Water glasses and juice glasses

Water glasses and juice glasses

Elevate the everyday with a set of water glasses from Kitchen Warehouse. Our range of refined, crafted and colourful tumblers will transform your idea of daily drinkware.



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Choosing the right water glass for your needs

When it comes to glassware, a humble set of water glasses is a fantastic choice for everyday drinking glasses that can hold everything from water and juice to soft drink and iced coffee. Water glasses generally have a flat base that keeps them steady and come in different shapes and sizes, with plain or decorative designs to suit any occasion. Before you buy a new set of tumblers, consider these factors:

Occasion. Will you use them everyday? Are you looking for a unique set that will complete a beautifully styled tablescape for a special occasion? Will they sit out in the open, on display?

Quantity. Your entertaining needs, lifestyle and budget all determine how many glasses you should purchase. A set of two is great for just you and one other, while larger sets are essential for families and people who like to entertain.

Material. Water glasses can be made from glass, tempered glass, crystalline glass, acrylic, plastic and more. You should also consider how easy it is to care for and maintain your water glasses. A dishwasher-safe set will make cleaning them fuss-free.

Design. You can find smooth and simple designs or ribbed, diamond, elliptical and other decorative designs.

Capacity. How much liquid do you want the glass to hold?

Portability. Will your water glasses be kept for indoor dining or will you be taking them on trips and dining outdoors? Acrylic and plastic water glasses are shatterproof and a top choice for drinking outside.

Insulation. Double wall glasses are insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for longer.

Price. Water glasses range from affordable for everyday use to more costly sets reserved for special occasions.

Storability. Stackable glasses will save you storage space and are ideal for smaller kitchens and home bars.

Common types of drinking glasses according to use

Drinking glasses come in all shapes and sizes for different beverages and occasions. From water glasses to cocktail glasses, these are some of the most popular types of glasses you should consider adding to your glassware collection:

-Water and juice glasses. Water glasses and juice glasses have a flat base and are comfortable to hold. While used predominantly to hold water and juice, smaller glasses can also double as rocks glasses for serving alcoholic beverages.

-Wine glasses. A standout feature in every barware collection, wine glasses are used to serve red and white wine. White wine glasses have a narrow opening while red wine glasses are wider for swirling.

-Champagne glasses. A champagne flute is a tall and slender glass while a coupe glass is shorter with a wide, shallow bowl.

-Highball glasses. Hi ball glasses are tall glasses reserved for serving mixed drinks.

-Beer glasses. These glasses are made for drinking all kinds of beer and include pint glasses, beer steins, pilsner glasses and pale ale glasses.

-DOF glasses. Double Old-Fashioned glasses are short and cylindrical with straight sides for serving drinks over ice.

-Double wall glasses. Double wall espresso glasses feature a glass within a glass. They are specifically designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer.

-Jugs, carafes, decanters and pitchers. As barware essentials, these vessels are made for holding water and other beverages until it’s time for pouring. They can be simple or highly decorative for more elegant occasions.

With or without stem - what’s the difference?

Water glasses and juice glasses are generally stemless for easy holding and more stability when resting on surfaces. Stemmed glasses, such as champagne glasses and wine glasses, are better suited to more formal occasions and keep drinks away from body heat so that they will stay chilled for longer. Stemless water glasses are more practical for daily use and can be interchangeable with other glasses. Small water glasses, such as the Bormioli Rocco America 20s DOF Glass Set of 6, can be used to serve spirits and classic cocktails, while larger water glasses can double as highball glasses for mixing tall cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

Best glasses for everyday use

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have the best water glass sets for day-to-day use and special occasions. Discover colourful handmade glass tumblers by Noritake for entertaining in style or keep it simple with the Krosno Harmony 6pc Tall Tumbler Set. We have the Luigi Bormioli Jazz Long Drink Glass Set for refreshing juices or pale ales and smaller Ocean Ivory Rock Tumblers for enjoying cocktails, water, milk and more. The Duralex Picardie Tumbler Set is crafted from durable tempered glass and can go from freezer to microwave while the stunning Nachtmann Noblesse 4pc Soft Drink Glass Set is made for mixing cocktails or sipping on sodas. Want to keep your drinks chilled for longer? Check out our set of Bodum Pavina double wall glasses for hot and cold drinks.

Utensils to buy with your glassware

It’s a well-known fact that food and drinks go hand in hand! Create the ultimate dining experience and add some must-have cookware, dinnerware, cutlery and kitchen accessories to go with your new glassware! Shop our extensive range today, including:

  • Cocktail straws
  • Dinner set
  • Coasters
  • Placemats
  • Wok
  • Dutch oven
  • Teapot
  • Serving plates and bowls
  • Cutlery Set

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Most water glasses are dishwasher-safe for a fast and easy cleanup. You can also wash your glasses by hand to reduce the risk of breakage. These care tips can help:

  • Always wash new glasses before first use

  • Hand wash glasses individually

  • Do not soak with other glasses to reduce the chance of chips and cracks

  • Use a suitable detergent, warm water and a non abrasive sponge

Brands we know and trust

The Kitchen Warehouse reputation is built on quality products from respected Australian and international brands. Discover the most esteemed names in glassware at prices lower than RRP, including Krosno, Bormioli Rocco Luigi Bormioli, Duralex, Ecology, Le Creuset and Riedel.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

We are all about convenient shopping at Kitchen Warehouse, online and in-store. If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your virtual shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment and free delivery over $100 straight to your door. Know someone who could use a new set of water glasses? Our gift cards will give them the freedom to fill their home with beautiful items from our extensive range, including tableware, kitchenware, bakeware and homewares.


How many water glasses are in a set? At Kitchen Warehouse, you can find tumbler sets for every kind of occasion and number of guests. We have 2, 3, 4 and 6 piece water glass sets by brands like Salt & Pepper and Ecology.

Which water glass is best? The best glass for you will depend on a number of factors, including the occasion, your budget and your personal preference. Tall glasses are ideal for chilled water and beers while shorter glasses are excellent for juice and muddled cocktails. A glass with a plain and smooth design works well for daily use while decorative glasses can elevate an elegant dinner and hold everything from alcoholic beverages to soft drinks for the kids!