Let’s set the record straight: every good meal deserves a great table setting! We’ve considered all the factors that go into choosing the right tableware, like material, quality, look and feel, to deliver crockery, cutlery and servingware that will turn your dining table dreams into a reality.

Choosing the right dinnerware for your needs and lifestyle

A great dinnerware set is more than just a way to showcase your wonderful creations. It should also set the tone of the event and determine whether it is casual or formal as well as reflect your personal style and how you prefer to eat and entertain. To choose the right dinnerware set for you, you’ll need to consider tone, configuration, style and shape. Your dinnerware set should also complement your existing home decor for a unified look. Kitchen Warehouse has a stunning selection of dinnerware sets, bowls and plates to choose from by leading brands like Salisbury & Co and Ecology. From classic porcelain plates to painted stoneware side plates, break-resistant bowls and deep noodle bowls - find exactly what you need to entertain your way at Kitchen Warehouse!

Types of dinnerware sets - Know your dinnerware materials

The focal point of any dining table is the beautiful crockery you choose to place on it. Before you consider patterns and colour, you’ll need to decide which material will best suit your dining needs. These are the most common materials you will find and their benefits:

  • Earthenware - Earthenware dinner sets are sturdy, heavy and have a rustic aesthetic. They are excellent for casual dining.

  • Stoneware - Stoneware dinnerware is more durable than earthenware and has a glazed finish which makes them ideal for everyday use. The Salisbury & Co Siena Noodle Bowl is a fine example!

  • Porcelain - Porcelain plates and bowls have been fired at high temperatures for incredible durability and look elegant for special occasions.

  • Bone China - Dinnerware made from bone china is lightweight and classy. It’s also chip-resistant! The Maxwell & WIlliams Cashmere Rim Dinner Plate is also microwave and oven-safe.

  • Melamine - Melamine is shatter-proof which makes it perfect for daily use and outdoor entertaining. The Serroni Melamine Plate will add a pop of colour to your dining table!

Dinner plate to entree plates - dinnerware essentials - what you need for beginners

If you’re just starting to build your dinnerware collection, the sheer amount of items to choose from can quickly make it overwhelming. Simplify things by starting out with the basics, then grow your collection over time. A plate set or bowl set is great for families. Consider these dinnerware staples:

  • Dinner plates

  • Bowls

  • Side plates or entree plate

  • Soup and cereal bowl

Extra items you may wish to include are salad plates, cake stands, rice bowls and pasta bowls.

Features to look out for when choosing your dinnerware

These features will help you to choose dinnerware that is suited your needs:

  • Size - The amount of dinnerware you will need depends on how many guests you intend to serve. You can find dinner sets for one person up to 18 or more.

  • Shape - Rounds shapes are classic, while square, oval and oblong shapes are edgier and more modern.

  • Configuration and pieces - Dinnerware sets come in many configurations and can include a combination of different types of plates and bowls.

  • Care requirements - Some dinnerware will be dishwasher-safe while others will need to be washed individually by hand to prevent chips and cracks.

  • Style - Your dinnerware should reflect your personal style and home decor, from the colour to the pattern and texture. Choose from classic, quirky, rustic, modern and much more.

  • Durability and replace-ability - Melamine dinnerware is break-resistant which makes it a great choice for outdoor dining. Porcelain and bone china are very durable but can crack or chip if not handled properly.

  • Coupe or rimmed - Dinnerware with a rim is great for more formal occasions, while coupe dinner sets are ideal for informal eating.

Assessing space considerations

Before you rush out to buy a dinnerware set, it’s important to consider how much space you have to store it. Will you have one dedicated dinnerware set for every occasion or will you need multiple for casual and formal events? Don’t forget that you will need to share storage space with other tableware essentials, such as glassware, tablecloths, cutlery and utensils.

Ways to buy dinnerware

Dinnerware comes in a variety of different buying options. The right choice for you will depend on your personal needs and circumstances. You can find:

  • Place settings - This is dinnerware that is sold in sets and contains the most common items you would need at a dining table, such as dinner plate, bowl, side plate and soup bowl. They are ideal for those who are just starting to build their dinnerware collection.

  • Open stock/individually - These are dinnerware items that can be purchased individually. This is ideal for those who want to add to their collection or who want to mix and match. The Falcon Enamelware Dinner Plate in Duck Egg Blue would make a gorgeous addition to any vintage dinnerware collection and can be paired with a matching mug, side plate, cereal bowl, pasta plate and tumbler for a complete set!

  • Boxed sets - A boxed set is a set of place settings for each person who will sit at the table. Twelve piece dinner sets are popular for small families, such as the Salt & Pepper Hana Dinner Set or Ecology Speckle Dinner Set with 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls and 4 side plates. Place settings can also include mugs and servingware.

Additional dining accessories to consider when purchasing dinnerware

These additional dining accessories will ensure every dining event is a special occasion!

Brands we know and trust

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Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is an example of dinnerware? Dinnerware refers to any plate, bowl or saucer that you use to enjoy your food and beverages at the dining table. It can include crockery such as soup bowls, rice bowls and cereal bowls as well as dinner plates, side plates, salad plates and entree plates. These are paired with cutlery and servingware, such as tumblers, jugs and placemats, to create a unified table setting for any casual or formal occasion.

What is the difference between a plate and a bowl? A dinner bowl is a vessel that has curved or sloped sides and is used to hold both solid and semi-solid foods as well as liquids. A dinner plate is a flat piece of dinnerware that is typically raised around the edges and is used for eating mains, salads, desserts, bread and much more. There are different types of plates and bowls, including wide salad plates, rice bowls, dessert plates and dinner plates.