Enamelled cast iron

Enamelled cast iron

Enamelled cast iron cookware is cast iron with an enamel glaze applied to the surface which prevents rusting and eliminates the need to season the cast iron. It also allows for easier cleaning as it creates a non-porous, smooth surface which also enables easier cleaning. As an added bonus, the exterior of enamelled cast iron cookware comes in a variety of rainbow colours to suit any kitchen.


Wolstead Endure is our very own range of enamelled cast iron cookware, consisting of oven to table statement pieces perfect for cooking one pot dishes. Available in two colours, a traditional red and a tonal grey, the range is durable, sturdy and versatile. This is enduring cookware that won't break the bank.

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Finding the right enamel cookware for your needs

While a cast iron pot is a classic for many home cooks and professional chefs, the versatility and no-fuss nature of enamel cookware is making it an increasingly popular choice in the kitchen. An enamel pot can do everything a cast iron pot can but is easier to care for and clean. From braising and searing to roasting, boiling and simmering, enamelware is a one-pot wonder that doesn't need seasoning and can be placed in the dishwasher.

Shop our gorgeous range of enamel cookware by leading brands like Le Creuset, Chasseur, Classica and Victoria for a new favourite that suits your budget, cooking skill and style.

Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware explained

Cast iron enamelware is cast iron cookware that has had a porcelain enamel coating applied to it during the manufacturing process. This coating protects it and prevents it from rust as well as makes it easy to clean and able to withstand high temperatures. While raw cast iron is black, the cadmium pigments used in enamel cast iron can produce rich, vibrant colours. It also does not require seasoning and works with any heat source apart from campfires, including induction cooktops and the oven.

Regular vs. enamelled cast iron - what's the difference?

Regular or raw cast iron cookware retains its natural look and requires seasoning after each use to build up a non-stick surface. It's incredibly durable, even in fire, and is a favourite for many cooks who love traditional cookware. Cast iron is reactive to acidic foods and is susceptible to rust if not cared for properly.

Enamelled cast iron has had a porcelain glaze applied to it which makes it easier to maintain. It's dishwasher-safe, non-reactive to acidic foods, non-stick and does not need to be seasoned making it perfect for those who love the benefits of cast iron without the work required to keep it in pristine condition.

The benefits of enamelled cookware

An enamel pot is ideal for cooking a wide range of foods to perfection, from slow-cooked meats to tasty soups, risottos and roasted veggies. Enamelled cookware is:

  • Non-stick cookware

  • Non-reactive to acidic foods

  • Non-leaching for those who don't want extra iron

  • Durable

  • Rust-proof

  • Easy to clean

  • Able to retain and distribute heat evenly

  • Able to be used on stovetops, ovens, induction and under grills

Types of enamelled cookware available

When it comes to cast iron pans and cooking pots, the range is as wide and varied as the types of meals they can be used to cook! Kitchen Warehouse stock a massive range of enamelled cookware, including:

Factors to consider when buying enamel cookware

Enamel cookware is a long-term investment that can transform your cooking skills and your kitchen space. These factors can help you to choose one that is right for you:

  • Type - Do you tend to stick to frying pans and saucepans or do you prefer cooking dishes in specialised cookware, such as woks, Dutch ovens and terrine dishes?

  • Size - This will depend on how many people will be enjoying your cooking! We have small frypans for 1-2 people, large grill pans for flipping burgers, roomy roasters for Sunday roasts and Dutch ovens that will serve up soup for 4.

  • Special features - From pouring spouts, helper handles and moisture-proof lids to self-basting rings and glass lids for transparency, choose cookware that meets your unique needs in the kitchen.

  • Design and colour - Enamel cast iron is available in striking colours to fit in with any kitchen decor. Mix and match or create a unified theme with vivid shades from Le Creuset, Chasseur and Pyrolux.

Maintaining, cleaning and caring for enamel cookware

Enamel cast iron is much easier to maintain than cast iron as you don't need to season it after each use. Thanks to the enamel coating, you can just pop your enamel cookware in the dishwasher for a quick clean. As these are also non-stick pans and pots, food is much less likely to get stuck on the surface and they can be wiped out with detergent and a cloth if preferred. Some cookware, such as our Le Creuset range, is also shock-resistant to protect against chips and cracks.

Brands we know and trust

Discover high-quality enamelware by esteemed brands at prices lower than RRP. Pick yourself up a bargain from iconic names like Lodge, Chasseur, Le Creuset, Pyrolux, Classica, Stanley Rogers, LaCast and Essteele.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

From bakeware to barware and everything in between, you can find everything you need to hone your culinary skills and impress your family and friends right here at Kitchen Warehouse. We take care of your home and kitchen with the latest high-quality products by the world's most loved brands. Simply browse online for fast and easy shopping and have your order delivered to your doorstep with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide!


Is it safe to cook in enamel? Yes, it's very safe to cook with enamel cookware. The enamel coating is stable even at high temperatures and it won't break down over time or react with your food. It also provides a non-stick surface which is great as it means you can use less oil in cooking! Shop our colourful range today by favourites like Chasseur and Le Creuset.

What are the benefits of enamel cookware? Whether you are using an enamel Dutch oven, baking dish or a frying pan, enamelware can provide you with many benefits to enhance both your cooking and kitchen. It is:

  • Highly durable

  • Rust-proof

  • Non-stick and does not require seasoning

  • Able to provide even heat distribution and excellent heat retention

  • Able to withstand a high heat

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

  • Non-reactive

  • Aesthetically beautiful to elevate any kitchen decor