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Piping bags, tips and nozzles

Piping bags, tips and nozzles

Our piping bags, tips and couplers are perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies and much more. Discover reusable and disposable pastry bags that are tough and durable plus kits with nozzles for creating any kind of design.

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Range of piping bags available

A piping bag is a handy kitchen tool that is used to squeeze fondant, buttercream, dough, purées and more onto cakes, cupcakes, pies and other foods. It's essentially a bag shaped like a cone with a nozzle on the end for the ingredient to pass easily through when squeezed by hand. There are 2 different types of piping bags:

  • Disposable piping bag. These bags are typically made out of food-grade plastic and are made to be thrown out after each use. They are hygienic, easy to use and convenient.

  • Reusable piping bag. These bags are usually made from canvas with a plastic inner lining and can be cleaned and reused again and again. They are excellent for heavy duty use and are durable, heat-resistant and biodegradable.

Sizes, styles and materials available

Piping bags come in many different styles and sizes for piping icing onto large cakes to adding fine detailing onto petite cupcakes. We have Loyal 10pk Disposable Piping Bags measuring 30cm and made from food-grade polythene for all of your cake piping needs.

There's the Wilton Featherweight Piping Bag which is grease-proof and made from durable and flexible polyester for decorating all types of cakes and pies. For a larger option, the Wilton Swirl 3 Colour Coupler Decorating Set has 6 x 41cm disposable piping bags and a split coupler that allows you to use 3 different icing colours at once for a fun swirling effect on cakes.

Different piping bag tips and nozzles available

Unleash your creativity with a huge range of piping nozzles featuring different shapes and sizes. Stick to the one nozzle for a unified look or mix and match to create wonderfully unique designs. Some of the most common piping tips you'll find include:

  • Petal tip

  • Leaf tip

  • Star tip

  • Round tip

  • Flower tip

  • Petal tip

  • Basket tip

  • Ruffle tip

Heavy duty piping bags for those culinary experts

The Chef Inox PolyFlex Pastry Bag is a top choice for professional bakers as it is reusable, can handle thicker consistencies and is easy to clean. Stainless Steel tips are also preferred by experts over plastic as they provide sharper, more defined details. Check out the incredible Loyal Decorating Piping Tube Set with 26 professional grade nozzles, a coupler and 2 flower nails.

Piping bag kits - what they include

Most standard piping bag kits will contain:

  1. Piping bag

  2. Nozzle

  3. Coupler

The Appetito Icing Bag Set is a great option that contains a reusable piping bag and three different tips with couplers. For serious bakers, the Avanti Icing Set 18pce with Box contains 12 different stainless steel nozzles for creating any work of art plus a nail and cleaning tools.

Tips for using your new piping bag

Piping is a technique that's a lot of fun, but can take a while to master. To help you fast-track your skills, check out these helpful piping tips:

  • Don't overfill your piping bag. Try working with half a cup of ingredients at a time.
  • Use tips with wider openings when using thicker ingredients such as potato, batters and dough.
  • If the tip becomes clogged, use a flower nail or toothpick to unblock it.
  • Use a scraper or spatula to push the ingredients against the tip, then twist the rest of the bag so that it's ready for piping.
  • Squeeze the piping bag using one hand and guide the tip with the other hand.

Tipless vs regular piping bags

Tipless icing bags are disposable and closed at the tip so that you need to use scissors to cut off the end and begin piping. You can cut the hole as wide or as narrow as you need. Regular piping bags are more ideal if you are doing intricate decorating as you will have more control using a tip and coupler.

Cleaning and maintaining a piping bag

Most piping bag tips will be dishwasher-safe for convenience. Some reusable piping bags can be dishwasher-safe, while others may need to be washed by hand with warm soapy water.

Other kitchen utensils to consider when purchasing piping bags

Make baking even more fun and convenient by adding our other kitchen utensils and baking accessories to your growing collection:

Brands we know and trust

Discover the highest quality decorating bags by the world's most reliable brands, including Wilton, Chef Inox, Mondo, A/Brands/Loyalvanti, Appetito, Cuisena and Loyal.

Buying your piping bag online with Kitchen Warehouse

At Kitchen Warehouse, you can find everything you need to fine-tune your baking skills and create a stylish and functional kitchen with our range of kitchenware, cookware, bakeware and more. Shop our new arrivals and best sellers with a fast and easy checkout or save them into a wishlist for later. We offer free delivery over $100 Australia-wide or you can pick up your items at your nearest Kitchen Warehouse store using Click & Collect.


What size piping bag should I get?
Getting the right size piping bag is important as it means you can continually ice without having to stop and refill your bag with more ingredients. The right size will ultimately depend on what you are decorating.

Generally, a 12-18 inch (approx. 30cm - 45cm) piping bag will be suitable for medium to large cakes or surfaces. If you are doing smaller detail work, a 6 inch (approx. 15cm) piping bag should be sufficient.

What are the best types of piping bags?
There are disposable piping bags that are single-use, versatile and convenient as well as reusable piping bags that are better for heavy use decorating as they are durable and can handle thicker ingredients.

If you're worried about waste, the Loyal Biodegradable Disposable Piping Bag is eco-friendly plus able to hold hot and cold mixes. For serious bakers, the Chef Inox PolyFlex Pastry Bag is reusable and super strong for piping thickened cream, purées, dough and more without splitting.

For decorating cookies and small cakes, try something different with the Avanti Cookie Press/ Icing Set that comes with various biscuit-shaped discs and nozzles for creating striking designs.