Decanter sets

Carafes and decanters can elevate your home bar and make drinking wine and whiskey more flavourful, aromatic and enjoyable. Discover decanter sets made from glass and crystal with contemporary and ornate designs for every occasion.

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Choosing the best decanter set for you

If you have a home bar, a decanter set can make a stunning addition to your glassware collection. Used as a vessel to hold the decantation of a liquid and its sediment, such as wine or whiskey, the classic decanter is functional, elegant and enhances the drinking experience for novices and enthusiasts alike. To find the right decanter for your needs, consider:

  • Shape - Decanters come in various shapes, from standard to u-shaped to bell-shaped and cylindrical. Make sure the shape of the decanter allows you to pour drinks without drips.

  • Price - Decanter sets can be affordable with a tumbler set for 2 or highly elaborate with tumblers for several guests and special occasions.

  • Size - Most wine decanters are designed to hold one bottle of wine. Smaller decanters are available for drinking small quantities of liquid as well as larger ones to serve more guests.

  • Type of liquid - Decanter sets can hold red wine, whiskey, scotch and more.

  • Ease of use - Look for a decanter set that pours liquids efficiently without drips and is either dishwasher-safe or easy to clean by hand.

The benefits of having a decanter set

Decanters can be used to hold a variety of liquids, most commonly wine and whiskey. Wine decanters serve 2 main purposes:

  1. They allow the wine to aerate before you drink it, enhancing the aroma and taste.

  2. They separate the liquid from the solids so that the sediments float to the bottom and you can achieve a clear glass of wine with less bitterness.

A whiskey decanter set provides similar benefits, allowing the spirits to become exposed to oxygen and develop more complex aromas and flavours. A decanter set has the additional benefit of coming with wine glasses and whisky glasses for easily enjoying with guests.

What to look for in a decanter set

Before you add a decanter set to your home bar, think about these features:

  • Quality - A high-quality decanter set will be expertly crafted, easy to use and made to last you years of enjoyment.

  • Durability - Lead-free glass is very durable with some decanters being dishwasher-safe. A heavier decanter with a wide base is better for stability.

  • Design - There are wide neck decanters for maximum aeration and thin neck decanters for separating the liquid from the sediment more easily.

  • Material - Glass set decanters are the most popular but you can also find crystal glass sets that are more delicate and ornate for special occasions.

  • Style - Decanters sets can be simple, sleek and elegant, highly decorative or even unusual, such as globe decanters.

  • Airtight seal - An airtight stopper will help your wine to last longer.

Why you should store wine or whisky in a decanter

The primary reason for storing your wine or whisky in a decanter is that it enhances the flavour and aroma of the beverage, making it more satisfying to consume. A decanting carafe will also allow any sediments of the liquor to settle on the bottom so that when you pour a glass it is clear. With matching tumblers, decanter sets are also a stunning way to serve your favourite drinks to guests and elevate the entire experience.

We have decanter gift sets that make the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthdays and more. Check out the Nachtmann Noblesse 3 piece decanter and tumbler set that comes gift boxed with a square decanter and 2 whiskey glasses.

Guide on how long you can keep alcohol in a decanter

In general, red wine can stay in a decanter between 2-3 days before going stale from too much aeration. Whiskey can last between 2 months and 3 years with an airtight seal and the correct room conditions.

Different shapes and styles available

Find a decanter set that reflects your refined taste at Kitchen Warehouse. Shop a crystal whisky decanter set by Nachtmann with a glass decanter and two tumbler glasses, such as the Noblesse crystal whiskey decanter set with decorative detail.

The Salisbury & Co Kennedy Decanter and DOF Glass Set three pc has hand engraving and a contemporary style, while the Final Touch Twister Decanter and Glass Aerator that features a 3 phase aeration and oxygenation system to deliver twice as much flavour and aroma.

Entertaining guests? The Salt & Pepper Bond Tartan Decanter & Tumbler Set five-piece includes 4 tumblers and an elegant decanter to impress even the most seasoned whiskey connoisseurs.

Other barware accessories to go with your decanter set

Wine and dine in style by ticking these other accessories off your wishlist:

  • Wine glasses

  • Wine carafe

  • Serving jugs

  • Shot glasses

  • Coasters

  • Cutlery

  • Whiskey stones

  • Bottle opener

  • Ice bucket

  • Wine rack

Brands we know and trust

Discover the most prestigious brands in barware, drinkware, dinnerware and more at Kitchen Warehouse with prices lower than RRP, including Luigi Bormioli, Nachtmann, Riedel and Royal Doulton.

Buying your decanter set online with Kitchen Warehouse

Entertaining friends and family is easy when you shop online at Kitchen Warehouse. Browse our decanter sets, put your items into the shopping cart and checkout using flexible payment methods and free delivery over $100 Australia-wide. Our handy gift cards will ensure you always have the perfect gift to celebrate any special occasion!


What is a decanter set used for?
A liquor decanter is a glass vessel that holds the decantation of a liquid. Available in all different shapes and designs, a decanter allows wine and whiskey to aerate while operating the sediments by allowing it to settle on the bottom of the vessel. The result is a clear drink that has maximum flavour and aroma.

What alcohol can you keep in a decanter?
You can find spirit decanter sets and wine decanter sets. While red wine and whiskey are the most common alcoholic beverages to store in a decanter, you can also hold other spirits such as scotch, bourbon and cognac.