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Whether you prefer whiskey on the rocks or a refreshing mint vodka mix, our collection of crystal cocktail glasses can take the entire drinking experience to the next level. Get sets from Riedel, Symphony Brim and more.

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Finding the right cocktail glasses for your needs

For those who love to entertain, choosing the right cocktail glassware is just as important as concocting the perfect drink. Not only are they functional, cocktail glasses are exquisitely crafted to elevate the look of the beverage and the mood of the entire social event. Cocktail glasses come in a huge range of styles and sizes to accommodate whatever alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you enjoy. When adding to your barware collection, here are a few points to think about:

  1. Type: What type of drinks do you serve the most?

  2. Cost: Drinking glasses can be expensive. If you are just starting out in mixology, start with a multifunctional glass and expand over time.

  3. Space: How much shelving do you have in your home bar?

  4. Usage: From stemless wine glasses to delicate coupe glasses, make sure that your glassware is easy to hold, clean and store when not in use.

What’s your drink of choice?

The type of cocktail glassware you purchase will primarily depend on what type of drink you intend to serve. The right cocktail glass does far more than simply hold your beverage. It can also enhance aroma and help maintain the correct temperature required to make each drink more enjoyable. At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a stunning selection of cocktail glasses to choose from. Browse our cognac glass sets, beer glasses, highball tumbler glass sets, gin glasses, elegant margarita glasses and so much more from the best brands in barware.

An endless array of options

Choosing the right glass is an important part of mixology and one that will greatly enhance the drinking experience. Here are some of the most common types of cocktail glasses you'll find:

  • Highball glasses: Highball glasses are reserved for serving tall cocktails and other mixed drinks that are poured over ice.

  • Coupe glasses: A cocktail coupe glass has a long stem and a broad, shallow bowl. Mostly used for ‘serving up' a cocktail.

  • Hurricane glasses: This is a specialty glass shaped like a lamp that originated in New Orleans in the 1940s.

  • Nick & Nora glasses: These cocktail glasses are bell-shaped, resembling a combination between a coupe glass and a small wine glass.

  • Martini glasses: This is another specialty glass that has a large, wide rim and a conical bowl with a long stem for serving martinis.

  • Margarita glasses: Margarita glasses have a wide mouth with a smaller, secondary bowl in the centre to hold extra volume.

  • Gin glasses:The classic gin and soda or tonic can be served in a highball glass, but can also be served in a specially designed balloon glass to hold garnishes and lots of ice to keep the drink cold on those hot summer days. Its large size also allows for swirling to awaken the aromas of the gin.

  • Wine glasses: White wine glasses have a smaller mouth area to slow down oxidation, while a red wine glass is wider for swirling.

  • Whiskey glasses: A whisky glass is another name for a lowball or rocks glass. A larger glass in this shape is called a double old fashioned glass, holding 350 to 470ml.

  • Rocks glasses: Similar again are rocks glasses, which are any short tumbler with a solid base for serving spirits.

  • Liqueur glasses: These are small glasses made for drinking sweet, intensely flavoured liqueurs.

  • Champagne glasses: A tall, thin flute glass with a small mouth area. The slender design of a champagne glass supports aeration and enhances the flavour experience of the bubbly beverage.

  • Shot glasses: Shot glasses are small and made to hold a single measure of alcohol from 25ml to 50ml. Drinks are often consumed in one mouthful.

Features to consider when buying cocktail glasses

There are plenty of factors that go into choosing the perfect cocktail glass for your next event. Consider these important features to ensure you are picking glassware that suits your purpose:

  • Tempered glassware: Tempered glass is resistant to changes in temperature, so if it does break it will separate into blunt pieces rather than tiny splinters, making it a safer choice.

  • Stems: The length of a glass stem is important as it prevents the drink from warming up too fast due to body heat when being held.

  • Lip thickness: A smaller rim can help to balance sweetness and acidity, while a narrow rim can enhance the aroma of a drink.

  • Ounce capacity: The capacity of a cocktail glass will determine the amount of liquor it can comfortably hold without spilling over the rim.

  • Seasonality: Some cocktails like a gin and tonic are better served during the summer, while a rich cognac cocktail is excellent in the colder months. Consider if you’d prefer to stock your cocktail glassware collection with different seasonal options or more multifunctional glasses.

Maintenance, cleaning and care of your new glassware

Glassware such as wine and martini glasses are especially delicate and prone to breaking due to their long stems. These glasses are safer to wash by hand to prevent any accidental snaps or chips. Stemless glasses, such as rocks glasses, are generally dishwasher safe. You can prevent unsightly fingerprints on stemmed cocktail glasses by always holding them by the stem.

Storage and organisation of your cocktail glasses

Cocktail glasses are undoubtedly stunning and will make a beautiful contribution to any home bar. Long stemmed cocktail glasses should be stored with the bowl facing up to reduce breakage. Lowballs can be stored upside down and stacked on top of each other to save space. A bar cart is not only a functional solution to display and transport your cocktail glassware, it can be adorned with spirits, wine bottles and other homewares to act as a show stopping centrepiece in your dining area.

Other accessories to consider when purchasing cocktail glassware

These barware accessories and other must-have entertaining essentials will take your next cocktail party to another level:

Brands we know and trust

Discover the most respected brands in quality barware at unbeatable prices, including favourites like Luigi Bormioli, Riedel, Bormioli Rocco, Krosno, Salisbury & Co, Salt & Pepper and Spiegelau.

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Why are cocktail glasses different shapes?

In the world of mixology, certain glassware is best suited to certain drinks. The type of cocktail glass you use has a direct impact on the aroma, temperature, colour and flavour of an alcoholic beverage. The length of the stem can prevent a drink from warming up too quickly while the width of the bowl determines how quickly it is consumed, how aromatic it is and how much garnish and ice can be used. The shape of cocktail glasses are also used for visual effect and greatly enhance the enjoyment of drinking cocktails.

What is the difference between a wine glass and a cocktail glass?

The most obvious difference is that a wine glass is made specifically to serve wine while a cocktail glass is used to serve a wide variety of cocktails and mixed drinks, from margaritas to gin and tonics. White wine glasses are tall and narrow to minimise oxidation and a red wine glass has a wider bowl for swirling and enhancing aroma. Cocktail glasses come in many different shapes for different drinks, including highball glasses for tall cocktails, lowball glasses for spirits, martini glasses, margarita glasses, coupe glasses and much more.

Why should I buy a specialty cocktail glass?

Cocktail glassware such as highball or lowball glasses are versatile options to purchase when you’re not sure what cocktail to serve, or if you only want to invest in a set of multifunctional glasses. However, if you fancy a particular beverage, or if you’re searching for a gift to compliment a friend’s signature tipple, a speciality cocktail glass is the way to go. Gin glasses with a balloon shape are European inspired glasses that hold plenty of garnish and ice, so you can sip on gin and tonics all throughout summer. Meanwhile, for a darker, richer alcohol, consider a rocks glass or liqueur glass to make the most of a quality spirit.