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Serving dishes

Discover the exciting collection of serving dishes at Kitchen Warehouse. From platters to bowls, plates and trays, we stock all the stylish servingware you need to make a gorgeous table setting at an affordable price.

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From fruit bowls to taco holders, find every type of serving dish here

Not only do they make life easier, but beautiful serving dishes look spectacular on the table. At Kitchen Warehouse, we carry the perfect dish for all food types and cuisines. From taco holders, tapas dishes and cake platters to fruit bowls, discover the right piece to make your food look as good as it should.

Level up entertaining with beautiful serving plates and platters

Making an impression is easy with the help of some stylish serving ware. A fabulous salad bowl, a chic metal serving tray or an elegant cake stand has the potential to elevate your table setting to the next level. Impress guests with a cheese board made from beautiful Acacia wood or wine poured from a dramatic glass decanter.

Dinnerware sets to match your style

Dinner sets are a chance to get creative and let your style shine. Kitchen Warehouse has plenty to inspire you, from classic porcelain to elegant stoneware and luxurious wood. Choose a colour theme for a traditional dinner setting or mix it up with different styles to make your table setting a work of art.

Serving dishes vs platters - what is the difference?

Serving dishes are plates or dishes used to hold food to be served during a meal. Platters are serving trays, often used for canapes, cheese or antipasto. Platters can be carried outside, taken down to the pool or sat upon a bar.

Get to know your materials

The right material depends on how you plan to use your servingware. Whilst China might be beautiful in the dining room, Melamine may be more practical for the deck. Choose from a wide selection of materials made to suit the occasion:

  • Wood - Beautiful for breadboards, cheese platters and fruit bowls

  • Plastic - Easy care, practical for outdoor dining and available in fun colours and prints

  • Ceramic - Elegant, durable and great for keeping food warm

  • Stainless steel - Chic, functional and long lasting

Match your servingware to your meal

Have fun matching your servingware to your meal. Pull out the Royal Doulton for a Sunday roast, place tapas on a serving board for a casual lunch, or decorate an oval platter with salmon blini for the cocktail party. The opportunities are endless.

Extensive range of serving platters and serving bowls

The sky's the limit when it comes to presenting your food. Discover your next beautiful collection of dinner plates or that unique piece of kitchenware you’ve been missing. At Kitchen Warehouse, you can also find the perfect gift for a loved one, from the sophisticated to the quirky:

  • Egg cups

  • Taco holders

  • Custard cups

  • Butter dishes

  • Fruit bowls

  • Condiment dishes

  • Gravy boats

Keep your butter fresh with butter dishes

Not only does it look great, but a butter dish keeps your butter at the perfect spreadable temperature. Leave butter out on the bench as long as you like with a cute, modern, or classic dish.

Choose the right shaped dish for your food

The sight and smell of your dish are as important as the taste. Select the right dish to complement all your hard work and impress the guests before they have even taken a bite.

Considerations in selecting serving dishes

Key considerations are durability, material, and style. Will your dishes be used in a formal setting, or do you want something casual and relaxed? Kitchen Warehouse has a huge range of serving dishes to cater for every need.

Features to look out for when purchasing servingware

Make sure that the size of the servingware is appropriate for your cupboard space and your table. Also, check the care instructions and warranty to see how they may benefit you.

Storing your serving dishes properly

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when storing your serving dishes. Proper storage will ensure you get the most of your kitchenware for years to come.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Follow the care instructions to keep your serveware in top shape. Check the washing instructions to make sure that it suits your lifestyle. If you dread the idea of handwashing, there are plenty of excellent dishwasher-safe options.

Other tableware accessories to use with serving dishes

Don't forget to consider all the other pieces you might need to complete the dinner table. At Kitchen Warehouse, we have all the best tools to make your soiree a total success:

  • Teapots, saucers and sugar bowls

  • Side plates and cutlery

  • Tablecloths, napkins and placemats

  • Dessert plates

  • Salad servers

  • Jugs and glassware

Don’t forget to check out the extensive range of cookware, including bakeware, saucepans, blenders and much more. With free delivery on orders over $100, it pays to purchase several items from your wishlist at once.

The highest quality servingware

From the extremely affordable to the extravagant, you will find high-quality servingware at every price point. Shop from Australian and international favourites like Ecology, Ladelle and Maxwell & Williams to make your next dinner party an event to be remembered.


What serving plates do I need? An excellent place to start is with the basic servingware upon which you can build your collection:

  • Several small to midsize serving bowls

  • A large size serving bowl

  • An oversized showpiece serving bowl

  • A square platter

  • An oval platter

What are the different types of serving dishes?

Serving dishes are anything you can use to bring food to the table. There are countless styles of serving dishes, including soup bowls, cutting boards, ramekins, salad bowls, gratin dishes, platters, specialty trays and much more.