Coffee plungers and French press

Coffee plungers and French press

A coffee plunger slowly brews your ground coffee beans for the richest, creamiest cup of coffee imaginable. Shop French press coffee makers made from stainless steel, glass and more by the best brands in Australia, including Avanti and Bodum.



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Transform your morning coffee ritual into something greater with a high-quality coffee plunger designed to help you make barista-style coffee just like your favourite café. Coffee plungers use a slow brewing method to develop the complex flavour and aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and produce a coffee that's rich and tailored to your preferences.

We have coffee plungers to suit your coffee habits and kitchen decor. Discover classic stoneware plungers by Le Creuset with an elegant design, go sleek and modern with the Bodum Chambord plungers or add a pop of retro colour with the Bodum Caffettiera range.

Glass, ceramic or stainless steel - what is the best pick for you

Coffee plungers can be made using a variety of different materials designed to enhance the coffee-drinking experience. The most popular types you will find include:

  • Glass - A glass carafe should be made out of borosilicate glass as it is heat-resistant and durable which makes it less prone to breaking. This material is also transparent which is great for seeing inside and determining when the coffee is ready.

  • Stainless steel - A stainless steel plunger is highly durable and virtually unbreakable. Most plungers made out of stainless steel will have double wall insulation to keep the liquids hotter for longer.

  • Stoneware - An enamelled ceramic or porcelain plunger looks classic and elegant sitting on your countertop. They can withstand high temperatures, provide great heat retention and are stain-proof and odour-resistant.

  • Plastic - A BPA-free plastic plunger is unbreakable, heat-proof, portable and has excellent heat retention as it doesn't absorb as much heat from boiling water as glass does. The Bodum Caffettiera is also scratch-proof and dishwasher-safe.

Features to look out for when purchasing a coffee plunger

Perfect your coffee brewing skills at home by considering these features:

  • Capacity - Coffee plungers come in many different sizes to serve coffee for one or many people. The capacity will tell you how many cups of coffee can be brewed in the beaker.

  • Spout - A drip-proof spout makes pouring easy and keeps your tables free from spills.

  • Handle - A large handle will be easy to grip. Make sure the handle is made from a heat-proof material so that it stays cool to the touch.

  • Double wall - A coffee plunger that is double wall insulated is made from a material that will keep your beverage close to the temperature it was poured for longer.

From the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker to double wall plungers - styles and colours available

Brew the best coffee around with our range of high-quality plungers by leading brands. There is the Bodum Caffettiera three cup coffee plunger range for small gatherings and the larger Bodum Brazil French Press eight cup and Bodum Chambord French Press 12 cup for crowds. These products do away with paper filters and feature a stainless steel plunger for a more environmentally-friendly way to brew coffee.

We also have double wall coffee plungers with the Bodum Columbia Twin Wall French Press. This modern beauty will give you the perfect brew in minutes with a stainless steel mesh filter that removes even the tiniest of sediments from your coffee. You can also check out the Coffee Culture French Press Double Wall 800ml in slick matte black.

If you're after a stoneware plunger, the Royal Doulton Coffee Studio French Press holds 1.5L and has a neutral, earthy colour palette while the bright Le Creuset enamelled stoneware range comes with a steam hole, anti-drip spout and large handle for recreating cafe-style coffee at home.

Milk frothers to teapots - accessories to take your coffee and tea time to the next level

Whether you prefer a steaming cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up or a calming brew of tea in the afternoon to wind down, these accessories will help get the job done:

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Some coffee plungers will be dishwasher-safe which makes cleaning up a breeze. Others can be hand washed with warm water and a sponge then rinsed under the tap to remove any stuck coffee grounds.

Brands we know and trust

Wake up to freshly brewed coffee by the best brands in the business, including iconic names like Royal Doulton, Bodum, Le Creuset, Leaf & Bean and Coffee Culture.

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Why do people use a coffee plunger?
A coffee plunger gives you a richer, more full-flavoured coffee with a smoother, creamier texture. They are quick and easy to use as they have the filter built into them and give you total control over how you like your coffee. They're also much more compact than a coffee machine which makes them ideal for travelling and making barista-style coffee wherever you go!

What is the best type of coffee to use in a coffee plunger?
Freshly ground coffee beans are the best type of coffee to use in a coffee plunger. The texture should be very coarse, resembling the texture of raw sugar granules. Our coffee grinders can help you get the right texture for using in a plunger.

What is the role of a coffee plunger in coffee making?
The coffee plunger slowly brews your coffee for a richer flavour and stronger aroma. The coffee brews inside the plunger without being exposed to pressure or boiling which gives it a very different taste to coffee made in a coffee machine. You can also control how much ground coffee and hot water you use which means you can create a cup of coffee tailored to your exact liking.

What is the difference between a French press and a coffee plunger?
There is no difference between a French press and a coffee plunger as they are both used to describe the same device. You can shop our stunning range of coffee plungers by leading brands at the best prices in Australia, including the elite Bodum Chambord French Press 3 Cup and the Le Creuset Stoneware French Press 800ml.