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Trash cans and recycling rubbish bins are storage solutions to store kitchen waste without germs or odours. Discover the best kitchen bins in Australia for small to large spaces, including pull, pedal, under cupboard and dual compartment.

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Finding the right kitchen bin for your space and household size

A kitchen bin is an essential household item that keeps kitchen waste safely stored away without pests or bad odours. Kitchen bins come in a surprising number of types, styles and sizes to choose from. Consider these factors before buying one:

  1. Type. Do you need a regular kitchen waste bin or one that can also hold recyclable items? Do you want to place it on the floor or would a pull-out bin help you to save space?

  2. Size. A bin that is too small for your household will need to be emptied more often while a bin that is too large will leave waste sitting around for longer than necessary.

  3. Mechanism. Do you prefer a touch top bin, a pedal bin, a pull-out bin or a hands-free smart bin?

  4. Style. Kitchen bins are made to fit seamlessly into your kitchen decor and enhance it. Discover modern stainless steel bins, sleek matte black bins, mint green and more.

Explore types of kitchen bins (recycling bin, waste bin, door mounted, pull out, freestanding etc)

There are plenty of choices when it comes which type of bin will best suit your kitchen needs and household. Some of the most common ones you'll find include:

Freestanding - These are bins that you can place on the floor, anywhere you have the space.

Waste bin - A waste bin can be freestanding or mounted and used for holding kitchen scraps, packaging, food waste and more.

Recycling bin - A recycling bin is just for recyclable items, such as plastics and paper.

Mounted bin - If you have a small kitchen, these bins can be mounted onto doors or walls to save space. A pull-out bin can be mounted inside a cupboard and hide rubbish when not in use.

Countertop bin - These are small compost bins that sit on benchtops and are used to hold food waste for collection or for making your own DIY compost.

Different colour and style options

Match your kitchen bin to your personal style and decor. Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bin comes in white and mint for a soft or neutral kitchen, while you can find plenty of stainless steel and matte black bins that will look right at home in a modern and stylish kitchen space.

Range of kitchen bin sizes and capacities available

No matter what size your household, we have a kitchen bin to suit your needs. We have compact bins with swing lids that hold 6L of waste and spacious waste bins that hold up to 30L of waste for larger households. For recycling bins, check out the Joseph Joseph GoRecycle Recycling Caddy in 28L for busy homes and 14L for 1-2 people.

Keeping organised with different compartment options

A kitchen bin that has two or more compartments is great for separating different types of rubbish for disposal. The Joseph Joseph Totem Max Waste & Recycling Bin features two compartments for collecting kitchen waste and storing plastics, paper, glass and more for recycling. There's also the Cefito Pull-Out Dual Bin with two 20L compartments that can be easily assembled into cupboards or shelving to save space.

Pedal bins to push bins - deciding on your opening mechanism preference

We've got kitchen bins to suit every individual preference and kitchen space:

Manual. These bins need to be opened and closed by hand or foot. They can include pedal, push or pull-out bins.

Pedal. A pedal bin is opened when you press your foot on the lever and closed when you remove your foot.

Push. A touch top bin is opened when you press lightly on the lid and closes quietly when you push it back down.

Automatic. A motion sensor bin, or smart bin, opens automatically when it senses movement so that you don’t have to touch the lid. They open and close softly while keeping pests and odours out.

Pull-Out. A pull-out bin needs to be assembled and mounted inside a cupboard or shelf. These types of bins keep kitchen waste out of sight - all you need to do is pull them out to use them.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Most bins can be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth. Some will have removable inner compartments that can be taken out and washed by hand with warm, soapy water. Check your individual product for specific care instructions.

Odour control recommendations

A bin lid that firmly seals is key to trapping the unpleasant odours of kitchen rubbish inside so that it doesn't invite pests. The Brabantia NewIcon Pedal Bin 3L has an odour-proof closure and a non-slip base to protect floors, while the Joseph Joseph Totem Compact Waste & Recycling Bin has a replaceable carbon filter to help you further manage bin odours.

Kitchen bin accessories

Take a look at our kitchen bin accessories, kitchen gadgets and other storage must-haves to complete your home:

Brabantia NewIcon to the Devanti Motion Sensor - brands we know and trust

Explore the most loved and reliable brands in kitchen bins, kitchenware, tableware, appliances and so much more at Kitchen Warehouse, including EKO, Brabantia, Devanti, White Magic, Joseph Joseph, Umbra and Cefito.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is the function of a kitchen bin? A kitchen bin is a necessary storage solution to hold kitchen waste until it is time to remove it. The bin should be easy to use and have a tight lid that prevents pests from getting in and bad odours from getting out so that your kitchen remains clean and hygienic. There are many different types of kitchen bins, including waste bins, recycling bins and countertop compost bins that can turn food waste into DIY compost for gardens and plants.

What are the dimensions of the kitchen bin? Kitchen bins come in all different shapes and sizes to accomodate any kitchen space and household. For large or busy households, we recommend the EKO Ecofly Stainless Steel Step Can with a spacious 30L capacity and dimensions measuring 25.5cm x 45cm x 64.5cm. If you have a small kitchen and need a compact bin, checkout the Brabantia NewIcon Pedal Bin with a 5L capacity and dimensions measuring 29.1cm (H) x 20.5cm (Dia) x 27.2cm (D) x 20.5cm (W).