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Food storage containers

Discover the best range of food storage containers and storage jars in Australia for keeping food fresh and your kitchen tidy. We have plastic and glass containers, sets and jars for storing pantry staples, soups, salads, meat and more.

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Finding the right food storage containers for your needs

Food storage containers are an excellent solution to minimising food waste and preserving food so that you can enjoy it at a later date. They keep food locked inside an airtight vessel to prevent the growth of bacteria and can be used to store items at room temperature, in the fridge or in the freezer. They also do wonders for helping you keep your kitchen space neat and organised! Consider these factors before purchasing one:

  • Material. Food containers can be made out of plastic, glass, stainless steel and more.

  • Size. Think about the type of food you will be storing and how much space it will need. Containers also come in different shapes to accommodate different types of food, from circular and square to rectangular.

  • Design. You can find stackable containers, individual containers, bread bins, food warmers, ice cream tubs, containers for produce and much more.

  • Features. Make sure your container is equipped with the features you need to use it. This can include being microwave-safe and dishwasher-friendly or being stackable to save space.

Materials - glass vs. plastic containers

Two of the most popular materials used to make food storage containers are glass and plastic. Both have their benefits:

  1. Glass - Glass containers are recyclable, toxin-free, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe and can withstand high temperatures which makes reheating food in the microwave and oven easy. If properly maintained, they can last much longer than plastic containers. Containers like glass food jars and spice jars also enhance your kitchen aesthetic.

  2. Plastic - Plastic containers are affordable and convenient. They're perfect for packing kids' lunch boxes and for bringing lunch to work. These containers save space as they can be stacked without breaking.

Design type and appearance - shape and colour

We have a wide selection of food containers to choose from with many designs, shapes and colours to fit into any kitchen decor. We have circular, rectangular and square containers made out of plastic, glass, stainless steel, tin and more in soft shades, natural and bold brights.

Different range of sizes and capacity for food storage containers

Discover containers for every type of food item. We have long tubs for storing ice cream, tall boxes for pasta, glass containers that are freezer, oven and microwave safe, beautiful bread bins by Davis & Waddell made out of Acacia wood and much more. Our food storage container sets are ideal for when you need to store a wide variety of food and liquids.

Best storage containers for dry foods

Our glass and plastic canisters and dispensers have an airtight lid to keep food fresh and are great for storing cereal and dry ingredients like rice and grains. Pick up some charming glass spice jars with a wooden lid by Kitchen Pro, store your coffee in the sleek Typhoon Otto Coffee Canister or go for some storage cubes for holding larger amounts.

Food storage container features

Ensure that you pick a food container that meets your kitchen storage needs. Consider whether these are important to you:

  • Microwave-safe - Glass containers are microwave and oven-safe and can withstand high temperatures without warping or melting.

  • Freezer-safe - Choose a container that won't crack in the freezer, such as our glass containers by Oxo and Pyrex.

  • Dishwasher-safe - Glass containers are dishwasher-safe, but not all plastic containers are suitable for placing in dishwashers.

  • BPA-free - Check that your plastic container is BPA-free to ensure your food and liquids are not at risk of chemical exposure.

  • Airtight seals - An airtight lid is a must for preserving the freshness of food and preventing leaks.

  • Vented lids - A vented lid is great for hot food as it allows the steam to escape so that the food does not become soggy.

Difference between BPA and BPS

BPA (bisphenol A) and BPS (bisphenol S) are both chemicals that are often found in can linings and plastic containers, such as water bottles. They can leach into food and drinks and have been linked to many health problems and hormonal disruption. Always look for food storage containers that are BPA and BPS-free to ensure that your food stays safe and uncontaminated.

Pantry storage containers sets

Pantry containers set is a great way to save money and store a wide range of food types. We have glass and plastic container sets in different sizes to store different types of food, from sauces and dry ingredients to dinner leftovers and cold meats. Discover nesting lock sets for convenient storage, circular sets for salads and soups and the Oxo Good Grips 4 piece set for glass containers in various sizes that are stain-proof, heat-proof and leak-proof with a silicone lid.

Food storage containers with lids

An airtight lid is essential for keeping food fresh and preventing leaks. Containers with a clasp or locking tab provide more security and effectively keep soups and liquids safely inside the container.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Glass storage containers are safe to put in the top shelf of a dishwasher for easy cleaning. Unless a plastic container is dishwasher safe, avoid placing them in the dishwasher as they are not suitable for hot water. Simply clean and scrub them by hand in warm water with detergent instead.

Organising your container collection

Our kitchen storage containers make it super easy to organise your kitchen and keep the space clean and mess-free. Nesting plastic containers are great for when you need to save space, while our spice jars and glass containers look stunning when arranged in a pantry for easy selection.

Brands we know and trust

No matter what your kitchen storage needs, Kitchen Warehouse has a solution to suit you. Check out our range of Australia's most trusted and reliable brands, including Glasslock, Oxo, Lock & Lock, Avanti, Joseph Joseph, Kilner, Pyrex, Thermos and much more.

Buying your food storage containers with Kitchen Warehouse

Kitchen Warehouse are your go-to source for the highest quality bakeware, cookware, tableware and more by the world's biggest brands. Check out our new arrivals and put them on your wishlist for later or checkout now with free shipping over $100 Australia-wide.

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What are some benefits of using food storage containers?
Food storage containers are useful kitchenware items that can provide many benefits. They can be used to keep food fresh and bacteria-free, refrigerate prepped meals, take lunch to work or school, reheat leftovers and even serve food at the dining table. Food preparation is made easier as you know exactly where your ingredients are located. They're also an excellent way to maintain a neat and tidy kitchen space by keeping dry ingredients organised and out of the way until you need them.

What is the best way to store food?
A food storage container is the best way to preserve food and keep your kitchen organised. Glass is ideal for popping food in the freezer and reheating it in the microwave or oven while plastic is perfect for storing food on the go. Make sure all containers have an airtight lid to keep food sealed in and fresh. Some more food storage tips include storing dry ingredients in the pantry, placing raw food below cooked food in the fridge and waiting until the steam has stopped on hot food before refrigerating.