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When it comes to serving drinks, a good quality glass makes all the difference. Get ready to impress with a pick from our extensive range, showcasing everything from glass tumblers and outdoor drinkware to premium wine glasses, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes and much more.

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Choosing the right glassware for your needs

Glassware can perform many tasks, from keeping your water and juice colder for longer to awakening the complex flavours and aromas of alcoholic beverages. The right glass can take an ordinary drink and turn it into something much more special and satisfying. Before you invest in a sparkling set of glassware for your home bar, you'll need to consider:

  1. The types of drinks you want to serve the most

  2. Whether it's a formal event or a casual gathering

  3. How many people will be using the glassware

  4. The quality of the glassware

  5. The type of material used to make the glasses

From tumblers to decanters - various types of glassware explained

There is a glass for every type of beverage you wish to consume - one that can make it taste better and enhance the overall experience of consuming it. Here are some of the most common glasses you will find on Kitchen Warehouse:

  • Wine glasses - We have narrow white wine glasses for preserving the delicacy of white wine and red wine glasses with wide bowls for swirling and opening up red wine.

  • Water and juice glasses - Glass tumblers are perfect for drinking chilled water or your favourite juice.

  • Spirits and cocktail glasses - Cocktail glasses come in different shapes and sizes for enjoying all types of mixed drinks. There are highball glasses, martini glasses, double old fashioned glasses, shot glasses, margarita glasses, hurricane glasses and more.

  • Beer glasses - Beer steins and pint glasses hold the largest amounts of beer while the pilsner glass is ideal for showing off the colour and clarity of a light beer with a thick, foamy head.

  • Double wall glasses - Double wall glasses like ones from Salisbury & Co's Duo collection are a glass within a glass. They keep drinks close to the temperature they were poured at for longer and resist condensation and hot exteriors.

  • Champagne glasses and flutes - We have stemless and stemmed champagne flutes that are long and narrow plus shorter coupe glasses with wide bowls and slender stems that promote aeration for maximum flavour and aroma.

Understanding glassware materials

Glassware can be crafted using a variety of different materials. The main types include:

  • Soda lime glass. This is the most common and affordable form of glass used for glasses.

  • Borosilicate glass. This glass is thermal shock-resistant and won't crack under extreme temperature changes.

  • Crystal glass. Crystal glass is durable and refracts light which makes it ideal for high-end dinner parties and events.

  • Tempered glass. Tempered glass is much more durable than regular glass and fragments into small pieces if broken which makes it a much safer choice.

  • Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a shatter-proof alternative to glass and is perfect for outdoor dining as it won't break if dropped on the ground.

Glassware for special occasions

When you're hosting a special occasion, nothing says timeless elegance quite like a beautiful set of wine and champagne glasses. We have stunning white wine glasses by Krosno with a long stem for keeping wine cooler for longer. Shop the Krosno Harmony Prosecco Wine Glass and the White Wine Glass or sip a Pinot Noir in their set of Red Wine Glasses.

Raise a glass of bubbly with the Salisbury & Co Sublime Champagne Flute Glass or opt for their stemless double wall champagne flutes for chilled champagne in style.

Factors to consider when selecting your glassware

It's important to put some thought into which glassware you purchase as glasses can really make or break an otherwise delicious drink. A stemless wine glass is more stable but a long stemmed glass is stylish and will keep the wine away from body heat so it stays cold.

If you're dining outdoors, consider using a shatter-proof glass from the Salisbury & Co Unbreakable range. A set of glasses is ideal when you have company and will save you money. The decorative Nachtmann Noblesse glass tumbler set is perfect for water, juice and soft drinks.

Don't forget about design. Choose glassware that will fit nicely into your existing decor and complement the surrounding cutlery, tableware and dinnerware you plan to use.

Bar glassware and entertaining

We've got all of the glassware you need to impress your guests and leave a lasting impression at your next party. Discover cocktail glasses for every drink, including the Salisbury & Co Kennedy DOF Set of 4, the Rona Old Fashioned Milan Glass 6pc and a range of specialty glass sets for martinis, margaritas, hurricanes, gin and tonics and more.

Kick back with a cold beer in one of our beer glasses, including the Ocean Pilsner Set of 6, the Ecology Classic 6pc Stem Beer Glass Set and the Luigi Bormioli Birrateque White IPA Glass Set for 2.

Brands we know and trust

Shop the most respected brands in barware and glassware at the best prices lower than RRP, including iconic names like Luigi Bormioli, Riedel, Spiegelau, Bormioli Rocco, Ecology and Nachtmann.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

From barware, bakeware and kitchenware to stylish homewares that will make your house feel like a home - Kitchen Warehouse makes it easy for you to shop online and find everything you need. Add your favourite items to a wishlist for later, surprise a friend from afar on their birthday with a gift card or checkout now with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide!


What does glassware mean?
Glassware refers to any type of container or vessel made from glass that you intend to use for drinking liquids. This can mean glasses for alcohol, juice or water as well as items such as jugs, decanters and carafes that can be used to hold and store the liquid until it's ready to be poured and enjoyed.

What are the major types of glassware?
There are many types of glassware to choose from depending on the occasion and beverage of choice. The major ones include:

  1. Wine glasses - This includes both red and white wine glasses.

  2. Spirits and cocktail glasses - This category includes many types of glassware, from DOF drinking glasses and whiskey glasses to margarita, martini and highball glasses.

  3. Water and juice glasses - A glass tumbler can hold the right amount of water or juice.

  4. Double wall glasses - A double wall glass will keep drinks hot or cold for longer.

  5. Beer glasses - You can find pilsners, pints, beer steins, beer mugs, lager glasses and more for drinking every type of beer.

  6. Champagne glasses - This includes slender champagne flutes and champagne coupes with wide bowls for better aeration.