Santoku knives

Santoku knives

Add a Santoku knife to your collection and you'll never look back. Slice through the trickiest ingredients with absolute precision and ease. Choose from brands such as Wushtof, Shun and Global.

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Mince and dice with precision with the santoku knife

As the ultimate cook’s knife in Japan, the santoku knife translates to ’three virtues’ which refers to slicing, dicing and chopping. Santoku knives are lighter, thinner and more balanced than Western-style knives with a flat cutting edge which makes them perfect for tasks that require precision and refinement. Easily mince and dice small ingredients for any dish, from fruit and veggies to meat and fish, or effortlessly create thin slices of sashimi with impeccable presentation and a clean cut.

Shop the best santoku knives at Kitchen Warehouse from prestigious brands like Furi, Shun and Yaxell at the best prices below RRP.

Feel like a professional chef in your own home with a santoku knife

Japanese knives are praised by professional chefs and home cooks alike for their unrivalled ability to finely slice, chop and dice a huge variety of ingredients with precise and clean results. As one of the most versatile types of knives, many chefs choose them as their go-to knife for multitasking in the kitchen. With the right santoku knife, you can:

  • Cut meat

  • Slice cheese

  • Dice or finely slice fruit and vegetables

  • Mince meat and herbs

  • Scoop food off a cutting board

  • Fillet a fish and more

Multipurpose knives to add to your collection

A santoku knife is a multipurpose knife that can get nearly any job done in the kitchen. It can take on the role of various kitchen knives so that you can save money and storage space. Santoku knives can replace paring knives for dicing small ingredients, filleting knives for cutting fish, boning and carving knives for cutting up meat and more. The only thing a santoku knife can’t do is cut through bone as it doesn’t have a heavy blade. For this job, use a cleaver instead.

Take home cooking to the next level with the collections of santoku knives

Add a santoku knife to your collection for a reliable all-rounder that will make many food prep tasks a breeze. Consider these high quality options:

  • Scanpan Classic Santoku Knife 18cm

  • Yaxell Zen Santoku Knife 16.5cm

  • Global Santoku Granton Edge Knife 18cm

  • Furi Pro East West Santoku Knife 17cm

  • Wusthof Classic Granton Edge Santoku Knife 17cm

Cleaning and maintaining santoku blades

It is recommended that you hand wash most santoku knives to preserve their quality. To sharpen, you can use a whetstone or a knife sharpening steel. Be sure to check first whether it’s a single bevel or double bevel blade. To store your santoku knife, a knife block is a great way to save space and keep your blades sharp and protected. Browse our knife holders to display your knife set with room for all types of knives, including utility knives, bread knives, nakiri knives and steak knives.

Many of our santoku knives come with a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

Dice and cut your fruit and veggies with ease

When you need something bigger than a paring knife but still require precision, a santoku knife can get the job done. Dice and cut uniform pieces of food quickly and easily with a knife like the Pyrolux Santoku Knife 13cm.

Santoku knives have hollow indentations to reduce friction when cutting

The Wusthof Classic Granton Santoku Knife 17cm features a Granton blade with scalloped grooves along the side that effectively reduces friction and suction when prepping food on a chopping board. Work quickly to slice, dice and mince ingredients with a blade crafted from high-carbon stainless steel for maximum durability.

The Shun Premier Santoku Knife with a blade length of 18cm is another top choice. It’s handcrafted in Japan with 68 micro layers of Damascus cladding and a hammered finish for easier food release.

A Japanese blade with stability and balance

Japanese knives, particularly santoku knives, are valued for their balance which makes them easier and lighter to hold and use with complete control over your actions. These knives available at Kitchen Warehouse will make prepping your meals fast and easy:

  • Wusthof Classic Santoku Knife 17cm

  • Scanpan Santoku Knife 12.5cm

  • Mundial Santoku Knife 18cm

  • Global Sai Santoku Knife 19cm

Stainless steel strength providing more control over your chopping and dicing

High quality santoku blades are crafted with stainless steel or carbon steel to make them durable and corrosion resistant. Japanese steel blades are lighter and harder than Western-style blades which makes them excel at precision cutting but more prone to chipping.

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Brands we know and trust

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What is a santoku knife best for?

A santoku knife is best for cutting very thin slices of food where precision is required as they are lightweight and incredibly balanced to allow for greater control. They require you to use a forward and backward motion rather than a rocking motion and are great for slicing fish, meat, fruit and veggies. They are also ideal for mincing and dicing.

What is a santoku knife vs chef's knife?

Technically, a santoku knife is a type of chef knife but differs in style and shape to French or German chef knives. Santoku knife blades are thin, flexible and shorter than a chef knife blade. They are lighter than chef knives with a balanced weight for refined slicing that requires more precision.