Cocktail shakers

A cocktail shaker can help you create wonderfully mixed drinks that are flavourful, chilled and correctly diluted. Enhance your bar with stainless steel and glass Boston shakers plus cocktail sets, including the Stanley Rogers 10 piece set.

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Cocktail shakers - a must have for your home bar

Mixed drinks are both fun to make and delicious to drink. Whether you're just starting out in the fascinating world of mixology or are a seasoned pro, a good cocktail shaker is key to creating beautifully flavoured iced beverages that everyone will love.

The purpose of a cocktail shaker is to mix and chill cocktails that contain ingredients such as alcohol, syrup, juices and dairy products that otherwise do not mix well together. Shaking the device aerates the drink and blends the ingredients with ice to cool it down and ensure a balanced, smooth texture and flavour with perfect dilution.

Choosing the right shaker for you

Before adding a cocktail shaker to your barware collection, consider these factors to help choose the right one for your needs:

  • Material - Cocktail shakers can be made from stainless steel, glass, copper, acrylic and more.

  • Type - A Cobbler Shaker is ideal for beginners as it is very easy to use while a Boston Shaker is preferred by professionals for mixing multiple drinks at a time.

  • Weight - A weighted shaker has a tighter seal and is easier to shake but can get heavy if mixing many drinks.

  • Capacity - Do you plan on making one drink at a time or several for a group of people?

  • Design - There are sleek and stylish cocktail shakers, decorative shakers, coloured ones and more.

Stainless steel cocktail shakers

A stainless steel cocktail shaker is excellent for beginners as they are durable, easy to use, chill drinks quickly and often come with a built-in strainer. Stainless steel also looks modern and stylish in a contemporary home bar.

Check out our stainless steel cocktail shakers, such as the Chef Inox Cobbler Cocktail Shaker 3pc with strainer, lid and shaker or try the Bartender Barware Stainless Steel Double Wall Cocktail Shaker for keeping hands free from icy condensation while shaking.

Different colours and designs available

Kitchen Warehouse has a fantastic range of cocktail shakers to suit every need and preference. Add a touch of 1920s elegance to your home bar with the Avanti Art Deco Cocktail Shaker or elevate modern decor with the Salisbury & Co Hemingway Hammered Cocktail Shaker. We also have classic matte black shakers with the Stanley Rogers cocktail shaker set as well as stunning brass and gold shakers that exude timeless luxury and style.

Cocktail shaker sets available

A cocktail kit will look amazing in your home bar cart or presented in a gift box to someone special. The Stanley Rogers 10 Piece Set is a stunner with everything you need to get started, including stainless steel shaker, mixing glass, jigger, stirrer, Hawthorne cocktail strainer and stainless steel straws for drinking.

There's also the brass BarCraft 6 Piece Set with additional accessories including muddler, bar spoon, double jigger and recipe booklet.

Different cocktails you can make

From trending new cocktails to old favourites, a cocktail shaker encourages you to diversify your drinks and get creative. Here's just some of the cocktails you can make:

  • Margarita

  • Daiquiri

  • Mojito

  • Martini

  • Gin & Tonic

  • Negroni

  • Manhattan

  • Sidecar

How to care for and clean your cocktail shaker

Some cocktail shakers are dishwasher-safe while others are hand wash only. Washing your cocktail shakers, barware and other glassware by hand is a great way to minimise damage and maintain their quality.

What other barware accessories you can add to your new cocktail shaker

Make sure you have everything you need for your next cocktail party with these handy gadgets and accessories:

Brands we know and trust

Discover the best brands in cocktail mixers and barware accessories at the best prices in Australia, including BarCraft, Bartender, Avanti, Chef Inox, Stanley Rogers, Winex and Salisbury & Co.

Buying your cocktail shaker online at Kitchen Warehouse

Perfecting your mixology skills has never been easier when you shop online at Kitchen Warehouse. We have the latest barware, dinnerware, cookware, bakeware, appliances and more to complete your kitchen and home bar cart. Save your favourites in a wishlist for later, surprise someone on a special occasion with a gift card or checkout now with free delivery over $100 and flexible payment options including credit card and Afterpay.


What are the two parts of a cocktail shaker?
A Boston Cocktail Shaker and French Shaker both have two parts. The classic Boston Shaker has a large shaker tin and a smaller glass shaker tin that fits inside for shaking, while the French shaker has a lid and shaker tin that fits together more closely. You can pick up a Boston Cocktail Shaker by quality brands like Avanti and Bartender. A Cobbler Cocktail Shaker has three parts; a shaker tin, a cap and a built-in cocktail strainer for removing ice shards.

What are the benefits of using a cocktail shaker?
No barware collection is complete without a cocktail shaker! This handy device will help you to replicate your favourite cocktails and mocktails at home and experiment with your own delicious cocktail recipes. A cocktail shaker can:

  • Integrate all ingredients for a better blend of flavours

  • Chill the cocktail quickly

  • Promote proper dilution for a smoother texture

  • Prevent watered-down drinks

What do you use cocktail shakers for?
A cocktail shaker is an essential bar tool if you plan on making alcoholic mixed drinks. When the drink is shaken inside the cocktail shaker with ice, the ingredients are mixed, aerated, diluted and chilled so that they are ready to drink. If the cocktail contains milk or egg whites, shaking the tumbler will form a nice foam on top of the drink. The tumbler itself can also be used as a glass for making stirred drinks.

Where can you buy a cocktail shaker online?
Kitchen Warehouse has the best cocktail shaker brands for creating superior mixed drinks no matter what your skill level. From Boston cocktail shakers to all-in-one cocktail shaker sets with jigger, stirrer, strainer and more - find exactly what you need to improve your cocktail game with free delivery over $100 to any postcode Australia-wide.