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Entertain friends and family with a fondue set that keeps cheese, oil and chocolate melted for dipping. Shop high quality electric, tealight and fondue burner pots and add a bit of theatre to your next dinner party. 

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Types of fondue sets available

Since the 1970s, fondue sets have been a long-standing favourite when entertaining with friends and family. Traditional fondue is a Swiss dish that combines different cheeses in a communal pot that is warmed underneath so that the cheeses melt. Diners then use long forks to dip chunks of bread into the melted cheese and eat them.

Perfect for small groups and fun to use, fondue has evolved to include more than just cheese. You can also enjoy chocolate fondue with fruit plus oil or broth fondue with a variety of meats. There are 4 main types of fondue sets:

  • Cheese Fondue Set. Cheese fondue sets use gel fuel burners or adjustable alcohol to maintain a consistent temperature that keeps cheese melted with a pot that is commonly made of ceramic or earthenware.

  • Chocolate Fondue Set. A chocolate or dessert fondue set is smaller than other fondue sets and uses a tea light to keep chocolate melted.

  • Oil/Broth Fondue Set. An oil or broth fondue set is often made of cast iron, stainless steel or copper as it needs to withstand extremely high temperatures that can cook raw meat.

  • Electric Fondue Set. An electric fondue set is modern and versatile enough to use with any type of fondue. All you need to do is plug it in, set the temperature and start dipping!

What is included in a fondue set

Most fondue sets will include:

  • Fondue pot

  • Fondue burner and fuel for cheese and meat fondues

  • Tea light candle for chocolate fondues

  • Dipping forks

  • Lazy Susan to give everyone easy access

The basics you need to know before using your new fondue set

Fondue is an excellent cooking method that requires very little preparation and delivers a whole lot of fun with friends and family. Before you dive in, we've gathered together some helpful tips to help you get the most out of the experience:

  • Raw meat or seafood is suitable for an oil or broth fondue set but will need to be already cooked if dipping into cheese fondue.

  • Cook the fondue on the stovetop first, then transfer to the fondue pot and move it to the table where it can be kept warm on a heat source.

  • Coloured tips on dipping forks help each guest identify which one is being used by them.

  • Cut food into bite-sized pieces.

  • Add cream to a chocolate fondue to create a silky smooth texture when melted.

From chocolate fondue sets to meat fondue forks - sizes, styles and colours available online

You can find the perfect fondue set to suit your dining needs at Kitchen Warehouse. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Swissmar Glow 7 Piece Chocolate Fondue Set with ceramic bowl and base, forks and tea light candle. We have the stunning Swissmar Sierra 11 Piece Set in Cherry Red for up to 6 diners. This cast iron fondue set is made out of enameled cast iron, making it durable enough to cook meat without cracking while also being great for chocolate and cheese fondues.

Impress your guests with an elegant copper fondue set for cheese and wine or use the Davis & Waddell 10 Piece Electric Fondue Set to quickly and easily heat cheese, sauces, oil and more for dipping and sharing.

Cheese fondue sets

A cheese fondue set can be made out of ceramic, earthenware, cast iron and more with a flat base and a wide opening for dipping. While Swiss and Gruyere are a classic cheese combination, any non-processed cheese will work well. Add white wine to the cheese to ensure it cooks evenly and doesn't curdle.

The Swissmar Biel Fondue Set makes a gorgeous centerpiece for any table and can melt cheese to perfection and can also be used to cook other one pot meals.

Electric vs tea light sets - heat source explained

Electric and tea light are two popular types of fondue sets.

  1. Electric. This fondue set uses electricity to heat up, is typically made from metal with a non-stick surface, and has a temperature control knob for easy adjustments.

  2. Tea light. A tea light fondue set is specifically made for chocolate fondue. Commonly made from ceramic, they contain a melting pot, a stand with a candle holder, tea light candle and forks.

The perfect gift for a special occasion

A fondue set makes a beautiful gift for any occasion, from birthdays and weddings to housewarming parties. Give the Swissmar Kindle Ceramic Fondue Set to your chocolate-loving friend - it's the perfect excuse to come over and help them try it out!

What you can make with your new fondue set

From chocolate to cheese and fresh seafood, the options are endless with fondue. Try out these scrumptious fondue ideas:

  • Chocolate fountain

  • Beer cheese fondue

  • Bagna Cauda, a garlic hot oil dipping sauce

  • Classic cheese fondue with cherry brandy

  • Surf and turf cheese fondue

  • Meat fondue with dipping sauces

  • Chocolate-dipped fruit, marshmallows, cake and bread

Cleaning and caring for your fondue set

Most ceramic, enameled cast iron and stainless steel fondue pots and forks will be dishwasher-safe while the stand can be wiped down with a cloth. Check your individual product for specific instructions.

Accessories you may need with your new fondue set

Check out these accessories to use with your fondue set, plus cookware and kitchen gadgets to add to your kitchen collection:

Brands we know and trust - Swissmar and more

We've got iconic fondue brands like Swissmar and Davis & Waddell to get your party started, plus the most trusted brands in kitchenware, dinnerware, tableware and beyond at prices lower than RRP. Check out Cuisinart, Salisbury & Co, Kitchen Pro, Le Creuset, Chasseur, Scanpan, Stanley Rogers and much more.

Buying a fondue set online at Kitchen Warehouse

Whether you need a cast iron fondue pot for cooking meat or a chocolate melting pot for fruits and more, find everything you need online at Kitchen Warehouse with free delivery Australia-wide over $100. If you prefer to pick up your new fondue set, simply purchase online using Click & Collect and select your nearest store to collect when emailed.


How do you typically use a fondue set? A fondue set is a fun cookware item that allows you to heat cheese, oil or chocolate over a low heat and keep it melted while 2-6 diners dip bite-sized pieces of food into the pot using long, colour coded forks.

To use a fondue set to make a classic cheese fondue, start by melting the cheese with some wine on the stovetop first, before pouring into the fondue pot. Plug an electric fondue pot in and set your desired temperature or light a fondue burner with fuel and transfer the pot to the table where it can keep the cheese melted while you dip.

What fuel do you use for a fondue set? You can use a number of different fuels to light a fondue burner, including butane, alcohol fuel and gel fondue fuel. Our Swissmar Swiss Fire Gels are great for cheese and chocolate fondues, easy to use, longer lasting than regular alcohol fuel and can also be used for lighting charcoal-fuelled BBQs.