Stovetop kettles

Embrace the charm of a traditional style stovetop kettle, available in a range of colours and shapes to suit any kitchen decor.



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Discover the stovetop difference

Tea and coffee are staples in every Australian household and nary a morning is started without a fresh hot cuppa. To make the perfect brew you need the right device, so it’s handy to know the difference between a tea kettle and a teapot. While a teapot is used to hold water and tea leaves for steeping, brewing and serving, a kettle is used to simply boil water to form the base of any good hot beverage. A kettle can either be stovetop or electric:

  1. Electric kettles. these modern kettles are powered by electricity and boil water with the flick of a switch. They are the most common type of kettle as they are safe, affordable, easy to use and often come with a wide range of heat setting options for customisation.

  2. Stove top kettles. more traditional in their design, stovetop kettles exude an old-world charm that transforms the act of drinking tea or coffee into a timeless ritual. These kettles require an external heat source to operate and produce a rolling boil that keeps water at a consistent temperature. Stovetop kettles can be heated above boiling point which is preferential for some types of teas.

Hassle free boiling

The most important thing to consider when buying a stovetop kettle is how easy it is to boil and pour water. Look for these features:

  • Comfortable handle: a kettle needs to have a handle that is comfortable to hold while remaining cool to the touch to prevent burns.

  • Wide spout or lid: this will make the kettle easy to fill up and pour without spills.

  • Base: the base should be flat and sturdy to keep your kettle safe and upright while boiling. A wide base will also help your water to boil faster.

Benefits of using stovetop kettles

There are plenty of benefits to buying a stovetop kettle for your kitchen:

  • Produce a rolling boil and consistent temperature

  • Can be heated above boiling point

  • Often more durable than electric kettles

  • Easier to clean with no electrical parts

  • Travel friendly and can be taken camping or on trips

  • Undeniable vintage appeal to enhance any kitchen decor

The rising popularity of cast iron tea kettles

Cast iron kettles, or Tetsubin, are an original Japanese kettle that have been used for hundreds of years to boil water and serve tea. These tea kettles have risen in popularity due to their high iron content and ability to remineralise water while boiling, resulting in a sweeter and more mellow tea. Cast iron kettles are also non-toxic, durable, versatile and exceptionally heat retentive.

Ensuring energy efficiency

A stovetop kettle won’t boil water as fast as an electric kettle, as it needs to heat up from the outside in. Look for a stovetop kettle that has a wide base as it will heat water faster than others and will therefore cut down on energy. Our Le Creuset Peruh kettles are an excellent energy efficient choice.

The charm of a whistling kettle

Stovetop whistling kettles let out a delightful whistle to let you know when the water has reached a rolling boil, while non-whistling kettles remain silent. Whistling tea kettles add a traditional authenticity to the tea and coffee drinking experience.

Define your kettle aesthetic

You'll be spoiled for choice with the selection of stovetop kettles at Kitchen Warehouse, with various shapes, colours and materials available. Depending on your kitchen decor, our range includes everything from modern stainless steel kettles to traditional, vintage look stovetop kettles. Whatever kettle you seek, we have a carefully selected range to explore so you can find something that will sit proudly on your benchtop or stove.

Cleaning, maintenance and care of stovetop kettles

Some kettles are dishwasher safe, while others will need to be hand washed or simply wiped out with a cloth to preserve their quality. Check your individual product details for accurate care instructions.


What is the best kettle for my stovetop?
Some stovetop kettles work best on range cookers while others are compatible with gas stoves and induction hobs. At Kitchen Warehouse, the Le Creuset Peruh Kettle is perfect for boiling water on any stovetop. In a range of stylish colours, this kettle features a wide base for fast heating, a slip-proof handle and a single-tone whistle to alert you when your water has reached boiling point.

What is the difference between a stove top kettle and an electric kettle?
Kettles are a kitchenware staple that make boiling water easy, safe and fast. There are two types of kettles - stovetop and electric. An electric kettle has a built-in heating element that boils water using electricity. Most electric kettles also come with a thermostat that will switch the kettle off when it reaches boiling point. A stovetop kettle uses an external heating element, such as a stove hob, to boil water. They are more durable than electric and can be used anywhere there is a heat source. They're also able to produce a rolling boil at a consistent temperature, can be heated above boiling point and are easy to clean.

Why should I buy a whistling kettle?
A whistling kettle creates a classic feel at tea time when it whistles to let you know the water has reached boiling point. It adds a certain uniqueness to a kettle and is often designed with a traditional look to match its old-school function and create a vintage aesthetic. Whistling kettles presented on a stovetop are the perfect match for a rustic kitchen decor.