in different shapes and sizes, each with a different purpose. Each glass can directly affect the smell and the taste of whiskey, so it's important that you choose the right design. Here are the most common types of glasses:

  • Tulip glass: The traditional tulip glass is preferred by whiskey connoisseurs worldwide. It has a long stem to keep the hand away from the nose and a bowl with a slightly narrow rim to enable the concentrated aromas of single malt whiskey to easily reach the nose.

  • Glencairn glass: A Glencairn glass is similar to a tulip glass but more robust. It's thicker with a short and stable base, making it perfect for swirling whiskey to release aromas and allow the spirit to breathe.

  • Whiskey tumbler: A tumbler glass, also called a lowball or old fashioned glass, is the most common type. It has a wide base and rim which is ideal for filling with ice and whiskey. They also make excellent scotch glasses. A double old fashioned glass is a larger version of this glass.

  • Stemless cocktail glass: This highball glass is tall with a large capacity for filling with whiskey, ice and mixers. It's the perfect solution for a relaxing cocktail at the end of a long day!

  • Snifter glass: The refined snifter glass can be used with any dark, aged spirit. It has a wider body and narrow rim which prevent spillage when holding partially horizontal.

  • NEAT glass: The NEAT glass is a newer type of whiskey glass that is unusually shaped to direct harsh alcohol fumes away from the nose while leaving behind the heavier, more pleasant aromas of whiskey to enjoy.

The most popular whiskey glasses available

Kitchen Warehouse has the most popular whiskey and scotch glasses for nosing and drinking fine spirits. Featuring labels we know and trust, we offer sophisticated yet durable whiskey glassware that has what it takes to serve and savour fine liquor. If you’re looking to equip your home bar with impressive glassware that’s trendy or traditional, explore favourites like Avanti, Stolzle, Salt & Pepper, Final Touch, Ecology, Luigi Bormioli and Spiegelau at prices lower than RRP.

Choosing crystal whiskey glasses

High quality crystal glassware can add an extra touch of refinement to the whiskey experience. Discover decorative crystal tumblers by Nachtmann with the Aspen Whiskey Glass Set of four, made from exquisitely crafted lead crystal, or go for modern elegance with the Riedel O Series Whiskey Glass Set of two made from strong crystal glass.

Accessories to compliment your new whiskey glasses

These barware accessories and other drinking glasses will ensure that you have everything you need to wow guests at your next dinner or cocktail party.

Buying your whiskey glasses online with Kitchen Warehouse

Shopping online for your whiskey glasses and cocktail glasses has never been easier with Kitchen Warehouse! Browse our extensive categories in tableware, drinkware, bakeware, appliances, kitchenware and more, put your favourites in the cart for checkout and make a payment using credit card, Afterpay, PayPal and more. You'll also get free delivery to your doorstep Australia-wide if you spend over $100.


What is the proper glass for whiskey?

As any whiskey drinker will know, the right barware is essential for getting the most enjoyment out of the whiskey drinking experience. There are several proper whiskey glasses to choose from with different shapes and sizes, including the tulip glass, Glencairn glass, whiskey tumbler, highball, snifter glass and NEAT glass. Choosing the right glass will depend on the type of whiskey you’re drinking, as well as the features of whiskey you’d like to highlight while consuming.

Are there special whiskey glasses?

Whiskey glasses can be made extra special if they feature a decorative design or unusual shape. The Final Touch Rum Taster Tumbler is ideal for holding and swirling whiskey with a unique shape that allows for maximum flavour and aroma in every mouthful.

Do whiskey glasses have thick bases?

A classic whiskey tumbler or rocks glass is designed with a thick base. It prevents the drink from being warmed by the hand that's holding it so it can stay at the desired temperature for longer. It also offers better durability and stability and is ideal for muddling other ingredients to create whiskey based cocktails. The Salisbury & Co Austin Tumbler Glass Set of four is a great example.

Does the shape of the whiskey glasses matter?

When drinking and nosing whiskey, the shape of the glassware has a direct impact on the flavour, aroma and texture of the drink. A Glencairn glass with a wide bowl and narrow rim increases the intensity of the aroma, while the straight sides and wide rim of a rocks glass tends to mute the complex fragrances of whiskey and is best used for whiskey cocktails.