Garlic crushers

A garlic crusher is a useful kitchen tool that breaks down garlic cloves for maximum flavour without the mess. Shop the best products in Australia for crushing garlic, including stainless steel crushers and the Oxo Good Grips Garlic Press.

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Finding the right garlic crusher for your needs

When it comes to kitchen tools that fast-track food preparation, the humble garlic crusher is a staple in many Australian households. This small utensil makes the tedious task of slicing or chopping fresh garlic cloves fast and easy so that you can whip up tasty, fragrant meals in a flash - and avoid the dreaded garlicky fingers! Not all garlic crushers are created equal. Before you buy one, you should consider:

  1. Type - From traditional garlic crushers that you squeeze to rockers and dual garlic presses that both crush and slice, choose a product that suits your needs.

  2. Material - There are garlic crushers made from silicone, stainless steel, aluminium, BPA-free plastic and more.

  3. Ease of use - Look for features such as soft grip handles for comfort and additional scraper tools to make cleaning easier.

Types of garlic crushers to choose from

The type of garlic crusher you choose will depend on personal preference and budget. The most common types of garlic crushers include:

  • Garlic crusher - This is the most common type of garlic press and requires you to squeeze the handles to crush the garlic clove inside.

  • Rocker - A rocker crushes garlic by being moved back and forth over the clove. They are easier to clean than regular garlic crushers.

  • Twisting garlic press - A garlic press twister works by turning the device repeatedly until you get the desired texture.

  • Garlic chopper - A garlic chopper results in a coarser texture. The Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper features internal gears that chop garlic when the device is rolled.

  • Dual-purpose slice/crush presser - If you like to move between crushed garlic and sliced garlic, a dual-purpose presser will let you do both with two different chambers.

Material matters

The most effective garlic crushers are made of a durable material that can withstand the pressure of mincing garlic on a regular basis. As such, an aluminium or stainless steel garlic press is a popular choice as they are strong, rust-resistant, hygienic and long-lasting. Most metal garlic crushers will have soft handles for a more comfortable grip. As an alternative, plastic garlic crushers also work well and are generally more affordable.

Factors to consider when purchasing a garlic press

These factors will help you to choose a garlic crusher that is easy to use and meets all of your cooking needs:

  • Construction - There are aluminium garlic crushers, stainless steel with BPA_free plastic handles.

  • Style - Do you prefer to squeeze handles together, use a rocking motion, or crush with one hand?

  • Hole size and shape - This will determine whether you end up with a coarse or fine garlic texture.

  • Basket styles - The size and shape of the basket, or chamber, will determine how many garlic cloves you can fit in at once.

Garlic crusher benefits

There's plenty of perks to adding a garlic crusher to your collection of kitchen tools. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Fast and convenient

  • Maximum flavour and aroma

  • Better distribution of garlic in food

  • No strong garlic smell on your fingers and chopping board

  • Easy cleaning

From the Dreamfarm Garject to the Oxo Good Grips Garlic Press - high-quality garlic crushers available

Kitchen Warehouse has a garlic crusher to suit you and your budget. The Dreamfarm Garject Lite Garlic Crusher will press multiple cloves of garlic at once with the peel still on before scraping itself clean to eliminate all of the hard work for you! It also comes with a replacement warranty to ensure you get years of good use out of it.

For a heavy-duty garlic crusher, the Zyliss Susi 3 is made from aluminium and effectively crushes unpeeled garlic to a pulp using a plunger design for heater effect. If you prefer a dual-purpose crusher, the Avanti Garlic press and Slicer has 2 chambers for switching between slicing and crushing.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Most garlic mincers will be dishwasher-safe, while some may need to be hand washed in soapy water. Check your individual product details for the correct maintenance information. You can use an old toothbrush or a toothpick to remove stuck garlic and residue from the tiny holes.

Graters, peelers and slicers - other kitchen utensils and accessories to consider when buying a garlic crusher

These kitchen gadgets and utensils are designed to make a multitude of kitchen tasks quicker and easier:

Brands we know and trust

Discover the best garlic press and other kitchenware essentials by the world's most sought-after brands at the lowest prices, including Joseph Joseph, Zyliss, Avanti, Jamie Oliver by Tefal, Oxo, Dreamfarm and KitchenAid.

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Is a garlic crusher worth it?
While not essential, a garlic crusher makes easy work of adding garlic into any dish. It is much quicker than chopping or slicing each individual clove with a kitchen knife and the act of crushing the clove releases the flavour and aroma that's locked inside so that the final meal has a stronger garlic taste.

What is the best way to extract garlic flavour?
Put the knife aside - many food experts agree that crushing garlic is the most effective way to impart maximum garlic flavour into your dish! This is because the garlic clove is broken down in the garlic press which releases all of its natural juices and oils and results in a more intense flavour. Minced garlic also has the texture of a chunky puree so it can be more fully incorporated into other ingredients for even distribution.