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Steamers and inserts

Steamers and inserts

Need a steamer basket? Grab a large stainless steel pot insert to steam healthy vegetable portions or go for a stackable bamboo steamer for quick dumplings at home. You can also pick up a folding steamer for compact storage.

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Do you need a steamer basket?

If you’re someone who strives for healthy, well balanced meals then adding a steamer basket to your collection of kitchen gadgets could be an unexpected game-changer. With impressive versatility, a steamer basket steams everything from salmon, lobsters, pork chops, chicken thighs, kale, spinach, root veggies, dumplings and more.

Effective steaming (especially meat and fish) is best when it’s well covered, and a steamer basket that comes with a tight fitting lid will trap steam for tastier results - a much better option than reaching for a strainer or a colander and a plate to do the same job!

If it’s your first time using one here’s how a vegetable steamer basket works:

  • Bring a saucepan of water to boil on your stovetop.

  • Put your food inside the steamer basket and close the lid.

  • Place it so the steamer basket rests over the pan of water.

  • As the steam from the water rises, it gets trapped inside the basket, cooking the contents while preserving nutrients.

If nutritious cooking is your goal we highly recommend using a steamer basket to help you create a host of family-friendly meals and side dishes as it’s one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to start eating healthy.

Various types and materials to choose from

So, now you know you want a steamer basket or steamer insert, how do you choose from all the different types and materials available? Let’s take a closer look.

Stainless steel steamers

A stainless steel steamer basket or steamer insert will typically be universal, meaning it’s designed to fit most saucepans. Often, it comes with a tempered glass lid to trap the steam and will feature holes on the base as well as ergonomic side handles. The sleek stainless steel will easily blend in with the rest of your cookware and is a highly durable, dishwasher safe material. Sometimes you will get stainless steel steamers in a collapsible basket-style design, which are ideal for kitchens with limited space.

Foldable steamer baskets

A folding steamer basket will be made of either stainless steel or silicone and is designed to be expandable so it comfortably fits in any pot or pan. Often, it will feature an extendable handle in the centre which makes it easy to remove and transport, yet they don’t typically come with a lid. A flexible silicone steamer is considered safer to use with non-stick cookware since it won’t scratch or tarnish the surface.

Bamboo steamer baskets

A bamboo steamer basket is considered a staple in Asian cooking and is commonly used to steam dumplings, wantons and bao buns but can also be used for meat and vegetables. The bamboo steamer typically comes in a stackable design so you can use the basket trays to separate and steam different types of food. Use parchment liners to stop food from sticking and to make cleaning easy.

Pudding basins

Designed to resemble a deep bowl and typically made of earthenware, pudding basins help to maintain the shape of your pudding and act as a mould. To steam a pudding in a basin, grease the interior with butter, add your mixture, then cover with a layer of parchment paper and tin foil. Keep it tight by tying string around the foil and insert into a pan of boiling water. Make sure you’ve factored in how to get it out of the pan (especially if your basin doesn’t come with a sealed lid).

The benefits of steamed food

Here’s a run down of the main benefits of steamed food:

  • More nutritious. Steaming food stops nourishing vitamins from escaping so it maintains its nutritional value by up to 90% compared to frying or boiling.

  • Easier to digest. Steaming food softens the fibre, so it’s easier for your stomach to break down and process.

  • Time efficient. Steaming food can take as little as 5 minutes for vegetables and 10 minutes for meat.

Brands we know and trust

Complement your saucepans or wok with these steamer best sellers from brands like Joseph Joseph, Avanti and Chef Inox. With these tools in your kitchen, you can cook vegetables, fish and meat without the added oil for quick, cost-effective healthy meals.


How does a steamer basket work? It works by trapping steam to cook food in a more gentle way, leaving the nutrients intact. Place the steamer basket over a saucepan of boiling water and as the steam rises, the contents of the basket, be it veggies, fish, meat or dumplings will start to cook.

What are some other items I can cook with a steamer basket? Aside from veggies, meat and fish you can also steam bao buns, dumplings, wontons, sponge puddings and rice. If cooking meat or poultry, use a thermometer to test the temperature before serving.

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