Stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses

Shop our range of stemless wine glasses to add to your glassware collection. They’re also the perfect gift for someone special and are available in a range of sizes and styles.



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Elevate your wine glass collection with stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses have fast become a popular addition to home barware collections. Not only do they offer a more modern and stylish take on traditional wine glasses, they’re also extremely practical and great for storing in limited space.

Explore the full range of stemless wine glasses online now at Kitchen Warehouse.

Tumbler vs traditional wine glass - which one should you choose

Opt for the style that will meet your typical entertaining style and needs. Having a combination of both is also a great idea for full range and flexibility.


  • Innovative in design, style and form, tumblers are a great modern alternative to have in the home bar

  • Ideal for dishwasher stacking due to their compact shape

  • Great for storage as they can be stacked securely

  • Solid, sturdy and reliable, less likely to break

  • Highly versatile as they can be used for all types of drinks such as soft drinks, juice or water

  • Can be used for both formal and informal entertaining

Stemmed wine glasses

  • Used for traditional table settings and formal occasions

  • Holding the glass from the stem preserves the preferred wine temperature and free of unsightly fingerprints

  • Allows the colour of the wine to show through clearly

  • Easy to swirl the wine and let it ‘breathe’, providing full bodied flavour

  • Available in a variety of designs to suit all themes and kitchen décor

Must have glassware and decanters for your next dinner party

We carry a range of stemless white wine glass sets, white wine glass sets, chardonnay glasses, glassware, decanters, and carafes to suit all entertaining needs, for both formal and informal occasions.

Choose from a range of styles and designs to complement all barware and kitchen décor.

Add a set of stemless wine glasses to your bar cart

Complete your wine glass collection with a modern set of stemless wine glasses. Not only do they make a stylish addition to your home bar, but they’re also a highly versatile option for serving all types of drinks, no matter the request.

Range of stemless red wine glass sets available

Impress your guests and serve quality red wine with modern style and flair. Easy to handle and carry while mingling, enjoy in a relaxed and casual setting.

From Pinot Noir to Riesling, there’s a stemless glass for every wine

Whether it’s for a velvety glass of merlot, a bold shiraz or a fruity cabernet sauvignon, there’s a stemless glass to suit all wine varieties and settings.

Best quality material for stemless wine glasses

Opt for wine tumblers made of quality glass that can withstand frequent use, washing and the occasional bump and knock. High quality glasses, when well maintained, will serve you for years to come and come in handy for all types of entertaining occasions.

How to look after and clean stemless glasses

  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water and allow to air dry thoroughly

  • Avoid drying with tea towels to prevent smudges, blemishes and fingerprints

  • Always check if glasses are dishwasher safe before cleaning in dishwasher

  • Make sure glasses are fully dry before storage

Crystal stemless wine glasses are the perfect gift for that special someone

Crystal glasses make an elegant and stylish gift for all types of occasions. Available in a range of styles and price points to suit all preferences, find the perfect gift at Kitchen Warehouse to celebrate a special time in one’s life.

Enhance the taste of wine with some of our crystal stemless wine glassware

Allow wine to be enjoyed to its full potential with crystal stemless glassware. The ultra-fine, bright, and elegant glass has light refracting properties, allowing the glass to sparkle and the true colour of the wine to shine through.

Viewing the beautiful colour while drinking works in harmony with the taste buds, creating a delightfully vivid and flavourful experience.

Brands we know and trust

We carry a range of champagne flutes, champagne glasses, openers, white wine glasses and jugs in Australia and around the world from brands such as Royal Doulton, Spiegelau, Krosno, Ecology, Riedel, Luigi Bormioli, Viognier and Plumm. Explore the wide range we have available at Kitchen Warehouse.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

We have the biggest range of drinkware, kitchenware, cookware, tableware and bakeware available. Browse our best-selling products with prices below RRP and add your product details to your wishlist, or checkout and enjoy free delivery on orders over $100 to any Australian postcode. You can also surprise a friend or loved one with a gift card for a special occasion.


What are stemless glasses used for?
Stemless glasses are used for all types of beverages such as red wine, white wine, cocktails, soft drinks, juice and water.

What are different types of stemless wine glasses available?
The different types of stemless wine glasses include those with a thick base, thin base, large bowl and narrow bowl. They are suitable for all types of wine and beverages.