Ramekins are small baking dishes used to cook and serve individual portions of food, such as souffle and pot pies. Shop stunning stoneware ramekins in single cups or choose a set of 4 to 6 cups for entertaining larger families and guests.

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Ramekins and souffle dishes available

A ramekin allows you to prepare, bake and serve individually-sized meals to guests in the one dish. While typically used for desserts, ramekins are versatile and can also be used to hold dips and sauces, entrees, single salads, mini savoury pies and more. Shop our range of ramekins, from single dishes to sets, made from enamelled stoneware in various sizes and stunning colours.

Rundown of different sizes of ramekins and what they are used for

While ramekins are a small baking dish, they still come in different sizes for different foods and purposes. A 10cm ramekin is ideal for cooking souffle and creme brulee, such as the Salisbury & Co Ramekin 10x7cm Set of 4. This size is the average size of a ramekin and will suit most individual meals. A larger ramekin, such as the Maxwell & Williams White Basics Ramekin 12cm, is great for baking dessert that can be shared between 2 people. Small ramekins are excellent for holding assorted snacks and nibbles, such as single scoop ice cream, nuts, mini marshmallows, dips and tapas. The Le Creuset Stoneware Mini Ramekins Set 6pc is perfect for parties and will add a pop of colour to the table!

Different material ramekins are made of

Ramekins can be made from various heat-resistant materials, including porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel. The most popular type is a stoneware ramekin that has been coated with durable enamel. Stoneware is oven-safe and can withstand high temperatures without cracking, plus it’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. You can find many kitchenware, dinnerware and servingware items made from stoneware, such as serving platters, jugs and canisters. Check out the Chasseur La Cuisson Ramekin set for 2 made from high-quality stoneware in beautiful duck egg blue.

Best use for a ramekin

While ramekins are great for baking a range of different desserts, they are absolutely perfect for baking fluffy soufflés. Their small size and straight walls make it easy for egg white-based soufflés to rise up the sides and gain height while maintaining a cloud-like texture.

Dishes you can cook in a ramekin

You can get creative when working with ramekins and fill them with both sweet or savoury ingredients. The best part about them is that you don’t need to share the finished masterpiece with anyone! Here are just some of the dishes you can cook in a ramekin:

  • Souffle

  • Mini cheesecake

  • Creme brulee

  • Crumble

  • Pot pies

  • Casserole

  • Pudding

Different designs available

Ramekins aren’t just functional, they can be attractive, too! We have beautiful ramekins in different colours and designs to suit every kitchen decor and personal style. Shop for classic white ramekins by favourite brands like Royal Doulton. Go for soft pastels like teal and cherry blossom with the Chasseur Macaron Ramekin set for 4 or pick from shades of blue to blend harmoniously into coastal colour palettes.

Add pops of retro colour to your kitchen with the Le Creuset range featuring a 3 ring design in signature shades, including Marseille Blue, Cerise and Bamboo Green. We also have traditional fluted designs by Maxwell & Williams and Salisbury & Co.

Other cookware and kitchen gadgets to consider when buying ramekins

From petite desserts to extravagant roasts, hearty soups and vibrant curries, these additional products will make cooking and serving your creations fun, easy and convenient:

Brands we know and trust

We’ve got the brands you know and love at incredible prices that are lower than RRP. Pick up a bargain from Maxwell & Williams, Corningware, Salisbury & Co, Falcon and much more.

Buying your ramekin online at Kitchen Warehouse

From ramekin sets to cookware sets with saucepans, stockpots, woks and roasters plus the finest cutlery to enjoy every meal, it’s never been easier to find exactly what you need online at Kitchen Warehouse. Shop our extensive range of products, including tableware, barware and appliances, then checkout using flexible payment methods like Afterpay and credit card with free delivery Australia-wide over $100.

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What is a ramekin used for?
Ramekins are most commonly used to bake desserts, such as souffle, creme brulee and gooey lava cakes. However, their small size lends themselves to other uses, too. They are a decorative way to serve condiments at the dining table. They can be used to hold and separate ingredients during food prep, such as spices and herbs. They can also be used to create any individually portioned meal, from mini quiche to Shepherd’s Pie and macaroni!

A ramekin set, such as the Ecology Signature 4pc Ramekin Set, is a gorgeous way to serve up food for a small family.

How do you use a ramekin for baking?
When it comes to bakeware, a ramekin is one of the most versatile dishes you can own. Its small size allows you to bake individual desserts and savoury meals that are perfectly portioned for one person. To bake with a set of ramekins, line them up on a baking tray to prevent spills. It’s also best to spray each one with oil before pouring in ingredients to ensure the food doesn’t stick to the sides.

What is the difference between a ramekin and a baking dish?
Ramekins are a type of small baking dish. A ramekin is commonly used to make individual cakes and desserts that are prepared, baked and served in the dish. They are generally round and made from stoneware with straight sides.