Dough scrapers

A dough scraper is a handy kitchen tool that’s commonly used to scrape, lift and cut dough and pastry. Browse the best bench scrapers in Australia, from stainless steel with a handle to flexible pastry scrapers made of silicone or plastic.



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Dough scrapers, bench scrapers and bowl scrapers for home cooking

A dough scraper, also known as a pastry scraper or bench scraper, is a handy kitchen tool used by bakers and home cooks to scrape, cut and separate ingredients when working with dough. It's a small rectangular piece of stainless steel that often has a plastic handle for gripping.

There are also other scrapers that you can buy to assist you in the kitchen, including bowl scrapers and icing scrapers. A bowl scraper typically has a curved edge which enables it to fit easily into a round bowl and scrape out remaining ingredients. An icing scraper is used to smooth icing on cakes and can feature a jagged edge for creating patterns. Both of these scrapers can also be used to cut and separate ingredients.

What a multipurpose dough cutter can be used for

A dough scraper is one of the most versatile and affordable kitchen tools you can own. Far from just being used to scrape dough off countertops, you can also use it to:

  • Apply and smooth fondant, ganache and buttercream icings

  • Clean residue and burned crumbs off BBQ grills

  • Remove stuck food from surfaces, such as paella and hardened chocolat

  • Level a measurement of flour or batter

  • Cut dough, pasta, cheese, cookies, slices and more

  • Lift dough, cakes and cookies to another surface

  • Flip dough and turn fish in a pan or grill

  • Divide ingredients into portions or keep them separated from each other

Best shapes available for pastry scrapers

A traditional pastry scraper will be flat and rectangular with straight edges and sharp corners as this is the best shape for handling raw dough. We have plenty of stainless steel dough scrapers to choose from, including Chef Inox Dough Scraper with Plastic Handle and the ThermoHauser Dough Scraper.

We also have bowl scrapers with a curved, flexible edge that are great for getting inside mixing bowls and scooping out every last bit of the dough or batter. Check out the Cuisena Plastic Bowl Scraper or the Bialetti St. Clare Silicone Scraper.

If you love to create cakes with patterns, we have scrapers that act as a comb with a serrated edge for making ridges in icings. The Bakemaster Cakemaster Icing Scraper Set comes with a comb and straight-edged scraper for adding patterns or smoothing buttercream as well as removing residue from bowls.

From stainless steel to silicone - materials to consider when purchasing a dough scraper

There are two main materials used to make dough scrapers:

  1. Stainless steel dough scraper - Most dough scrapers will be made of rigid stainless steel so that they can effectively pick up, scrape and cut raw dough into portions. They will typically have a silicone, wooden or plastic handle to comfortably hold the scraper.

  2. Silicone dough scraper - Silicone or BPA-free plastic dough scrapers offer more flexibility and can bend to scrape residue out of bowls. However, they are also stiff enough to still cut dough and other food into portions.

Perfect dough scrapers for pizza makers

If you love to make homemade pizzas, a dough scraper can be an excellent alternative to using a pizza slicer. Not only can you cut the dough into portions to make individual pizzas, you can also use it to slice the pizza once it's cooked. When you're done, use the scraper to clean down your kitchen countertops and remove any dough from the pizza pan or stone.

Cleaning and maintaining your bread scraper

Some scrapers are dishwasher-safe, while others will need to be washed by hand. Check your individual product for specific instructions on how to clean it properly.

Accessories to also consider

There's no doubt about it - a dough scraper makes life easier in the kitchen. Here are some other baking tools and kitchen utensils you may want to add to enhance your cooking:

Brands we know and trust

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Buying your dough scraper online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is a dough scraper used for?
A traditional dough scraper is a handy baking accessory used by bakers to assist with creating, kneading and cutting dough into separate portions. It can be used to lift the dough up and flip it over, scrape excess dough off the bench and section it ready for baking. There are also flexible bowl scrapers which can be used to scrape the last of the batter or frosting out of the bowl and icing scrapers to smooth down the sides of a buttercream or fondant cake and create clean, sharp edges.

What is the difference between a dough scraper and a bread scraper?
There is no difference between a dough scraper and bread scraper - both terms are used to describe the same kitchen gadget that's used to lift, manipulate and portion raw dough. You may also hear it referred to as a bench scraper or pastry scraper. Bowl scrapers, however, are different to traditional dough scrapers. These scrapers are typically made from plastic or silicone which give them the flexibility to scoop dough and batter out of bowls with enough firmness to also cut ingredients when needed.