Cake stands and plates

Cake stands and plates

Give your cakes the justice they deserve with an elegant cake stand. Whether you like dome lids or prefer stands without a lid, such as a two or three tier cake stand or even classic pedestals, we can help.



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Choosing the right size cake stand

If you enjoy making layered sponge cakes or bundt cakes, it pays to know the size of your baking tins as the size of your cake stand should be the same or around half an inch larger than the base of your cake. However, if you love making your own cupcakes and muffins then size isn’t quite as important as design - either stack them on a cake plate or present them on a tiered cake stand.

Which cake plate size is considered 'standard'?

A 30cm cake stand is considered to be the standard size but it does vary slightly from brand to brand. The most important aspect is going for the size equal to or bigger than your largest cake pan. If you’re searching for a cake stand 30cm, they will be very easy to come by and if you bake a wide variety of cakes, you’ll be happy you added this fail-safe option to your servingware collection.

Why you need a cake stand

Cake stands not only provide a stable surface to serve your delicious creations, they also enhance the overall appeal of your cake while it's sitting on display.

Five reasons you need a cake stand:

  1. Elevates your cake to make it look more prominent
  2. Provides a stable surface to cut and serve your cake
  3. Creates height or interest when building tablescapes
  4. Multiple tiered cake stands save space on your table
  5. Gives guests easy access so they can help themselves

Displaying your favourite cake on the right stand

Cake stands from top brands like Maxwell & Williams are great for serving all manner of desserts from tarts and pies to doughnuts and pastries.

  • Tiered cake stands. A tier cake stand is ideal for cupcakes, profiteroles, doughnuts and pastries.

  • Rotating cake stands. A rotating cake stand is ideal for all sorts of delights from everyday fruit platters to birthday cakes.

  • Glass cake stands. A glass cake stand is ideal for sponge cakes, event cakes, or any sort of professional cake display.

  • Wedding cake stands. A wedding cake stand is ideal for wedding receptions and lavishly tall creations.

If you bake once in a blue moon

Opt for a versatile plate stand or footed cake stand. This will ensure it gets used more often and will easily double up as a serving plate for a wide array of finger food and snacks. If you love decorating your cakes, turntable stands make it super easy.

If you’re a star baker

If you bake all the time and it’s turned into a bit of a hobby, we suggest selecting a couple of different options, adding pieces that are more fit for purpose to your wishlist. For example, a proper cupcake stand or tiered cake stand will be ideal for serving high tea while a glass dome cake stand is ideal for show-stopping cakes, pavlovas, cheesecakes and other desserts.

Benefits of a cake stand with a dome and lid

A cake stand with a dome lid (sometimes referred to as a cake stand set) is perhaps the most quintessential and idyllic cake stand option. They either come with a pedestal base or a flat base and are great for showing off your creations in a decorative and decadent way. The dome lid also provides a practical purpose, both for transporting your cake from A to B and keeping it from going stale so you can enjoy it piece by piece over the next day or so.


Which cake stand is best? The best cake stand is the one you fall in love with. While there is no formula for the perfect serving stand, choosing the right material to suit your taste and needs is a good place to start. Textures we love:

  • The porcelain cake stand. Classic, contemporary and durable.

  • The marble cake stand. Elegant and on-trend.

  • The wood cake stand. Stunning acacia grains.

  • The melamine cake stand. Unbreakable and lightweight.

  • The stainless steel cake stand. Sleek, modern and easy to maintain.

What to look for in a cake stand?

If you like to match, look for a cake stand that blends in with your dinnerware, servingware, tableware, cutlery and other serving trays. Think about your key servingware pieces and how you normally set the table. Otherwise, go for something completely unique with plenty of personality.

Other things to consider when buying a tier cake stand or cupcake stand:

  • Uses. Is it fit for purpose and how often will you use it?

  • Durability. How likely is it to scratch or tarnish?

  • Maintenance. Is it dishwasher safe or hand wash only?

  • Aesthetics. Does it reflect your personal style?