Cooking timers

A kitchen timer can help you to perfect your cooking while multitasking in the kitchen. Shop digital timers with large screens that count to 100 minutes, go traditional with a classic egg timer or choose magnetic to stick onto fridges!

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Range of kitchen timers to suit your cooking needs

From traditional egg timers to durable digital timers with backlit screens and innovative functions, a kitchen timer is your key to making perfect meals every time. This handy gadget will keep track of the cooking for you while you do other tasks, ensuring that you check the food at the correct intervals and cook it to the desired result. Check out the latest kitchen timers at Kitchen Warehouse, including mechanical timers by Davis & Waddell and innovative multi-function digital timers by Avanti.

Mechanical timers vs digital kitchen timers

There are two main types of kitchen timers available:

  • Mechanical timers. A mechanical timer requires you to turn the dial to the amount of minutes you need to cook your meal where it will count down and make a loud noise when the time is up. No batteries are needed and most will go up to 60 minutes.

  • Digital timers. A digital kitchen timer is run by batteries and will typically have an LCD screen and buttons to set the timer to the required amount of minutes. Digital timers can be set down to the second for greater accuracy and often come with other features, such as thermometers and memory function.

Durable stainless steel cooking timers you can't go past

For a countdown timer that will serve you well for years to come, go for stainless steel. This material is very durable and rust-proof to keep your timer looking clean and presentable. The Heston Blumenthal Precision by Salter 3 in 1 Kitchen Timer is made from stainless steel and silicone with a stylish black finish and can cover up to 99hrs, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Count up like a stopwatch or count down with a large display and loud alarm plus a reminder that sounds at 85% of the cooking time.

Every kitchen needs an egg timer

Eggs are a staple in many Australian households and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Get the perfect centre every time with the Appetito Wooden Egg Timer with traditional hourglass design and 3 minute timer. You can also choose the Burton Egg Perfect Colour Changing Timer that sits in the saucepan with the eggs and changes colour to indicate when they are soft, medium and hard boiled.

Large digital display the whole family can read

Cooking times will be even easier to read when you have a large display. We have digital kitchen timers with easy-to-read backlit screens that clearly show the digits no matter where you are standing in the kitchen. Check out digital timers with large screens at Kitchen Warehouse, including Acurite Digital Timer 100 Minutes or Avanti Digital Kitchen Timer with Light in bold red.

60 minute timers to 100 minute timers - different designs available

From light and fluffy scones to succulent roasts and delicate meringue, you’ll always know exactly when your food is cooked with one of our kitchen timers! We have magnetic timers that have a magnetic back for attaching onto fridges and other metal surfaces, such as the compact Avanti Digital Timer.

There are sturdy mechanical timers with dials that can be turned to the correct time and require no batteries to operate. The Davis & Waddell Fresh Apple Mechanical Timer features a cute red apple design with stem and leaf to add a bit of fun to any kitchen corner!

Set an alarm clock for your food with kitchen digital timers that let you enter minutes and seconds for complete precision. The Polder 100 Minutes Digital Kitchen Timer will count up or down, has a large display, loud alarm and kickstand for conveniently propping up on countertops and tables. The Polder Digital In Oven Thermometer and Timer comes with a programmable thermometer and 24hr timer that you can set and view on the split screen. It also comes with a memory function which is ideal for baking in batches.

Brands we know and trust

We have all of the trusted brands you know and love at Kitchen Warehouse with reliable kitchen timers starting at just $4.95. Shop favourites like Acurite, Appetito, Avanti and Polder.

Buying your kitchen timer online at Kitchen Warehouse

Pick up the kitchen timer you need online at Kitchen Warehouse with a fast checkout and free delivery when you spend over $100 Australia-wide. Browse our other extensive categories for the latest tableware, cookware and bakeware items to elevate your cooking and dining experiences, from powerful mixers and slow cookers to quality kitchen utensils by brands like Cuisena and Oxo. If you have a special occasion coming up, why not surprise a friend or loved one with a gift card that they can spend online or at their nearest Kitchen Warehouse?


What is the best kitchen timer for cooking?
The most common kitchen timers are either digital or mechanical. Digital timers are best for people who like plenty of options to choose from. They typically feature an LCD display that is easy to read and come equipped with extra features for 100% control and accuracy down to the last second, such as the Polder Digital In Oven Thermometer and Timer. A mechanical timer is simple yet effective and doesn’t require battery replacement which may be more convenient. Most can be set up to an hour and buzz loudly when done, such as the Academy Bronte Mechanical Timer 60 Minutes.

Why do you need a kitchen timer?
A kitchen cooking timer is a handy kitchen gadget that helps you to keep track of your cooking times so that you can cook any meal to perfection. From boiled eggs with a gooey centre to medium-rare roasts that are pink and juicy, timers help you to achieve any result you need while freeing you up to multitask in the kitchen and home.

What is a reliable kitchen timer?
Make time management a breeze in the kitchen with a kitchen timer you can count on! A reliable kitchen timer is one that is simple to set and provides accurate alerts for checking on food and telling you when it is done. Digital timers can include additional features such as built-in clock timers and thermometers for checking the temperature of food as it cooks. For even greater accuracy, choose a kitchen timer that lets you set seconds, as well as minutes, such as the Acurite Digital Timer 100 Minutes.