Splatter guards and screens

Splatter guards and screens

Prevent cooking spatters and spills in the kitchen with a splatter guard. Shop the range of stainless steel or silicone splatter screens and enjoy mess free cooking. 



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Enjoy grease-free stovetops with a high-quality splatter guard

Save hours of scrubbing and cleaning your stove after each use with a stainless steel splatter guard. Also known as a splatter screen, it catches spitting oils or bubbling spillovers from pots and pans while cooking, as well as preventing dangerous burns.

Splatter guards are available in a range of styles and sizes, and some with added features, making it easy to find the perfect design for all home cooks.

Benefits of using a splatter guard when cooking

Keeps your stovetop clean
When cooking meat, fish and even vegetables on your stovetop, oils and other juices spit out of the pan and onto the stovetop or splashback, creating a greasy and not to mention, unsightly mess.

A splatter guard will catch all the oil splatter reducing your clean up time to an absolute minimum.

Prevent grease burns and stains
A splatter guard will protect your body from dangerous burns caused by oil splash to exposed areas such as the face, neck and hands, as well as prevent difficult to remove stains on clothing.

Allows steam to escape
Splatter guards allow cooking steam to escape so that food such as meat can cook properly. The mesh also allows full visibility to see how food is progressing and when it’s ready to take off the stove.

Considerations when buying a splatter guard

  • Size. While most splatter guards are a one size fits all design, there are also screens that have ridges to fit various size pots and pans more snugly. When a screen is made to a certain size, it can typically be used for any pan up to the size of the screen.

  • Material. Look for a splatter guard made of material that is highly durable and able to maintain its quality and shape such as a stainless steel splatter screen.

  • Durability. A strong and durable screen that won’t warp or fall apart during use, storage, and cleaning is ideal.

  • Construction. There are various styles to choose from depending on your cooking habits such as fine mesh to larger, spaced-out holes. or the collapsible conical guards that go into the pan, expand, and protrude upwards and outwards creating a wall to block splatters.

  • Versatility. A splatter guard that can fit various size pots and pans is ideal for general use and easy storage.

Special features to look out for in a splatter guard

  • Non-slip folding handles: Generally available in stainless steel, rubber or plastic handles that are heat resistant and easy to store.

  • Draining and straining: Drain out excess cooking oils and liquids safely and securely.

  • High wall cylinder: Prevents overspills and allows you to view inside while cooking.

  • Carbon filter: Absorbs cooking odours and captures splatters while letting the steam escape.

How to properly use your splatter guard

  • Simply place it over the pan and allow it to sit on top while food is cooking.

  • When adding, removing, or stirring food, lift the screen up and angle away from your body for protection.

Step-by-step guide to keeping your splatter guard clean

  • Combine detergent with baking soda for an effective cleaning solution.

  • Using a scrubbing sponge or hard bristle cleaning brush, combine with a cleaning solution and scrub vigorously all around the guard.

  • Rinse and repeat if needed, then dry thoroughly before storage.

Best splatter guards for daily use

A splatter screen with dips will work well for most any size pan. Look for a guard with a handle that is foldable and adjustable to suit various cooking requirements.

How to pick the right splatter guard size for your pan

Measure the diameter of your pans first and then choose a splatter guard that will fit accordingly.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Check that the splatter guard is dishwasher safe before putting in the dishwasher.

  • Use a scrubbing brush with detergent to ensure all oil and grease can be easily rinsed away.

  • Store separately to pans in an upright position to protect the mesh.

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What does a splatter guard do? A splatter guard is a kitchen tool made with stainless steel mesh. It is placed over a frying pan to prevent hot oil from spitting out of the pan.

How do you clean a splatter guard? Place detergent on scrubbing brush and brush splatter guard vigorously to remove all grease and grime, rinse well and repeat if needed. Allow to dry thoroughly.