Wine glasses

Wine glasses

Do your favourite drop justice and serve it in the right wine glass. We’ve curated an impressive range of wine glasses to make each variety shine.

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Finding the right wine glasses for your needs

As any self-confessed wine connoisseur will know, your choice of wine glass has a direct impact on the flavour, aroma and temperature of your chosen wine and the overall enjoyment in consuming it. The right wine glass will be perfectly designed to allow you to experience your wine to its fullest potential so it's essential that you pick the right one. You'll need to consider:

  1. Type. Will you be drinking red wine or white wine? Is it full-bodied, medium-bodied or light-bodied?

  2. Material. Wine glasses can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, crystal, tempered glass and crystalline.

  3. Quality. Factors such as the weight of the wine glass and the thinness of the lip can male a big difference in your wine tasting experience.

Various designs and appearances of wine glasses

Kitchen Warehouse has a dazzling range of high-quality wine glasses to enhance your red and white wines and get the most out of them. Wine and dine with friends and family using the Krosno Avant Garde Set of 6 crystal glasses for dry white wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

Go slim and elegant with the Ecology Twill 6pc Prosecco Set that is dishwasher-safe and has a long bowl and narrow rim to help guide the delicate aromas of a white wine to your nose. If you prefer a stemless design, the Plumm Stemless WHITEb+ Wine Glass Set of 4 is sturdy and refined.

For red wine lovers, there are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, including Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir 770ml Set of 2, Salisbury & Co Sublime Red Wine Glass 580ml Set of 6 and more.

You can also find a wonderful selection of champagne glasses, champagne flutes and coupes to enjoy a glass of bubbly in style! Or why not ensure your cold champagne, beer or cocktail doesn't get too warm with a double wall glass from Salisbury & Co's Duo collection?

Wine glass sets for entertaining

A wine glass set is the perfect solution for those who love to entertain. The Krosno Harmony Red Wine Glass Set of 6 is ideal for parties with a wide bowl that's made for swirling red wines like Merlot. You can also find them in a stemless version. The Krosno Duet is made for 2 people, as is the Riedel range of wine glasses with options for drinking Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Chardonnay and more.

Add some elegance with the decorative Salt & Pepper Winston Wine Glass Set of 4 or safeguard your glasses with the Salisbury & Co Unbreakable White Wine Glass Set of 4 that's great for outdoor dining.

Features to consider when buying wine glassware

Consider how these features can enhance your enjoyment of drinking wine:

  • Tempered glassware - Tempered glass is tougher than regular glass and, if broken, breaks into small fragments rather than dangerous splinters which makes it safer.

  • Stem or stemless - Stemless wine glasses are more stable and durable, while a stem glass will prevent the heat from your hand from warming the wine up while holding it.

  • Lip thickness - A thin rim that's less than 1mm is ideal as it helps the glass go unnoticed so that the taster can focus on flavour and aroma instead.

  • Ounce capacity - Wine glasses come in a variety of sizes for holding different amounts of wine. For red wines, there should still be enough room to swirl the drink.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Most wine glasses are dishwasher-safe but hand washing is recommended to minimise the risk of chips and cracks.

Storage and organisation of your wine glasses

To store long stem glasses, a wine glass holder can be useful as it keeps the glasses separate from each other while preventing dust from settling in the bowl. Both stem and stemless wine glasses can also be displayed on shelves in cabinets or cupboards. Some stemless glasses can be stacked to save storage space.

Other accessories to consider when purchasing wine glasses

These handy barware gadgets and other must-have glassware will have your next dinner party or social event covered:

Brands we know and trust

Find the most respected and trusted brands in barware at Kitchen Warehouse with prices lower than RRP, including Royal Doulton, Luigi Bormioli, Stolzle, Plumm, Bormioli Rocco and Riedel.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is the correct glass for wine?
The correct wine glass for wine depends on what type of wine you choose to drink. A Bordeaux glass is for full-bodied red wines and a Burgundy glass is for light-bodied red wines. To serve a full-bodied white wine, use a white wine glass with a wide opening to enhance aromatics and a white wine glass with a narrow opening for lighter wines.

There are also stem glasses and stemless glasses. White wine needs to be served below room temperature so a long stem will prevent body heat from warming the drink too quickly. Stem glasses also add a touch of elegance to any party. Stemless wine glasses are great for red wines as body heat has less impact on the flavour and aroma of a red wine.

What is the difference between wine glasses?
In general, there are two different kinds of wine glasses; red wine glasses and white wine glasses. As red wine is more full-bodied, red wine glasses have a larger bowl with more curve to allow for swirling and opening up the aromas of the wine. They are designed in a similar way to decanters. A white wine glass has a smaller bowl with a narrower rim as white wine is more delicate and does not require as much aeration to awaken its aroma and flavour.

These types of glasses can be broken down further. Bordeaux glasses are suited to robust red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon while Burgundy glasses are for softer red wines like Pinot Noir. There are also white wine glasses for light-bodied wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Dry Rieslings plus ones for full-bodied white wines like Chardonnay with wider openings.