Milk frothers

Skip the morning coffee run and sip on a cafe style latte at home. Thanks to these fantastic electric and stick milk frothers, you can create your own barista quality coffee. Enjoy hot coffee with creamy, textured milk before stepping out of your pyjamas.

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How to use a milk frother stick

Creating warm creamy froth is simple with the help of a milk frother stick. Simply slide the stick into your jug just below the surface of the hot milk. The milk will begin swirling around in the container, creating a tiny, white whirlpool. Once all the bubbles are gone, your hot milk is ready to go. Slowly pour into your coffee for a delicious cappuccino, latte or flat white.

Making cafe-style coffee with a milk frother

The great thing about an electric milk frother is that it will heat cold milk to the perfect temperature for you. You can use the milk frother for French press, Italian Moka pot, espresso, instant or any other type of coffee you like. It‘s as simple as pressing the button. Enjoy piping hot milk for a creamy morning latte in just a few minutes.

Cleaning instructions for your milk frother

Milk frothers are easy to clean. Simply rinse the container, lid and disks in warm soapy water. Of course, it‘s always best to rinse straight away before the milk has a chance to settle. To make life even more convenient, many of the milk frothers sold at Kitchen Warehouse are also dishwasher safe.

Milk frothing technique for hot chocolate, latte, cappuccino, and other drinks

For all our warm beverages, we want hot milk that is creamy with a velvety texture. Once heated, you will want a thick layer of froth on top, with steamed milk sitting beneath. For a manual stick appliance, you can achieve this by creating a whirlpool with the tip of your wand (holding the jug on a slight angle). You will see a polished velvety consistency when it is time to stop. Tap the container on the countertop to remove any larger bubbles.

Handheld milk frother vs electric milk frother - which is better for you?

At Kitchen Warehouse, we carry an excellent range of handheld and electric frothers. If you want the convenience of just touching a button, look at the stylish selection of electric frothers by quality manufacturers like Smeg, Bodum, Bialetti, Sunbeam or Breville. However, if you have only minimal kitchen space or simply like to have the manual control to make milk just how you like it, then consider the handheld sticks by Avanti and Aerolatte. These portable sticks are convenient enough to carry to work or travel.

Make creamy latte milk foam with our milk frothing gadgets

Create finely textured microfoam milk with the range of frothing gadgets from Kitchen Warehouse. Nowadays, we have access to the same range of milk that cafes use including almond, oat, skim and special creamy barista milk. So you can make your coffee, however you like it, in your own kitchen. Smooth, silky and satisfying, you’ll get used to drinking lattes in bed.

Enjoy barista-style coffee from the comfort of your home

Thankfully we no longer need to rely on the local cafe to get a great coffee. Kitchen Warehouse carries some of the best milk frothers on the market alongside espresso machines, coffee grinders, stainless steel jugs, kettles and all the kitchen appliances you need to have your favourite cafe experience at home.

Other uses for a coffee milk frother

Enjoy using your milk frother for more than just making coffee. You can use a frother to blend hot chocolate, make Matcha or Chai, or simply reheat your tea. It’s a great multipurpose tool for a small kitchen without space for a coffee machine.

Automatic milk frothers to warm milk up

The benefit of an automatic milk frother is that it will heat the milk for you. Just pour it in the cold and return a few minutes later for piping hot milk. Use for coffee, tea or simply a cup of warm milk at night.

Create latte art with milk foam

Fancy a cute flower in your macchiato? Now that you can access milk froth at home, you can start practising latte art. Give your guest a memorable coffee experience with a beautiful additional touch. Take a quick course and unleash your inner barista!

Gadgets and accessories for an at-home café

From elegant Delonghi Nespresso machines to retro gadgets by Smeg, we have everything you need to start a gorgeous little at-home cafe. Once you’ve mastered the latte art, you’ll want to move on to preparing breakfast. Consider adding some of these other kitchen appliances to add to your cafe wishlist:

  • Air fryers

  • Food processors

  • Fridges

  • Juicers

  • Ovens

  • Cookers


What do milk frothers do? Milk frothers use a whirlpool action to aerate milk for use in delicious creamy coffees like lattes and cappuccinos. You can use these multipurpose tools for hot chocolate, matcha, or simply frothing milk for any purpose.

Does a milk frother warm your milk? Automatic milk frothers will heat your milk to the perfect temperature and ensure a velvety texture that is ideal for coffee. Stick milk frothers do not heat but simply froth your milk. Explore a variety of great options from the collection at Kitchen Warehouse.