Mixing bowls

Mixing bowls are a kitchen staple used to combine ingredients when cooking and baking. Shop stainless steel, ceramic, melamine and glass bowls, as well as stackable sets with various sizes to accommodate a range of kitchen tasks. 



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Why a good mixing bowl matters

Mixing bowls are the workhorse of a well-equipped kitchen. Despite their simple appearance, they're essential for helping you to perform a wide range of tasks, from mixing ingredients to serving food and organising storage.

The primary purpose of a mixing bowl is to be the vessel that's used to stir wet or dry ingredients together in preparation for cooking and baking. From mixing cake and pancake batters to melting chocolate, tossing salads and blending vinaigrettes - a set of mixing bowls will make accomplishing basic tasks in the kitchen easy and mess-free.

Sturdiness and weight is an important factor

A good mixing bowl will be comfortable to hold and remain steady when stirring ingredients together. Consider these factors:

  • Lightweight - A lightweight bowl is easy to hold and handle. Melamine mixing bowls, such as those by Avanti, are incredibly durable yet light with a hand grip tab and wide base for stability.

  • Non-slip - Make sure contents stay inside the bowl by choosing one with a non-slip bottom. The Avanti Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls feature a silicone base which is perfect for keeping bowls steady on countertops. Stainless steel bowls also stay cool when mixing and beating which is excellent for ensuring batters remain at a lower temperature.

  • Heavy-based - A mixing bowl with a heavy base will keep the bowl firmly in place on any surface and prevent it from rocking or moving during the mixing process.

Versatility of mixing bowls

Mixing bowls can be used for all kinds of kitchen tasks. They can act as a batter bowl for mixing up pancakes, cakes, omelettes and brownies. Small mixing bowls are perfect for melting ingredients, while large ones can be used to make bread and serve salads. You can even find mixing jugs, such as the Le Creuset Stoneware Mixing Jug, that can be used to blend sauces with a spout for easy pouring right from the jug.

Mixing bowls also make excellent food storage solutions that can keep your dry baking ingredients and other goods organised until you need them.

Ease of storage for mixing bowls in your kitchen

When buying a set of mixing bowls, make sure that they are designed to be stackable so that you can fit them inside each other and save valuable pantry and cupboard space. The Falcon Enamelware Prep Set 6pce in red comes with 5 different sized bowls and a colander that fit neatly together for fuss-free storage.

Extra features for your personal preferences

You may think a bowl is just a bowl, but it's the little things that can make the biggest difference. Consider these features and their importance to you when buying a new mixing bowl:

  • Rims. Rims help to stop dripping when pouring wet ingredients into other containers and also make the bowl easier to hold.

  • Lids. A lid can be great if you want to prep food the day before or store leftovers.

  • Depths. Make sure you have a deep enough bowl to suit your cooking and baking needs to avoid overfilling and spills.

  • Pour spout. A bowl or mixing jug with a spout can make it easy to transfer batters and liquids into trays and other bowls for baking.

  • Non-skid base. This is important to ensure that your bowl doesn't slip on surfaces while combining ingredients and cause them to spill over the side.

Mixing bowl sets with a different range of sizes and quantities

Mixing bowls come in a huge range of sizes to suit every purpose. We have large mixing bowls by Chef Inox, Mason Cash and Pyrex that range from 3l to 6.5l. These are great for tasks such as making bread and whipping meringue and cake batter.

We also have smaller bowls for melting butter, cracking eggs and blending icings, sauces and more, including the Cuisena stainless steel mixing bowl with double rim and mirror interior.

Microwave and dishwasher-safe options available

If you plan on putting your mixing bowl in the microwave to melt ingredients, you'll need a heat-proof one. Glass mixing bowls, such as Pyrex, are microwave, oven and dishwasher-safe so they won't crack when faced with high temperatures. They can also be safely put in the freezer for storage.

Mixing bowl accessories and other kitchen utensils to consider

Complete your new mixing bowls by combining them with items from our tableware, dinnerware, servingware, kitchen accessories, appliances and more, including:

Brands we know and trust

Whether you're a beginner, home cook or professional chef, you can find high-quality mixing bowls at Kitchen Warehouse by leading brands like Oxo, Mason Cash, Avanti, Joseph Joseph, Pyrex, Chef Inox, Chasseur and much more.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

It's easy to buy your new mixing bowls online at Kitchen Warehouse. Simply browse our new arrivals to pick up a bargain at below RRP and checkout using AfterPay, PayPal and more with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide. If you're not ready to buy, save them to a wishlist for later! We also have gift cards to spoil someone who loves to cook with the ultimate appreciation gift.


What is a common use for a mixing bowl?
Mixing bowls are a very versatile item and can be used to mix all types of ingredients for a wide range of dishes. In particular, they are a staple bakeware item for those who love to whip up cakes and sweet treats. A mixing bowl can be used to sift flours, sugars and other dry ingredients together while another mixing bowl can be used to blend wet ingredients, such as milk and eggs, together before combining.

What is the function of a mixing bowl?
A mixing bowl is an essential kitchenware item that is used in food preparation to mix both wet and dry ingredients. They can also be used to rest dough, toss salads, beat eggs, make sauces, serve food and store ingredients when not in use.