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Induction grill pans

Induction grill pans

An induction grill plate produces classic barbeque flavours and grill marks but with the convenience of induction compatibility. Shop our quality square, round and rectangular grill pans, including non-stick, cast iron and combination pieces. 



The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of a product is the price at which the manufacturer or wholesaler recommends that the retailer sells the product and is not necessarily the price at which it has been offered for sale in the market.

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Choosing the right induction grill plate for your needs

For tasty BBQ food all year round, a grill plate is an essential piece of cookware in any home. If you have an induction cooktop, it’s important that you choose a high-quality grill pan that is compatible with your cooking surface.

Kitchen Warehouse have induction stovetop grill plates by trusted brands made from hard anodised aluminium, carbon steel, cast iron and enamelled cast iron.

Grill pan vs griddle - is there a difference?

Both grill pans and griddle pans can be used to grill food on cooktops and replicate the flavour of a BBQ. The only difference between them is the surface. A grill pan has raised ridges that leave sear marks on food while griddles have a flat surface.

You can find cast iron square grill pans and rectangular grills at Kitchen Warehouse as well as reversible and combination grill pans with griddles.

Factors to consider when buying an induction grill plate

Make sure you get a grill pan that’s fit for your cooking needs by thinking about:

  • Material. Non-stick grill pans are great on medium heat and are easy to clean, while cast iron grill pans provide even heat distribution and retention for even browning. You can also find pre-seasoned cast iron enamel pans, hard anodised pans and carbon steel pans.

  • Size and weight. A large 53cm rectangular grill pan is best for bigger families while a 25cm square pan is great for two people.

  • Non-stick properties. A non-stick coating prevents food from becoming stuck to the surface which makes the pan easier to clean.

  • Ridge quality. The deeper the ridges, the more defined you will get the grill lines on your food. They also let the juices run off the food more easily for a crispy finish.

  • Durability. A high quality grill pan will last you many years of regular use. Cast iron is virtually indestructible and can withstand extreme temperatures.

  • Price. The price of a grill plate will depend on the brand, the material, the size and the construction. Some grill pans also come with extra features that increase their value, such as silicone handles to prevent burns.

The many benefits of having an induction grill pan

There’s plenty to love about cooking with an induction grill pan:

  • They mimic the chargrilled flavours of a BBQ on an indoor cooktop.

  • You can get defined grill pan marks on meat for aesthetic appearance and enhanced flavour.

  • The ridges allow juices to run off food for a crispy finish.

  • Cast iron grill pans offer even heat distribution and retention for even cooking.

  • Non-stick grill pans and non-stick cookware have a specially applied non-stick surface that allows food to slip off easily and makes cleaning up a breeze.

  • The wide surface allows you to cook food all at once in a single layer.

  • Finish off your food in the oven with an oven safe grill plate.

Easy recipes to try on your induction grill plate

An induction grill pan dares you to get creative with your meals. Perfect that smokey, chargrilled flavour with these dishes:

  • Grilled salmon and homemade salsa

  • Seared tuna with Thai salad

  • Pork chops with grilled veggies

  • Beef tenderloin steak with sautéed mushrooms

  • Grilled prawn tacos with salad

  • Sliders with the works

  • Chicken souvlaki skewers

Induction grill accessories and induction cookware to buy with your pan

Make the most of your grill plate and broaden your culinary skills with these extra accessories and induction cookware essentials:

Maintenance, cleaning and care

While some induction grill plates may be dishwasher safe, it’s best to wash cast iron grill plates by hand and follow the instructions on the product to season correctly. Many of our grill pans come with an extensive or lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Brands we know and trust

Discover all of the best brands with prices below RRP at Kitchen Warehouse, including family favourites like Scanpan, Chasseur, Le Creuset, Stanley Rogers and Tefal.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

As leaders in kitchenware, we’ve got you covered for all of your induction cooking needs. Simply add your favourites to a wishlist to buy later or checkout today with free delivery when you spend over $100 Australia wide. Got a friend who loves to BBQ? Our gift cards will give them the opportunity to pick up a high quality induction grill pan to add to their own collection!


What is an induction plate? An induction grill plate is a type of frypan with raised ridges that is compatible with induction cookers. With a magnetic base, they allow you to capture the flavours of grilled food on the BBQ indoors or wherever you go. Check out the Scanpan Classic Induction Square Grill Pan 27cm that’s PFOA-free and oven safe for finishing off your meals to perfection.

Can you grill on an induction cooktop? Absolutely - you just need an induction grill pan with a magnetic base. At Kitchen Warehouse, choose from square or rectangular grill pans, reversible grill pans with griddles, cast iron pans for even cooking, non-stick pans for easy cleaning and stunning enamelled cast iron pans that come pre-seasoned so you can start grilling right away!