Beer glasses

Beer glasses

A good quality beer glass will help you get most out of your favourite brew at home. Our range of beer glasses features a variety of styles, like pints, mugs, pilsner and IPA glasses, which maximise the flavour, aroma and texture of your drink.

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Choosing the right beer glasses for your needs

Kicking back with a chilled beer is a big part of the Aussie lifestyle and one that many people enjoy. The right beer glass can enhance the experience of drinking beer and awaken the drink's natural flavour, colour and aroma. Beer glasses come in many shapes and sizes, from large beer mugs and pints for drinking light beer to smaller tulip glasses for drinking strong, dark beers. Our stunning selection of beer glasses by leading brands will take you from a backyard BBQ with friends and family to a sophisticated dinner party with guests.

Beer mugs, lager and pilsner glasses - types and shapes of beer glassware explained

With the amount of beer glasses available, it can get confusing knowing which style will best suit your favourite drink! Here are some of the most common types you will find:

  1. Pint. A pint glass is the most common and versatile beer glass. It can be used to hold IPAs, lagers, ales and more. The Bormioli Rocco Nonix Pint Glass set is a fine example.

  2. Beer stein. A beer mug or beer stein is ideal for light to medium ales and lagers where you can enjoy larger gulps of beer. Check out the Pasabahce Pub Beer Stein.

  3. Pilsner. Pilsner glasses are tall and skinny for maximising carbonation and aroma.

  4. Tulip. A tulip glass has a stem and footer with a curved rim that helps to trap a foamy beer head. It is ideal for swirling stronger brews.

  5. IPA. An IPA glass is designed specifically to enhance an India pale ale with a wavy base that helps to aerates the beer with each sip. The Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Wheat Beer Glass is an excellent choice.

Beer tastes better in a glass

A beer glass does far more than just temporarily hold your beer. It maximises the flavour and aroma of the beer and assists in creating the correct head which serves to further intensify the unique aromas. It also promotes carbonation for a better mouthfeel and enhances the brilliant colour of beer which invites the drinker to consume it.

Latest trends in beer glasses

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular and calls for a specially designed craft beer glass to bring out the complex flavours and aromas of each unique brew. Specialty beer glasses can include pilsner glasses, wheat glasses, stout glasses and IPA glasses that are expertly designed to maximise the experience of consuming quality craft beer on any occasion.

High-quality beer glass sets available

A beer set is perfect for when you have friends or family coming over. The Spiegelau Beer Classics range is a great option for serving many types of beer. Choose from IPA glasses, tall pilsner glasses, wheat beer glasses and lager glasses in a set of 4 or 6. We also have sets for 2 with the Luigi Bormioli Birrateque range of wheat beer glasses, pilsners, IPA glasses and seasonal beer glasses with a capacity of 750ml for enjoying new and exciting craft beers.

For outdoor parties and social events, try the Salisbury & Co Unbreakable Beer Glasses Set of 4 made from polycarbonate. They're lightweight, glass-like and won't crack or break if dropped on the ground.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Beer glasses are best cleaned by hand with bi-carb and a dedicated beer cleaning brush. Drip dry upside down on a dishwashing rack and rinse with cold water before pouring a beer.

Storing your beer glassware

Store your crystal glasses in style by displaying them proudly on your cabinet shelves, alongside other glasses like cocktail glasses, shot glasses, wine glasses, decanters and carafes. A glass rack can be handy for safely hanging stemmed glassware. Remember to store stemless beer glasses upside down to prevent dust from settling in the bowls. Check out our storage solutions for storing bottle openers and other barware accessories and kitchen gadgets, such as drawer inserts and cutlery trays.

Brands we know and trust

We've got the most respected brands in quality barware at Kitchen Warehouse with prices lower than RRP. Pick yourself up a bargain from favourites like Riedel, Luigi Bormioli, Bormioli Rocco, Krosno, Ecology, Salisbury & Co, Final Touch and Spiegelau.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

We've made it easier than ever to buy a new set of beer glasses online at Kitchen Warehouse. Simply browse our extensive barware collection and other categories including kitchenware, bakeware, tableware and cookware. When you spot something you love, add it to a wishlist for later or checkout using flexible payment methods like credit card and Afterpay. We also have gift cards for spoiling a beer-loving friend or family member and free delivery when you spend over $100 Australia-wide!


What are the different sizes of beer glasses?
Beer glasses come in many different sizes. The most popular beer glass sizes in Australia include:

  • Schooner. A schooner glass holds 425ml of beer.

  • Pint. A pint holds a generous 570ml of beer.

  • Pony. A pony will hold 140ml of beer.

  • Middy. A middy or a pot will hold 285ml of beer.

  • Jug. A beer jug holds 1140ml of beer and is designed for sharing with friends.

What is the difference between a pilsner glass and a pint glass?
A pilsner glass is typically smaller than a pint glass and is used to hold light beers, such as pale lager. They are tall and tapered to showcase the colour of the beer and allow bubbles to reach the surface with a wide mouth to maintain a foamy beer head. Pilsner glasses a]have a capacity of 250-400ml.

A pint glass is the largest type of beer glass with a capacity of almost 570ml. They are typically cylindrical-shaped with straight sides and are the most commonly used glass for beer in pubs, bars and restaurants as they complement any type of beer.