Pizza stones and pans

Pizza stones and pans

By cooking your pizza on a pizza stone, you’ll get a crispier base that looks and tastes like a woodfired pizza. We have the best baking stones in Australia, including ceramic slabs with racks for cooking pizza in the oven or on the BBQ!

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Find the best pizza stones and pans

A pizza stone or baking stone can help you to achieve pizza perfection every single time. Typically made out of stone or ceramic, this handy kitchen tool is portable and designed to evenly cook pizza in the home oven. These stones absorb moisture to deliver a crispy crust that mimics the flavour of an authentic wood fired pizza oven. You can also find pizza pans, trays and crispers. Discover the differences between them with this quick guide:

  • Pizza stone - A pizza stone is placed into a cold oven, then preheated so that the uncooked pizza can be placed on top of the hot stone using a pizza peel. This means the crust begins cooking immediately and results in a crispier base.

  • Pizza pan - A pizza pan or plate is a large round pan with very shallow sides. The pizza is prepared in the pan and the pan is popped into a hot oven for cooking.

  • Pizza tray - A pizza tray is similar to a pizza pan and can be used to cook the pizza in the same way. It can also be used to transport the cooked pizza to the table for serving.

  • Pizza crisper - A pizza crisper is a round pan that has many holes in it so that air can circulate around the dough while it is cooking and produce a golden, crispy base.

Heavy duty pizza stone bases available

Baking pizza like a pro has never been easier with our range of high-quality pizza stones. We have the Avanti Pizza Baking Stone that's made out of kiln-fired clay for extra toughness that can withstand a very hot oven. The clay absorbs the moisture from pizza dough and provides even heat distribution for a light and crispy base everyone will love.

There's also the Salt & Pepper Pizza Stone with Rack that's crafted from kiln-fired clay and comes with a stainless steel rack for moving your pizza from the oven to the table to quickly slice and serve!

Materials you can choose from

Pizza stones are made from natural materials, such as ceramic or cordierite stone. Some, like the Salt & Pepper Pizza Stone, come with a stainless steel or aluminium rack for transporting the pizza.

Our pizza pans and crispers are typically made out of aluminium or carbon steel with a durable, non-stick coating for easy food release. The Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Pizza Tray can handle temperatures up to 240°Celsius and has pads on the edges for safely carrying it in and out of the oven.

Pizza stone vs pizza pan - what is the difference?

A pizza stone is made from stone or ceramic which absorbs the moisture from pizza dough so that the base is crispy. It is placed into a cold oven to gradually heat up before the pizza is placed on top to start cooking immediately.

A pizza pan is made out of metal with a shallow lip. You prepare the pizza in the tray, then place them into a preheated oven for cooking.

Making sure your pizza dough does not stick to your stone or pan

To ensure your homemade pizza comes out like the ones you see in your favourite cookbooks, you'll need it to come out in one piece! Our non-stick crispers and pans make cooking pizza a breeze and will release the pizza crust easily. Check out the Bakemaster Non-Stick Round Pizza Crisper.

For pizza stones, you can try swapping out flour for semolina or cornmeal in your dough as the particles are coarser and less prone to sticking. You can also dust the pizza peel with these ingredients to help slide the pizza on and off the stone, as well as the stone itself.

Easy to clean and maintain pizza stones

A pizza stone will last you a long time if cared for properly. It is recommended that you don't wash your pizza stone as this can cause it to absorb moisture and crack, as can thermal shock when changing temperatures too quickly. To avoid this, don't place frozen pizza onto a hot pizza stone or a hot stone onto a cold kitchen bench. You can clean them by brushing or wiping them down with a cloth.

Dishwasher-safe pizza pans and trays

Most of our pizza pans and trays are dishwasher-safe, however always check your specific care instructions as some may be hand-wash only.

Other accessories to consider when making pizzas

With the right pizza stone or pan, all of your pizza recipes will turn out as delicious as you imagined them! With these additional kitchen utensils, the pizza-making experience will be even more rewarding:

Brands we know and trust

Discover the best brands in pizza stones, pans and crispers at prices lower than RRP, including Avanti, Chef Inox, Kitchen Pro, Pyrex, Le Creuset, Wiltshire and more.

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How do you cook with a pizza stone?
A pizza stone is an excellent way to recreate a delicious wood fired pizza at home. To use one, place it into a cold oven and preheat to 240°Celsius so that the stone can gradually warm up. Prepare your toppings on the pizza dough. Use a pizza peel to transfer the pizza onto the hot stone and bake for around 10-12 minutes or until the cheese is golden and bubbling. Use the pizza peel to remove the pizza and wait until the stone has cooled before you brush it clean.

What are the benefits of using a pizza stone?
Homemade pizzas are healthier as you can control what goes on them and how much. You also have the freedom to tailor your toppings to suit any dietary requirements. A pizza stone can help you to achieve the perfect pizza. The natural material conducts and holds heat very well which will cook the pizza evenly. It is also porous so it will draw the moisture out of the dough and deliver a light and crispy base. By placing the uncooked pizza on a preheated hot stone, you are also helping to cook it immediately and prevent any sogginess in the base.