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Knife block sets and knife sets

Knife block sets and knife sets

A knife set is a great way to buy a variety of kitchen knives for a multitude of cutting tasks, while a knife block keeps blades sharp and safe. Shop two piece sets and knife block sets that include a chef knife, utility knife and paring knife.

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Choosing the right knife set for your needs

The right knife set will make food preparation fast and easy with a variety of different knives designed to complete every daily cutting task you have in the kitchen. We have steak knife sets for slicing up cooked meat, basic sets for cutting, dicing, peeling and more, plus professional sets with specialty knives for more complex needs by the world’s most trusted brands, including Shun and Avanti.

Types of knife sets to choose from

From two piece knife sets to comprehensive knife sets with wooden blocks for storage, choose the right knife set for you by considering:

  • Different knife options - Do you just want the basics, such as a chef knife, paring knife and bread knife, or do you need specialty knives such as a Santoku knife, filleting knife and cleaver? Think about what foods you need to prepare first!

  • Quantity of the sets - This refers to how many knives you receive in each set. We have knife sets that range from two knives up to comprehensive 13 piece sets with additional tools like kitchen shears.

Different knives explained

Check out some of the most common knives for home and professional use:

  • Boning knife. This knife is flexible and narrow for deboning meats.

  • Japanese knives. These knives are lighter and sharper than European knives. A Santoku knife and Nakiri knife are two of the most common.

  • Paring knife. This has a short and sharp blade for peeling and cutting small fruit and vegetables.

  • Utility knife. These knives are made for chopping and dicing mid-sized foods.

  • Cheese knife. Cheese knives come in different shapes and sizes for cutting different types of cheese.

  • Carving knife. Use this knife to carve large cuts of cooked meat.

  • Cook’s knife. This is an all-purpose kitchen knife.

  • Vegetable knife. This knife is made for cutting and dicing vegetables.

  • Serrated knives. Steak knives and bread knives have a serrated edge for neatly cutting through soft foods.

  • Cleaver. A cleaver has a wide rectangular blade for chopping through meat bones and cartilage.

  • Filleting knives. These knives are long, thin and flexible for cutting around delicate fish bones.

Basic essential knives for every kitchen knife set

If you just want the basics for everyday tasks, these knives can come in handy:

  • Steak knives

  • Cook’s knife

  • Bread knife

  • Paring knife

  • Utility knife

Factors to consider when buying a knife set

Before you buy a new knife set, these factors can help you narrow down the right product for your cutting needs:

  • Material - A high carbon stainless steel knife is incredibly strong, durable and rust-proof. You can also find carbon steel, ceramic and titanium blades.

  • Weight - The best weight for you will depend on personal preference. A quality knife will have some weight but should be light enough to hold without strain.

  • Comfort - Make sure the handle is comfortable to grip. The knife should feel natural like an extension of your arm.

  • Balance - A good knife will have equal balance between the handle and the blade.

  • Tang - A full tang knife has metal extending down the entire width of the handle, while a partial tang knife does not. Full tang knives are heavier and more balanced.

  • Handle type - You can find plastic handles, left-handed handles and wooden handles made out of different wood types. Wooden handles generally have a plastic coating over them for protection while pure wood handles will need oiling.

Keeping things sharp - how to sharpen?

A sharp knife is a safe knife! You can keep blades razor sharp by using a knife sharpener, such as a sharpening steel or whetstone. Make sure you avoid using them with non-stick pots and pans as they can scratch the surfaces.

Storage your knives properly - safety first

Avoid potential injury by storing your knives in a safe and convenient location using one of these storage options:

  • Knife blocks - A knife block is the most common form of knife storage. It keeps knives sharp, safe and in one location, plus it can hold several at once.

  • Magnetic strips - A magnetic knife strip holds your knives vertically with powerful magnets. It’s a great option for keeping knives sharp and tips pointed as they are not rubbing against another material.

  • Sheaths - A knife sheath protects the tip of a single blade and keeps hands safe from cuts when storing knives in kitchen drawers.

High quality knife with block sets available

A knife set with a knife block is an all-in-one solution for cutting food and storing your knives safely to keep them sharp and avoid injury. The Wusthof Classic 13 Piece Knife Block Set is a stunner with a wide variety of knives including paring knife, cleaver, cook’s knife and bread knife plus extras like kitchen shears and a sharpening steel. There is also the Wusthof Classic Ikon 8pc Knife Block Set with beechwood block.

The Global Takashi 10pc Knife Set is another winner with a beautiful bamboo knife block to hold seven knives plus kitchen shears and a ceramic sharpener. For a Santoku knife set, the Furi Pro 7pc Capsule Knife Block comes with an attractive acacia knife block and six knives including a Santoku knife and Asian utility knife.

From Furi and Wusthof to Victorinox- Brands we know and trust

When you shop for knife sets at Kitchen Warehouse, you can expect quality craftsmanship from the best Australian and international brands at amazing prices lower than RRP. We have iconic names like Stanley Rogers, Laguiole by Andre Verdier, Scanpan, Wusthof, Joseph Joseph and Shun.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

From the latest cookware for use on stovetops, ovens and grills to kitchenware, bakeware and basics like chopping boards and cutlery sets to complement your new knife set, we’ve got all of your cooking and kitchen needs covered! Add your favourites to the wishlist for later or checkout now with free delivery when you spend over $100 Australia-wide. You can even spoil the cook in your life with a [gift card]/gift-cards) that they can spend online or at their nearest Kitchen Warehouse.


What is included in a basic knife set?
In a basic kitchen knife set, you can expect a variety of essential knives to be included that can be used with different foods and techniques. Some of the most popular knives included in a knife set include:

What is the difference between a chef's knife and an all-purpose knife?
There is no difference between a chef’s knife and an all-purpose knife. A chef’s knife is considered an all-purpose knife as it can be used for almost all of your general cutting needs, including dicing fruit and vegetables, slicing meat and chopping herbs.