Potato Ricers

The key to the fluffiest, smoothest mashed potatoes is a potato ricer. This seemingly superfluous tool will transform your homemade mash, eliminating potato lumps and grit like no other utensil can.

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Simple construction and easy to use potato ricers

Our high-quality potato ricers make getting creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes a breeze. Simply place cooked potatoes or other foods into the end of the ricer and squeeze the handles together to push it through the holes and create a heavenly mash that is as silky as it is light. With the right potato ricer, you can make everything from mashed spuds for boiling gnocchi to pureed baby food and textured dips.

Pick up a potato press with special features to suit your needs. We have ricers with soft handles that are super easy to squeeze, interchangeable disc sizes and removable baskets so that cleaning up is fast and hassle-free.

From the Joseph Joseph Helix Potato Ricer to stainless steel potato ricers by Oxo Good Grips - styles and ## features to look out for

You can count on quality and durability when you shop at Kitchen Warehouse. Discover heavy duty stainless steel ricers that can easily push through white potatoes, sweet potatoes and other types of cooked veggies, including tomatoes, cauliflower and carrots. The Joseph Joseph Helix Potato Ricer uses a simple twisting mechanism to crush food to perfection without effort and is a great alternative to a bulky food mill.

There's also the Oxo Good Grips 3-in-1 Adjustable Potato Ricer with three texture settings that will take you from fine to course, a non-slip handle and removable compartments for easy cleaning. Another top choice is the Davis & Waddell Napoli Stainless Steel Potato Ricer which is ideal for creating the silkiest puree and finest mash using potatoes, tomato, fruit and other ingredients.

Size really does matter with potato ricers

Potato ricers have perforated discs with different hole sizes so that you can choose what texture you want your mash to have. Small holes will give you a fine puree while larger holes will give you courser pieces that resemble rice. Many of our ricers come with interchangeable discs so that you can choose your preference each time, such as the Appetito Potato Ricer Chrome.

Look at the handle for comfort of use

The best comfortable handles will be made from a material like silicone. This material is softer on the hands which is great if you are making a lot of mash. The Progressive PL8 Professional Potato Ricer has long handles crafted with silicone for enhanced comfort and a non-slip grip.

Removable basket for easy cleaning

Make cleaning up even easier with a removable basket. The Savannah White Potato Ricer performs like a giant garlic press with 2 different sized discs for making smooth mashed potatoes and a fine puree. The basket is removable so you can quickly scrub away any food stuck in the tiny holes.

Difference between a potato masher and ricer

The secret to the perfect mash lies in the way the potato is broken down. A masher is used by pressing down on the potatoes and twisting until a creamy consistency is achieved. The problem with this method is that the more you mash, the more you develop the gelatinised starches inside the potato and risk creating a gluey mass.

A potato ricer helps to avoid over-mashing. By pushing the potato through small holes, you are incorporating air into them which gives you creamy mashed potatoes with a lightly whipped texture that doesn't need to be stirred too much afterwards.

Other kitchen gadgets and appliances to consider when buying a potato ricer

We have plenty of other tools, kitchenware and appliances to fast-track food preparation and help you make incredible, tasty meals no matter what your skill level:

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

Buying your new potato ricer online has never been easier with Kitchen Warehouse. Browse our selection of ricers from leading brands and add the items you want to the shopping cart for checkout. Our gift cards are a great option if you know someone who loves to cook and can be used online or in-store! We offer free delivery when you spend over $100 Australia-wide or you can pick up your goodies by visiting your nearest Kitchen Warehouse.


Is it worth getting a potato ricer?
A potato ricer isn't essential but it can give you wonderful results if you tend to make a lot of mashed food. A ricer will make lighter, fluffier mash without lumps and offers flexibility as to how fine or coarse you want the texture. It's easier to use than a blender and less work than using a fork, so food prep will be quicker and cleaning up will be fuss-free.

What is the purpose of a potato ricer?
A potato ricer is a kitchen gadget that can help you create the perfect mash. It features two handles with a perforated vessel on one end and a plunger on the other. When you place the cooked potato inside the vessel and squeeze the device together, the plunger forces it through the tiny holes into a light and creamy mash. While it's fantastic with potatoes, you can also use it for other tasks, such as making baby food and straining food.

What are the benefits of using a potato ricer?
Potato ricers are more than just a one-hit-wonder; you can use these kitchen tools in a variety of ways and with a range of different foods. They are also easier to clean and use than food processors. Here's why you need to add one to your collection:

  • Create silky, light mash without clumps, from potatoes to cauliflower and carrots

  • Puree tomatoes for a tomato sauce

  • Drain water out of food, such as frozen spinach

  • Make easy-to-eat baby food

  • Break down hard boiled eggs for an egg salad

  • Make guacamole and other dips

  • Choose from different texture options