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Tongs are an essential kitchen gadget that make cooking and serving food easier, quicker and safer. Shop the highest-quality tongs for any purpose, including stainless steel with silicone heads for grilling and tongs for salad and ice.

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Choosing the right tongs for your needs

Kitchen tongs are a simple, yet incredibly versatile, kitchen gadget that can be used to do everything from lift hot food and flip burgers to toss a salad and decorate a plate with garnishes. There are plenty of different types of tongs designed to complete different tasks. Before you buy a new pair, consider:

  1. Purpose. You can find spoon and fork tongs for tossing salads, tiny tongs for picking up ice, locking tongs for easy storage and much more.

  2. Length. Long tongs will be needed if you regularly stand close to a heat source to prevent burning your hand and arm. Mini tongs are perfect for handling small food, such as ice and canapés.

  3. Material. Stainless steel tongs are common, but there are also wooden tongs, silicone tongs, aluminium, nylon and more.

From silicone tongs to stainless steel grilling tongs - various types of tongs to choose from

Despite their simplicity, tongs come in a wide variety of types made for different foods and purposes. These are the most popular types you will find:

  • Utility Tongs - These tongs are a workhorse of the kitchen. They can be used for any general kitchen task, including tossing salads, turning meat and plating veggies.

  • Serving or Plating Tongs - Serving tongs are typically more decorative with a stunning finish as they are used to place food directly on customer's plates.

  • Stainless Steel Tongs - Stainless steel tongs are very common. They conduct heat so they shouldn't be used for too long in hot temperatures but are great for quickly grabbing hot food off the grill or stove. They are also ideal when handling slippery food. Avoid using them on non-stick or enamelled cookware as they can scratch the surface.

  • Barbeque Tongs - Grilling tongs, or turner tongs, are made for turning meat and burgers on the BBQ. They are typically long to protect your hands from the heat.

  • Scissor Tongs - These tongs are designed with a scissor mechanism and are ideal for grabbing bulky items of food.

  • Silicone Tongs - Tongs with silicone heads are safe to use with both hot and cold food and don't conduct heat so they stay cool. They also won't scratch non-stick cookware.

  • Cooking Tongs - Like utility tongs, these tongs are for general use when handling hot or cold food in the kitchen.

  • High-Heat Tongs - These tongs can withstand extremely high temperatures. One of the best types of high-heat tongs are durable stainless steel ones with a silicone head.

  • Pasta Tongs - Pasta tongs often have a jagged edge that allows them to grip slippery pasta, toss it and serve it on plates.

  • Pom Tongs - Pom tongs are generally used to serve salad toppings on dishes and other delicate foods.

  • Salad Tongs - These tongs have a fork and spoon end for easily tossing salad and transferring it to plates.

  • Ice Tongs - Ice tongs are small and sharp, made for the purpose of transferring ice from a container to a drink, one piece at a time.

  • Mini Tongs - Mini tongs are good for handling small pieces of food and garnishing meals.

Features to look out for

The right features can make your pair of tongs an invaluable companion in the kitchen. Consider these features when choosing

  • Safe for high heat temperatures - If you will be using your tongs to pick up hot food, you will need them to be made from a heat-resistant material. Cast iron tongs are ideal for BBQs, ovens and more as they can withstand extremely high temperatures.

  • Non-slip handle - A non-slip handle provides a good grip and is comfortable to hold.

  • Dishwasher-safe - Most tongs will be dishwasher-safe for a quick and easy clean-up.

  • Loop for hanging - A loop on the end of the tongs will let you hang them from a hook on the wall to save space.

High-quality tongs for plating

Serving tongs are great for putting food onto plates and arranging delicate garnishes for decoration. We have stainless steel plating tongs by Avanti that are long and delicate for handling micro herbs and tender morsels of food. There are stylish Cuisipro Tempo Serving Tongs made from heavy gauge stainless steel for placing BBQ meats and salads onto plates, as well the Loyal Slotted Serving Tongs for draining water and juices from vegetables and other foods.

Grill away with the perfect heavy-duty BBQ tongs

Grilling tongs need to be heavy duty to withstand high heat and larger portions of meat and other foods. The Oxo Good Grips turner and tongs set is an excellent choice for serious BBQ cooks with scalloped tongs for grabbing meat and a turner for flipping burgers. There is also the Chef Inox Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tongs 25cm and Bialetti St. Clare Heavy Duty Tongs with Silicone Grip 30cm for easy handling.

Other kitchen utensils to consider when purchasing tongs

Like tongs, these handy kitchen tools and kitchenware staples will make your cooking faster, easier and safer with more satisfying results:

Storing your tongs and other kitchen utensils

Locking tongs have a mechanism that holds the arms together when closed to prevent them from springing open. This makes them easy to store in kitchen drawers and drawer inserts. Tongs with a loop can be hung on the wall to save space.

Brands we know and trust

Discover all of your favourite brands in quality kitchen basics at the most affordable prices below RRP, including Avanti, Ecology, Joseph Joseph, KitchenAid, Oxo and Chef Inox.

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What are the features of the best kitchen tongs?
Like peelers and can openers, tongs make everyday kitchen tasks quicker and simpler. The best kitchen tongs should be comfortable to hold and easy to open and close. A scalloped edge will make it easier to pick up food. Tongs should be long if using near heat and made from heat-resistant material to prevent burns. A locking mechanism or loop is handy for storage, while a non-slip handle will provide a sturdy grip.

What are some tongs safety tips?
As one of the most used kitchen gadgets, tongs can be used in a wide variety of situations. To stay safe while using them, follow these tips:

  1. Don't leave stainless steel tongs in a hot pan as they will become very hot.

  2. Use long, durable tongs when handling food on the BBQ to avoid burns.

  3. Keep tongs sanitised by washing them in the dishwasher or by hand in high temperatures to kill off any germs.