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We have the best kitchen tea towels by trusted brands to dry, clean, wrap food and more. Discover cotton and microfibre tea towels that are soft, absorbent and available in a range of colours and textures, including stripes and waffle.



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Tips for buying new tea towels

The humble tea towel is a kitchenware staple and one of the most versatile items you'll find in any household or commercial kitchen. Far from just drying dishes and wiping up stains, a good tea towel can play a central role in serving and displaying your delicious creations. When buying one, consider these tips:

Material While cotton and linen tea towels are traditional, microfibre is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to absorb liquids and polish without lint or streaks.

Function Do you plan on using your tea towel just for cleaning or will it also be used for serving and presenting your food on the dining table?

Design Think about your dining room colour scheme and home decor. Will something neutral and elegant suit or would fun and quirky be more fitting?

Size Is your tea towel big enough to do what you need, from cleaning wide surfaces to wrapping food and drying large dishes?

Types of kitchen tea towels

There are many different types of tea towels that are designed for different duties. Some of the most common types are:

  • Flat weave

  • Flour sack

  • Terry towel

  • Microfibre

Material used when manufacturing tea towels

There are three common materials used to manufacture tea towels:

  • Cotton This is the most popular material used to make tea towels. Cotton is soft and gentle on dishes, is excellent for drying and cleaning up spills, can hold its shape after washing and is affordable.
  • Linen Linen tea towels are elegant and have incredible absorbency. The material is strong with superior drying qualities and is able to polish delicate dishes without leaving lint or marks.
  • Microfibre This synthetic material is newer to the market than traditional cotton or linen but is excellent at cleaning glasses and surfaces without scratching. Microfibre tea towels are also super absorbent and can mop up spills more effectively than cotton.

Different uses of tea towels

The tea towel may have been invented to mop up spills and dry dishes, but it can actually perform several different functions. You can also use them to:

  • Wipe smudges off glassware and fine china

  • Help you lift hot trays and dishes out of the oven when your pot holder is out of reach

  • Keep baked goods warm, such as scones and bread

  • Clean up kitchen benches and tables

  • Decorate the table

  • Line serving trays

  • Dry hands, fruit and veggies

Absorbency is the key

A kitchen towel is only as good as its ability to absorb spills. After all, this is it's main purpose! You want to choose a material with excellent absorbency that dries fast and can handle drying an entire dishwasher of dishes, as well as soak up any type of liquid or food spills in the kitchen. What to look for before purchasing a tea towel Before selecting your tea towel, make sure you consider what you will be using it for and whether it will be suitable for your needs. Think about these aspects:

  • Material

  • Size

  • Density

  • Style

  • Colour

Size is really important

Choose a tea towel with a generous size so that it can be used for multiple purposes. A larger tea towel will be able to dry crockery and cookware of any size quickly and easily. It will also be able to clean wide kitchen benches faster and be able to wrap comfortably around bread loaves to keep them warm and beautifully presented.

Cotton or linen - which one to choose?

Cotton and linen are the original materials used to make tea towels. But, which one is right for you?

Cotton tea towels These towels are lightweight, soft, absorbent and an all-rounder in the kitchen. They're perfect for washing and cleaning as well as wrapping and displaying food. Cotton tea towels are generally more affordable than linen and come in an endless range of colours and designs.

Linen tea towels The elegant and natural look of linen makes it a favourite in rustic decor styles, especially when paired with other kitchen linen, including oven mitts and aprons. Choose linen when you want a soft yet incredibly durable tea towel that absorbs moisture, repels stains and retains its gorgeous colour and shape for years to come.

Different styles, designs and colours available

Kitchen Warehouse has tea towels in a huge range of colours and designs to make matching them to your tableware and table linen easy. We have contemporary stripe designs, as well as bright and neutral plain towels. Add a bit of fun to your kitchen with our artful Maxwell & Williams Marini Ferlazzo tea towels featuring an Australian theme with koalas, wombats, joeys and more or gift our cat and dog towels by Ulster Weavers to a pet lover and make their day!

Eco fabrics available

We have a great range of White Magic Eco Cloths in neutral colours to suit any kitchen decor. Made from lightweight microfibre, they measure 50x70cm and are excellent for absorbing messy spills and drying dishes without streaks. They're also quick-drying and can be thrown in the washing machine for up to 500 times.

Buying a pack of towels

Just like buying a set of hand towels, bath towels or bed linen, a tea towel set is a fantastic way to save some money while ensuring all of the items have a matching colour scheme and design. It's also a handy way to make sure you always have a clean tea towel on-hand when the others are being washed.

Checking for quality

Buying a high-quality tea towel is essential if you want it to last a long time. Choose a tea towel that's made from a durable material so that it can withstand repetitive actions like cleaning, scrubbing and polishing without fraying, fading or coming apart.

A tea towel set is the perfect gift for many special occasions

Our range of tea towel sets make thoughtful gifts that are both functional and stylish. From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and housewarming parties, tea towels are a gift that your recipient can put to many uses and will be able to appreciate for many years.

Cleaning and caring for your new tea towels

Just like any other towel, tea towels need to be washed regularly to keep them looking spotless and free from bacteria. They can be washed by hand or by machine wash using a stain-removal detergent, then left to air-dry away from direct heat to prevent colour fading.

Accessories to add to your tea towels

Match your tea towels with other kitchen accessories to create a functional and stylish kitchen space that reflects your personal taste. Consider:

Brands we know and trust

Kitchen Warehouse is your trusted source for high-quality tea towels by Australia's most loved brands. Our range includes best sellers by Maxwell & Williams, Ladelle, Salisbury & Co, White Magic, Ulster Weavers and more.

Buying your tea towels online

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have everything you need to transform your home into a stylish and inviting space for friends and family. Add our kitchenware, cookware, bakeware and more to your wishlist for later or pop your favourites into the shopping cart for easy checkout and payment, including Afterpay and free delivery over $100. We also have gift cards that make the perfect gift for any special occasion.


What are the best tea towels? The best tea towels will be an invaluable companion in the kitchen, ready to be whipped out at a moment's notice to help with the task at hand. The one that is best for you depends on how you will use it. If you want a durable tea towel for keeping the kitchen spick and span, a microfibre one can do the job. It will absorb spills, clean surfaces and dry dishes, glassware and delicate dinnerware without scratching. If you plan on using your tea towels to serve and display food, a cotton or linen one will do everything a microfibre one can, plus wrap food and double as oven mitts. They can also be used for serving to enhance the look of your home decor and food presentation.

What is the best tea towel material? A cotton tea towel is incredibly versatile. Cotton is very soft and absorbent, lightweight and machine-washable. It can do everything from dry dishes and clean bench tops to wrap baked goods and handle hot dishes. A linen tea towel is the most durable type of tea towel. Linen is strong, keeps its shape, retains colour and can handle abrasive rubbing against surfaces. It's also highly absorbent, dries quickly and is perfect for polishing delicate glassware. Microfibre is a great option if you want to use your tea towel for mopping up spills, drying dishes, and polishing without scratching. Microfibre is not suitable for carrying hot items and should be kept away from heat.