Stovetop espresso makers

Create an authentic cup of espresso with a stovetop coffee maker. Shop a wide range of stainless steel moka pots in Australia and learn how to use stove top coffee pots in our guide below to make the best coffee, every time.



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Buying a stove top coffee maker

Enjoying an authentic cup of Italian-style coffee is easy with a coffee percolator. Customise the brew to your preferred strength and keep your coffee warmer for longer during the morning rush. With an extensive range of coffee machines at Kitchen Warehouse, you’ll never make a bad cup of coffee again!

Aspects to consider

  • Material. Most stove top coffee makers are available in a range of materials from stainless steel to aluminium or even enamel.

  • Size and capacity. The size you choose will depend on your coffee intake, personal preferences, and budget. Available in a range of sizes to make multiple cups of coffee or just coffee for one.

  • Compatibility with your stove. There are a range of different home stoves including gas, electric, ceramic and induction stovetops. While most pots are compatible with gas and electric, not all are compatible with induction so be sure to choose a coffee maker suitable for your stove.

  • Price. Stove top coffee makers are available in a range of price points from budget to high-end imports. Consider your coffee making requirements and frequency of use before purchasing to get the most value for your money.

Aluminium vs stainless steel - which one is best?

In most cases, aluminium tends to be the less expensive option. Stainless steel pots feature mainly at the higher end of the market due to its high quality and durable properties. If you prefer the solid look and feel of stainless steel as well as being easy to clean, then stainless steel is a great choice.

Aluminium is still a great option however, particularly if it’s made with anodised aluminium which is corrosive resistant and more hardy than standard aluminium. In fact, aluminium tends to be more efficient at conducting heat than stainless steel.

Benefits of using a stove top coffee maker

  • No expensive or bulky machines needed to create an authentic cup of coffee.

  • Strong and intense barista style coffee.

  • Customise your strength of coffee.

  • Easy to clean and store.

  • Coffee stays warmer for longer.

  • Creates a rich crema.

  • Used to make lattes, cappuccinos, and even cold brews.

Best moka pots for beginners

Coffee makers in a classic design that are lightweight, portable, has a quick brew time and compatible with electric and gas stove cook tops is a great option for beginners.

Step-by-step guide to brewing method:

  • Use a regular stovetop kettle to get your water near boiling. Preheating water shortens the brew time and helps with over extraction, which can cause bitterness.

  • Fill the bottom chamber with water or the bottom of your brewer with hot water, up to the level of the safety valve on the side.

  • Fill the filter basket with fresh coffee grounds - the basket must be filled and then levelled at the top.

  • Insert the basket, which should nestle into the top of the lower chamber, with its tube pointing down into the water.

  • Screw the chambers together tightly.

  • Place on stove hobs with medium-low heat and keep the lid open.

  • Once the upper chamber is filled with coffee, the coffee will begin to bubble and spurt at the spout, at which point remove from the heat.

  • Allow coffee to settle, pour into your coffee cup and enjoy!

High-end stove top coffee makers

High-quality coffee makers will provide full flavour and more nuanced coffee notes at an optimal brew temperature, satisfying the most serious of coffee aficionados.

Tips to try with your stove top espresso maker

  • Use filtered water where possible.

  • Always use freshly ground coffee and grind to a good consistency.

  • Be mindful of the right amount of water needed in the chamber.

Must-have coffee making tools and accessories

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Always hand wash your stove top coffee maker in warm soapy water, dry with a clean tea towel and then allow to air dry fully to preserve the quality and maintain hygiene.

  • Never clean in the dishwasher as this will destroy the protective coating of the coffee pots, affecting the brewing process and changing the quality and taste of your coffee.

Brands we know and trust

We carry the best stovetop espresso makers and espresso machines from Australia and around the world such as Bialetti Moka Pots, Bialetti Musa, Bialetti Brikka, Bialetti Mini Express as well as high-end brands such as Avanti and Alessi. Explore the wide range we have available at Kitchen Warehouse.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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How do you use a stovetop coffee maker?
Making coffee is simple with a stovetop coffee maker. Simply fill the bottom chamber with water to the indicated level, and fill the basket with freshly ground coffee. Screw the two chambers together and place on heat. Once water has filled the top chamber and begins to bubble at the top, remove from heat, pour into the cup and enjoy.

What is the difference between a stovetop coffee maker and a regular coffee maker?
The coffee from a stove top coffee maker is often 5-8 times as concentrated as regular drip coffee. The end result is coffee that is intense, full-bodied, and very flavourful.