Lazy susans

Lazy Susans make great additions to your home. Whether you use them for pantry organisation or for convenient serving and dining, we have plenty of stylish options available in a host of different sizes.

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Finding the right lazy susans, for your needs

Lazy Susans, also known as dumbwaiters, popped up in the 18th century and have since weaved in and out of being en vogue. Today, the lazy Susan has been reimagined for different purposes with the basic principle of a lazy Susan turntable remaining the same: a revolving platform for easy access.

Different materials and designs available

From striking acacia wood for your table to BPA-free acrylic and bamboo materials for your pantry, shopping with us makes it easy to find the right design for your space. Let’s take a closer look at the three most popular lazy Susan materials available.

  1. Wood. Bamboo, mango wood and acacia wood are all stunning options, whether adding warmth to casual dinner settings or for beautifying pantry shelves.

  2. BPA-free acrylic. Incredibly versatile and easy to clean, these lazy Susans also come with added design features such as deep container bases for storing tall items or side handles for seamless carrying.

  3. Stainless steel. These are less decorative but stainless steel lazy Susans work best for storing messier items such as oils, sweet chilli sauce, jams and vinegars as they are extremely durable.

TIP: Try mixing and matching a handful of transparent acrylic turntables with the odd bamboo lazy Susan to give your pantry some extra style and organisation.

Conventional uses of a lazy Susan

Lazy Susans in their truest sense are for serving food and snacks. However, the handy turntable design lends itself to a host of other applications such as in the pantry, under the sink and so much more. Here’s a closer look at the two most conventional uses of a lazy Susan.


The swivel design means you can rotate a lazy Susan in both directions so people can help themselves at the dining table and make their selection without reaching over others or asking for assistance. Whether you’re serving up a typical midweek meal or hosting a dinner party, find the perfect rotating tray for your table.


A lazy Susan is an excellent and highly versatile kitchen organiser which can be repurposed in your pantry to provide easy access to herbs, spices, jars, tins and sauces. They also give you clear visibility so you don’t end up doubling up on condiments. On our website, these beauties are listed as pantry turntables given their smaller size.

Unconventional uses of a lazy Susan

Here are our top five unconventional uses of a lazy Susan:

  • For organising cosmetics and toiletries

  • For storing vitamins and supplements

  • For setting up tea and coffee stations

  • For storing stationary and craft supplies

  • For organising laundry and cleaning supplies

TIP: Try setting up your own tea and coffee station at home; pop a turntable next to your kettle for your sugar, coffee grounds, pods and accessories then add a tea caddy. Hang your best cups on a mug tree next to the turntable and you’re all done.

Accessories to add to your new lazy Susan

Depending on how you choose to use your new lazy Susan, here are a few ideas for accessories to add to your collection.

For the table:

  • Serving trays. Mix your acacia wood or bamboo lazy Susan with marble or classic white serving trays for an effortlessly stylish table.

  • Cake stands. Serve up slices of cake on a decorative cake stand to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

  • Salt and pepper shakers. Countertop accessories like these are a kitchen necessity but they’re even better when they look good sitting next to, or on top of, your lazy Susan.

  • Serving jugs. Carry on the self service vibe with a contemporary glass water jug.

For the pantry:

  • Spice rack. Keep herbs and spices in pretty canisters and store them on a spice rack either in the pantry or on the counter.

  • Oil and vinegar bottles. These bottles look great and, if you find the right nozzle, you can distribute oils and vinegars more evenly and economically.

  • Pantry storage. Transfer any half open packets sitting in your kitchen cabinet or pantry into food storage containers or jars to keep ingredients fresher for longer.

Buying your lazy Susan online at Kitchen Warehouse

Pick up one of our best sellers from trusted brands like Ladelle, Salisbury & Co, Interdesign and Madesmart. With fast and free delivery on orders over $100, you can stock up on an array of servingware and organisers for your home using whichever payment method you prefer at checkout. We’ve also made it easy for you to find key product details and check stock availability for a smooth shopping experience.


Which lazy Susan is best? For the table, a wooden lazy Susan is the perfect type of serving board as it’s not only functional but will stand the test of time and stay fashionable for years to come. For the pantry, either a bamboo lazy Susan or BPA-free acrylic lazy Susan is the perfect choice as they spin with the flick of the wrist and are easy to clean.

What size lazy Susan should you get? This depends on how you use it. For the table, any size around the 40cm to 50cm mark is considered standard. For the pantry, a turntable that measures between 26cm and 30cm is ideal - but be sure to check your cupboard and shelves to ensure the right fit.

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