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Bread bins

A bread box or bread bin in the kitchen will store your fresh bread at optimal temperature to prevent excess moisture and bacteria growth. Shop bins with roll top, flip and removable lids by top brands in Australia like Typhoon Living.

Polder Deluxe Roll Top Bread Bin Nickel Image 1
Polder Deluxe Roll Top Bread Bin Nickel Image 2
Avanti Retro Bread Bin White Image 1
Avanti Retro Bread Bin White Image 1
RRP $73.95

Save 39%

Typhoon Living Bread Bin Cream Image 1
Typhoon Living Sugar Canister 1L Cream Image 2
Typhoon Otto Bread Bin Black Image 1
Typhoon Otto Bread Bin Black Image 2
RRP $92.95

Save 36%

Progressive Prepworks Expandable Bread ProKeeper Image 1
Progressive Prepworks Expandable Bread ProKeeper Image 2
Kitchen Craft Lovello Bread Bin White Image 1
Kitchen Craft Lovello Bread Bin White Image 2
RRP $64.95

Save 15%

RRP $64.95

Save 15%

Kitchen Pro Eco Roll Top Bread Bin Natural Image 1
Kitchen Pro Eco Roll Top Bread Bin Natural Image 2
RRP $73.95

Save 39%

Typhoon Living Bread Bin Oatmeal Image 1
Typhoon Living Bread Bin Oatmeal Image 2
Typhoon Otto Square Bread Bin White Image 1
Typhoon Otto Square Bread Bin White Image 2
Out Of Stock
Salt & Pepper Hudson Bread Bin with Cutting Board Lid & Bread Knife White Image 1
Salt & Pepper Hudson Bread Bin with Cutting Board Lid & Bread Knife White Image 2
Out Of Stock


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Finding the right bread bin for your needs

Whether you prefer artisan bread from the bakery or homemade and hot from the oven, the right bread bin can store your bread in optimal conditions to keep it fresh and safe to eat for longer. Bread bins are a great alternative to keeping your loaves of bread in a plastic bread bag as it prevents them from drying out and growing stale.

You can find a stunning range of bread bins at Kitchen Warehouse to suit every need and kitchen style, from sleek stainless steel to retro porcelain. Shop the range today and discover iconic brands like Guzzini, Falcon and Avanti.

Roll top bread bins, cutting board lids and more - types of bread bins to choose from

Bread bins come with different lid designs that will determine how easily you can access your bread. The most popular types include:

  • Roll top bread bin - This type of lid slides up into the roof of the bin, making them a good option for kitchens with limited space.

  • Flip bread bins - Flip bread bin lids use a hinge mechanism that enables them to flip outwards to open. These bins require more space on the counter to open and close.

  • Bread bins with removable lids - These bread bins have a lid that can be taken on and off. The Typhoon Living Bread Bin is a great example. There are also multi-purpose bread bins with a cutting board lid that feature a chopping board with handles for easy slicing, such as the Salt & Pepper Hudson Bread Bin Black with Cutting Board Lid and Bread Knife for an all-in-one bread storage solution.

From the Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin to the Typhoon Living Bread Bin - bread bin designs and appearance ## options

You can find a beautiful bread bin to suit your needs and style at Kitchen Warehouse. There is the modern Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin in matte steel and matte black with a fall front lid and magnetic seal to ensure proper ventilation. The Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin Brilliant Steel is another top choice with a flat top for storing canisters.

Add some country charm to your kitchen with the striking Davis & Waddel Acacia Wood Bread Box in rich and earthy tones or artfully arrange your baguettes and bread rolls in the Icon Chef Hand Woven Bread Basket.

We also have neutral and classic colours to complement minimalist decor, such as the Body Bistro Bread Box with bamboo lid and ridges to catch crumbs, plus the Guzzini Earth Bread Bin White made from recycled plastic bottles.

Various materials and construction of bread bins - enamel bread bins, wood and more

  • Wood - Wooden bread bins are traditional and rustic. They are typically larger than other bread bins with a spacious interior that's ideal for big families.

  • Bamboo - Bamboo is eco-friendly, lightweight and attractive to fit into any kitchen decor.

  • Plastic - Plastic bread bins are affordable, lightweight and durable. A transparent plastic bread bin is handy if you want to quickly see how much bread you have left.

  • Ceramic - An enamel bread bin made from ceramic or porcelain has a timeless aesthetic and is excellent at keeping your bread moist and fresh.

  • Stainless steel - A stainless steel bread bin is non-toxic, durable and very hygienic. With a high-shine surface, it looks great placed in stylish and modern kitchens.

Factors to consider when buying a bread box

These factors will help you to choose a bread bin that suit your household's needs:

  • Shape - There are rectangular boxes with sharp corners, rounded bread bins, domed and more for fitting different types of bread.

  • Material - You can find bread bins made from wood, plastic, stainless steel, porcelain, bamboo and more.

  • Design - From old-school bread bins like the Avanti Retro Bread Bin with Window to ultra-modern bread bins like the Polder Metal Deluxe Bread Bin - choose a design and colour that suits your personal style and kitchen.

  • Lid structure - Choose from hinged lids, roll tops, removable and more.

  • Ventilation capacity - A bread bin with proper ventilation will prevent moisture from building up and causing mould to form.

  • Placement - Bread boxes usually sit on the kitchen countertop, so make sure you choose one that can comfortably fit in your kitchen space.

  • Easy to clean - Most bread bins can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Benefits of using a bread bin

There's plenty to love about choosing a bread bin to store your bread. They help to:

  1. Prevent excess moisture that causes mould to grow.

  2. Provide a dark, dry space for your bread.

  3. Keep bread safe from pests.

  4. Reduce plastic waste.

  5. Elevate your kitchen counter with a stylish storage container that houses fresh bread and baked goods.

Other kitchen accessories to consider when purchasing a bread bin

Check out these other kitchen gadgets, appliances and tableware must-haves to make any breakfast or afternoon tea a special occasion:

Brands we know and trust

We have the best Australian and international brands in kitchenware at amazing prices lower than RRP, including Bodum, Avanti, Kitchen Pro, Lock & Lock, Typhoon and Progressive.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

Fill up your kitchen and home with the latest quality products in bakeware, dinnerware, tableware, cookware and much more. It's easy to buy online. Simply browse our extensive range, save your favourites to a wishlist if you're not ready to buy yet or checkout with free delivery when you spend over $100. We even have gift cards to surprise a loved one on a special occasion which can be spent online or in-store!


Do bread bins keep bread fresh?
A bread bin is a handy kitchen storage solution that provides the ideal environment for keeping your bread fresher for longer. It stores the bread in a dry and dark place where the humidity is just the right temperature for preventing mould from forming. Many bread boxes also come with ventilation holes which allows a small amount of oxygen inside to prevent excess moisture from building up and causing mould.

How long does bread last in a bread bin?
The length of time that your bread stays fresh depends on a number of factors, including the type of bread bin you choose, the environment and the type of bread. A quality bread bin, such as our ones by leading brands like Avanti and Brabantia, should keep your bread fresh for up to one week.