Butter dishes

Apart from looking stylish and attractive sitting on your table, a butter dish is great for keeping butter at room temperature so it’s easy to spread. From vintage to modern, select your style and get it shipped anywhere in Australia.

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Choosing a butter dish

It can be hard to imagine there’s much to consider because, in principle, butter dishes all do the same thing; they help regulate temperature so you don’t hack your bread to pieces trying to spread your butter or end up with a melted mess. However, what sets one apart from the other is typically the design and material used. . So, when choosing a butter dish there are three simple things you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do I like how it looks? Personal style and taste will absolutely factor into your decision but also think about whether you would like it to match your other tableware pieces.
  2. Is the material sturdy? Choosing a durable material like stoneware will help to keep butter fresher for longer, which is exactly what you want for those long, leisurely weekend breakfasts.
  3. Is it dishwasher safe? Just as it matters for choosing dinnerware or other kitchenware pieces, when it comes to selecting a butter keeper, convenience and easy cleaning can only be a good thing.

Types of butter dishes

Hard, cold butter and crusty, fluffy loaves are definitely not a match made in heaven. A good quality butter dish is a must for home cooks to achieve a creamy and smooth spread and there is a clear difference between a butter dish and a butter crock. While a butter dish is the term most commonly used to describe both, a butter crock (or butter bell) will often look like a storage container and have an airtight lid (great if you don’t like to store butter in the fridge). A butter dish, however, can look like a small platter with a domed lid over the top, and is more often used as a piece of servingware as opposed to a long term butter container. At Kitchen Warehouse, we tend to use the phrase butter dish.

Butter dishes to use for those special occasions

Special occasions When presentation is everything, opt for a clean and contemporary butter dish for the heart of your table. We recommend either a classic white porcelain butter dish like the Maxwell & Williams White Basics Diamonds butter dish or a clear glass butter dish from top brands like Kilner. Keeping it pared back means it will blend in seamlessly with your table setting and kitchen decor.

Everyday use A stoneware butter dish like the ones we have by Le Creuset are ideal for daily use because they are made from highly durable material and will stand the test of time.

Buying your butter dish online at Kitchen Warehouse We take great care in packaging our items so your new butter dish arrives in its original condition. We also offer free shipping on orders over $100 at checkout as well as Click & Collect so you can revive your wishlist and save on delivery fees. You can also take a look at customer reviews and read over product details to ensure you make the best possible selection.


What is the purpose of a butter dish? There are two reasons people buy a butter dish. One, to serve and present butter in a more attractive way and two, to preserve and prolong the life of butter without the need for refrigeration. As temperatures rise across Australia, having a butter dish that will keep butter from melting in the heat while you dine is a must so a butter keeper, especially one with an airtight lid and silicone seal, is a great choice. If you would prefer to leave your butter out on the counter or in the pantry instead of in the fridge, a butter crock or butter bell is the way to go as it can be filled with water, which is what keeps the butter at optimum temperature, giving you the ability to keep butter fresh for up to a month without refrigeration.

What is the best material for a butter dish? All butter dish materials have their merits so it really all comes down to how you choose to use your butter dish.

  • Ceramic. A ceramic butter dish has natural cooling properties and is an excellent choice for keeping butter at just the right temperature.

  • Melamine. A melamine butter dish is ideal for outside dining or taking away on camping trips as it’s virtually unbreakable.

  • Porcelain. A porcelain butter dish is a very popular choice and is a classic option if you want to use it as more of a servingware piece.

  • Stainless steel. A stainless steel butter dish is very easy to maintain and will last a long time. They also look really sleek and contemporary.

  • Stoneware. A stoneware butter dish is perhaps the most timeless of all. Not only are they beautifully made, you can get them in a variety of colourways to suit your decor.

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