Kitchen scissors and shears

Kitchen scissors and shears

A good pair of kitchen scissors can cut cleanly through poultry, herbs, shellfish and much more. Shop the best kitchen shears in Australia by trusted brands with sharp stainless steel blades, no-slip handles and spring-release features.

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Range of kitchen scissors and shears

Our high-quality kitchen scissors are built for heavy duty tasks in the kitchen and can make light work of all your food preparation tasks. From herb scissors that neatly snip through chives, thyme and rosemary to kitchen shears and poultry shears that cut smoothly through chicken, meat, vegetables, shellfish and more - you'll wonder how you ever got by without them! Expertly constructed and easy-to-use, you can pick up a pair of scissors to suit your exact needs with features including soft grip and left-handed handles, pull-apart mechanisms for easy cleaning, sheaths and multi-blade designs.

Different blades and shears

Kitchen scissors can be used to do everything from spatchcock a complete chicken to neatly slice through herbs and open food packages. They are designed with different handles, blades and materials to help you find the right one for your purpose. At Kitchen Warehouse, you can find:

  1. Herb scissors - These scissors have sharp blades for cutting up herbs without bruising them. Some herb scissors can have multi-blades for quicker and more even cutting.

  2. Poultry shears - Poultry shears have curved blades to easily manoeuvre around bones and hard-to-reach areas.

  3. Kitchen shears - These shears have straight blades and are multi-purpose.

  4. Seafood shears - Seafood shears are curved like poultry shears and can be used to crack through and remove seafood shells without damaging the meat inside.

From Oxo Good Grips Kitchen Scissors to Global Kitchen Shears - types of multipurpose kitchen shears and scissors available

Discover a wide range of multi-purpose kitchen scissors at Kitchen Warehouse. We have Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors with micro-serrated blades for cutting through herbs, meat and even fabric. They feature a spring-loaded mechanism for one-handed use and are ideal if you have weak hands and struggle to open the scissors once they are closed. There is also the Scanpan Spectrum Soft Touch Kitchen Shears in assorted colours for superior comfort that come with a 10 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

The powerful Messermeister Pull-Apart Kitchen Shears cut through herbs and poultry plus doubles as a bottle opener, nut cracker, twig cutter, jar opener and more. Quickly crack open seafood with the KitchenAid Universal Seafood Shears or cut herbs to perfection with the Avanti Herb Dicing 10 Blade Scissors.

Store your scissors safely with a sheath and protect their sharp blades with products like KitchenAid Universal All Purpose Shears or save space with the Avanti Shears and Magnetic Sheath that can be attached to the fridge.

Features to look out for:

There's a lot more to a pair of good kitchen shears than you may think! The right features can make using them faster and more effective:

  • Construction. Stainless steel blades are preferred as they are powerful, durable and rust-proof.

  • Smooth cutting action. Blades should be sharp, easy to open and close and well-aligned to ensure a clean cut every time.

  • Handles. Handles can be rounded or straight. Soft handles are easier on the hands while cutting. They should also fit nicely in the hand when you hold them for absolute control.

  • Non slip. A non slip handle made from plastic or rubber is ideal if you are cutting through chicken bones or other tough material where you need to apply greater force.

  • Safety lock. A safety lock will keep the blades closed when not in use to prevent accidental cuts and injuries.

  • Sharpness. Sharp blades are key to getting clean edges and impeccable presentation when cutting through poultry and other foods.

  • Easy cleaning. Some kitchen scissors come apart so that you can easily clean each individual component.

  • Other features. You can find herb strippers to easily remove stems and leaves from herbs, sheaths for preserving the sharpness of blades and spring-loaded handles for one-handed use.

How to look after your new kitchen scissors and shears

While many kitchen scissors may be dishwasher-safe, it is recommended that you hand wash them and dry with a towel to avoid potential damage. You can keep the blades sharp by using a knife sharpener or sharpening steel.

Average cost to expect

We have high-quality kitchen scissors to suit any budget at Kitchen Warehouse. Most of our products range from an affordable $9.95 to around $35.95. At the top end, you can find professional poultry scissors and kitchen shears for up to $99.95, including the Global Kitchen Shears with twice tempered stainless steel, finely serrated blades and a built-in nutcracker.

Other accessories to consider when buying kitchen shears

These other handy gadgets make even the simplest kitchen tasks faster and easier:

Brands we know and trust

Shop iconic Australian and international brands at amazing prices lower than RRP. We have favourites such as Avanti , KitchenAid, Joseph Joseph, Mundial, Victorinox, Wusthof, Scanpan, Yaxell and Zyliss.

Buying your kitchen scissors online at Kitchen Warehouse

From the latest and most innovative kitchenware and cookware to stunning tableware that will enhance every dining experience, you can find everything you need right here with Kitchen Warehouse at a price you can afford!. Save your favourites to a wishlist, surprise a friend or family member who loves to cook with a gift card or checkout now with free delivery to any postcode in Australia when you spend over $100.


What do you use kitchen shears for?
Kitchen shears are a multipurpose kitchen gadget that can be used to complete a number of tasks in food preparation. Some of the ways you can use them include:

  • Breaking down poultry, including bone and cartilage

  • Snipping herbs

  • Cracking through shellfish and nuts

  • Cutting up bacon

  • Chopping up dried fruit

  • Trimming pastry dough

  • Slicing through lettuce for a quick salad

  • Dividing up pizza

  • Opening food packages

What are the benefits of using kitchen scissors?
As one of the handiest kitchen tools, a pair of multi-purpose kitchen scissors can make cooking in the kitchen much easier, safer and more efficient. The sharp blades can quickly cut through poultry and other meats, as well as crack into hard shellfish. They help you to break food down into smaller pieces and get clean edges which are important for presentation. They're also a mess-free way to snip herbs without the risk of cutting yourself or bruising the herb and can be used to clean up vegetables before cooking so that they look neat and professional.