Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters and embossers are great baking tools to cut out shaped cookies and fondant for cake and desserts. Shop cookie cutter sets to create custom sweet treats that everyone will love!



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Cookie cutter and embossers you can enjoy with the kids

Cookie cutters are an essential cake decorating tool used by professional pastry chefs and home bakers alike. They are a quick and easy way to cut cookies and fondant into interesting shapes for decorating and ensure they are of a consistent size for baking evenly.

Cookie cutters and embossers come in a dazzling range of shapes, sizes and themes to suit any occasion. They're fantastic for kids' birthday parties and are a fun way to get the little ones involved in the baking process as they are a chance to get creative and unleash the imagination.

At Kitchen Warehouse, you can find kid-friendly plastic cookie cutters, including alphabet and number cutters, as well as stainless steel cutters for creating wonderful works of edible art!

Range of Christmas cookie cutters available, from mini to large

Get into the festive spirit with a cookie cutter that embraces the Christmas holiday! We have cookie cutter sets in various sizes, such as the Avanti Snowflake Cookie Cutter with 5 different shaped snowflakes and the Avanti Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter with five different sized trees.

There's also the adorable Avanti Gingerbread Family Set with four pieces and Avanti Gingerbread House Set with 10 pieces for you to build a stunning masterpiece to wow friends and family. Create a variety of Christmas-themed treats with the Wilton Star, Stocking, Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Set and present them as gifts to loved ones!

If you're after individual Christmas cookie cutters, we have snowflakes, snowmen, gingerbread men, Christmas trees and more by quality brands like Mondo and D.Line.

Novelty cookie cutters which will leave a statement

Surprise and delight with our huge range of novelty cookie cutters. From fun and humorous to celebrating Australia Day with our Australian-themed cookie cutters - these unique designs will help you to express your creativity and deliver a custom-made treat that looks almost too good to eat!

Funny cookie cutters you must have

Our funny fondant cutters are sure to light up any room with laughter. Kids will love the dinosaur baby cookie cutters from D.Line, including T.Rex and Brontosaurus. Surprise a dog owner with a batch of dog bone-shaped cookies or cut out some flamingo and llama- shaped cookies and bring them to life with funny faces for decoration.

3D cookie cutters to choose from

Our cookie stamps and embossers are a super fast way to add some fun to your cookies. Simply push the stamp into some fondant and stick it onto each cookie to decorate it with meaningful messages and images using a 3D effect.

The Wilton Christmas Cookie Stamp is a great embosser set that features a bauble, snowflake and 'Homemade' stamp with a wooden handle for easy stamping. There's also the Mondo Snowflake Plunger for adding Christmas decor to cakes, cupcakes and more.

Themes and shapes to help you celebrate the upcoming holidays

You can find a cookie cutter to celebrate any special occasion or event at Kitchen Warehouse. We have:

  • Australian-themed cookie cutters

  • Christmas-themed cookie cutters

  • Dinosaur cookie cutters

  • Alphabet cookie cutters

  • Number cookie cutters

  • Shapes cookie cutters

  • Animal-shaped cookie cutters

Materials to choose from - silicone to stainless steel and more

Cookie cutters are most commonly made from either metal or plastic and each have their own unique advantages.

  1. Metal - Stainless steel cookie cutters are the most popular type of metal cutter. They are ideal for experts and professional bakers as the edges are sharper to cut cleanly through dough or fondant and deliver a beautifully defined shape. They are also durable and sturdy. Other metal cookie cutters you can find include tin, aluminium and copper.

  2. Silicone or plastic - Silicone and plastic cookie cutters are more flexible. They are a great option for kids as they have softer edges which makes using them a lot safer for little hands. They're also generally more affordable and are easy to hand wash and store.

Best ways to use your cookie cutter

Using cookie cutters to create shapes for decorating is easy and fuss-free! If you need a hand, we've put together some helpful tips on how to use them effectively:

  • Work with chilled dough that has been cut into portions.

  • Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to prevent it from sticking. Avoid warm countertops as this will make cutting a clean shape very difficult!

  • Make sure the cookie dough or fondant is rolled to an even thickness.

  • Dust the cookie cutters with flour and press them into the dough.

  • Use a spatula to transfer the cookies to a baking tray and bake according to recipe.

Cleaning and storing your cookie cutters

It's recommended that you wash most cookie cutters by hand, removing any stuck debris with a sponge. If you have metal cutters, make sure you dry them immediately to prevent rust and corrosion.

Brands we know and trust

We have the most reliable brands in cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies at the most affordable prices, including Mondo, Chef Inox, Loyal, Appetito, D.Line, Daily Bake and Betta.

Buying your cookie cutters online with Kitchen Warehouse

Finding your new cookie cutter is a breeze when you shop online at Kitchen Warehouse. We have plenty of new products being added regularly as well as an impressive range of bakeware and cake decorating supplies to choose from, including cake tins and cake pans, baking moulds, cake toppers, sprinkles and other edible confectionery bling for making magical creations.

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What are the different types of cookie cutters available?

Cookie cutters are an invaluable baking accessory that's used to cut out dough and fondant for decorating cookies, cakes and more. They come in different types, including metal and plastic. Stainless steel, tin, aluminium and copper cutters are sturdy and excellent for cutting shapes with sharp and defined lines. Plastic and silicone cookie cutters are more flexible with duller edges that make them ideal for baking with kids.

What shapes are cookie cutters available in?

You can find an exciting range of cookie cutters at Kitchen Warehouse in different themes, shapes and sizes. Discover Australian native animals, Christmas decorations and symbols, dinosaurs, robots, letter cutters for spelling out words and people's names, numbers for celebrating birthdays, animals and shapes including heart cookie cutters and hexagons. Add a touch of magic to cakes, cookies and desserts with mermaid tails, unicorns, stars and more!